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How to Add External Games to Steam Library?

How to Add External Games to Steam Library?

Steam is one of the renowned distribution services provided by Valve for video games. In Sep 2003, it was launched as a standalone software client for providing automatic updates to video games. It also offers a web-based and mobile compatible digital storefront platform for gamers. There are various interesting services that Steam offers, such as Video Streaming, Server Hosting, Digital Rights Management (DRM). It gives various services such as automatic upgrading and installation features, including community tools like groups and friends list, cloud storage, and more.

Steam is undoubtedly the go-to platform for PC gamers. You have the choice to add any games to the gaming library of Steam if the game is no longer available online. Once you have added your desired game, you can easily launch it by using the same UI.

Here is how to add external games to the Steam Library:

Adding Desired Games via Code

In case you have purchased your favorite game via third party services or stores like Amazon, then you can redeem them via Steam services by using the particular code offered by the seller. The process of using these codes is very straightforward.

Launch Steam and Locate the Option for Redeeming the Code

  • First, you have to launch Steam and then navigate to the uppermost section of the client bar.
  • Then search for the games menu at the top.
  • Hit the Activate a Product on Steam option. After a while, you will get a new screen and hit the Next tab there.
  • Then, agree to the subscriber agreement and, at last, come to the screen where you have to type the secured Steam key.
  • Tap Next to confirm it.
  • Now, a new window will launch and ask you to install the game on your device.

Adding Games via Humble Bundle

Humble Bundles are limited-time collections of books, software, games, and more. It provides the users various choices and opportunities to get all the batches of games at pretty low costs, The games purchased on Humble Bundle or Humble Store comes to a Steam Codes, and thus they provide two different ways to get those games on Steam Account:

  • By linking your account
  • Via Steam Codes

In case you desire to get those codes at a later stage, you can do so by following these instructions:

  • First of all, Sign in to the Humble website.
  • Then, press the Library option to view all the games that you have purchased with their Steam secured keys.
  • If you have opted for the choice of linking your Steam account, then it automatically sends the game directly from Humble to Steam.


Steam is a great place for PC gamers to add or remove their desired games for further use. Adding external games to Steam is not a hard process if you are using code or Humble Bundle. In case you have purchased the game from any other external service other than Steam such as etc., then you have to follow some workarounds to get your desired game to Steam.

Source : Steam Library

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