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How Stress Affects Our Skin

Most of us think that stress is a mental problem, yes it harms your mental condition but it also does affect your body especially a skin. When you are stressed, many hormonal changes take place inside your body. Wrinkles, rashes, dullness, and redness of the skin are the outer manifestation of your inner mental condition.

Connection of mental health and skin health


Your outer appearance is the manifestation of inner hormonal secretions and their regulations. Mental conditions such as overload, depression, anxiety, and stress force your body to release stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Excess secretion of cortisol activates sebum oil glands which produce oil. This excess oil can clog pores and develop acne on your skin.

If stress becomes your lifestyle then these hormones can affect your skin health brutally. In addition to this, inflammation is also the result of improper psychological conditions. Stress can make imbalance in the bacterial productions and hence inflammation takes place. White flakes and dry skin are due to inflammation.

How stress affects your skin


Following are the ways stress can affect your skin:

1. Swallowed Skin

Supporting cells under your skin weaken with age but if you see your facial skin swallowing at a younger age it is due to the stress you are going through.

2. Dry skin

The outermost layer of skin is known as the ‘stratum corneum’. This layer contains lipids and proteins that keep your skin hydrated and glowing. According to many researchers, the stratum corneum does not work effectively if you are under frequent stress and hence it makes your skin extremely dry and dull.

3. Wrinkles

People who are overstressed, seem more aged than their actual age. Stress imbalances protein in your skin and hence elasticity of the skin is reduced and that’s the reason why wrinkles start appearing on your skin.

4. Rashes

Stress affects your immunity drastically. It can crash your immune system and invite various diseases and skin problems. We all have bacteria called dysbiosis in our skin cells. If you are stressed frequently it may create an imbalance of these bacteria resulting in rashes and redness.

Stress might show the following signs on your skin :

1) Fine lines and wrinkle
2) Itching
3) Rosacea
4) Eczema
5) Hives

Stress is a part of human life. You can not avoid it. So, the problem is not stress but your inability to face and overcome stress. You can develop this ability by practicing some simple yet highly effective techniques to reduce stress.

Ways to reduce stress

1) Practice Yoga or any other Physical Exercise every day

It is very essential for the wellness of your body as well as your mind. It vanishes your stress immediately and helps you to lead a stress-free yet challenging and awarding life.

2) Practice some breathing exercises

It will regulate your breathing and help you to keep your heartbeats controlled. This technique has proved to be vital for stress regulation.

3) Visit your favorite places

Take a day off occasionally and plan a tour or trip to your favorite location. If you don’t have enough time then you can visit any of your favorite places such as restaurants, gardens, and beaches you love.

4) Make sure your work does not steal your joy

Work and life should not be mixed up. You can not keep working all the time, spend some quality time with your loved ones and friends.

5) Play sports

It has two advantages. One is you will be fit physically and the second one is your mind will be stress-free.

6) Consume a balanced diet

You are what you eat. Take food that provides high nutrition, not the one that pleases your taste buds.

7) Keep your sleep cycle regular

Sleep is extremely important for a healthy mind. When you sleep, cells in your brain are newly formed, which reduces your stress.

It may seem that these methods are very obvious, but believe me, these small steps will lead you to live a stress-free, happy, and healthy life.


Q: Should I develop stress busters to reduce stress?

A: Yes, stress busters are vital for relieving stress. The only thing to remember is to not overdo it. For example, eating ice creams can be a stress buster but over-eating can make you obese.

Q: Can stress ruin my facial beauty?

A: Yes, stress can be one of the reasons which can make you look dull due to the formation of wrinkles, dark circles, and acne.

Q: How do I know that stress is affecting my skin?

A: Look for signs like itchy and dull skin, premature aging, the formation of wrinkles and dark circles, and acne.

Q: Do hand sanitizers containing eucalyptus and spearmint reduce stress?

A: Products containing eucalyptus and spearmint do provide a calming sensation and to some extent relieve stress. Few products claim that they can relieve stress but the effectiveness varies from person to person.

Q: Do scents mitigate stress?

A: It varies from person to person. But according to a survey, scents that relieved stress were lavender, lemon, rose, vanilla, and chocolate.


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