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How Rings Add Boldness to Your Style

It was ancient Egyptian Pharaohs who brought rings into this world, and they were of foremost importance to them. This is because a ring represents eternity, the circle of life, and the afterlife. A ring also resembles the shape of the sun and moon, which they worshipped as deities. The hollow space of a ring is said to be the gateway to the unknown. They can also represent wealth and power, depending on the size of the stone.

When it is said that rings add a certain touch of boldness and expression, it may be because of their origin. Not everyone is aware of their history, but they still manage to settle in the thing feeling of empowerment on whoever wears them.

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Not just an ornament

Since the dawn of time, we have seen our ancestors appreciate jewellery more than any other materialistic object. It is used to highlight a person’s natural beauty.

With such busy schedules and being in front of the screen most of the time, it is refreshing to look at your hand decorated with a bling while working. Rings are not just ornaments, but they radiate a sense of belongingness and calm amidst all the rush.

They may seem small, but they tell a story that resonates with the wearer. For instance, you may inherit a ring that has been in your family for ages, you may buy yourself one as a token of remembrance from your vacation. The point is that any story can align with your ring purchases or getting it as a gift. If it suits you, it becomes a feeling. The diversity of rings has expanded into an extraordinary contribution to fashion. They can stand alone, they can be stacked, they can be boho, and they can be minimal. It is a whole new world!

Experiment with your style

Our hands are always in use and when they are decorated with rings you love, they become a part of your personality. People notice your rings more than you know, they may not show it, but subtle cues can be picked up about your personality through rings. When you get bored of maintaining that same look for a long time, adding accessories, and finding your way with them leave you with a feeling of rejuvenation.

Regarding styling, different outfits demand pieces that either sit well in contrast or run similarly with the whole style. When you wear a heavy outfit, it is advised to wear light jewellery that only complements your fit and does not overlap it. Similarly, if you choose to wear a light outfit, you can stack it with heavy jewellery that praises the color of your outfit.

Avoid overdoing other wearables with rings as it steals the focus and scatters it. One heavy stone ring would simply make a statement for you. When it comes to stacking rings, minimal bands mixed with stones will do the trick. Do not shy away from mixing metals as well, try a diverse set of rings and find out what clicks with you. If you are into rings that have a colorful stone centerpiece, be sure that it sits right with the colors of your outfit and the ring.

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