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Computers and Technology

How to Avoid or Fix Google Penalties?

Google penalties are quite similar. Google punishes websites when they do something wrong. In this post, I’ll explain how to avoid or fix Google penalties?

What are Google penalties? 

You might be aware of the penalty or have experienced it at some point in your life. May be in school or doing something mischievous, breaking a traffic signal, or a sports penalty.

What do these penalties do?

This is in response to any misleading activities that google does not support.

These penalties are not imposed or reviewed manually, so the person suffering from it might be unaware of what mistake they have made.

These penalties effects and impact the websites to an extent.

What trouble will it bring you?

If you have ever faced a plunge in your website traffic or your website isn’t listed on google search results any more then, you are being penalized by google.

When Google penalizes you, your website gets invisible to your audience.

When all this happens, you might see a dramatic drop down in your web traffic and revenue as you are no more visible now.

This can happen with any website.

Google penalized you

Why do websites get penalized? 

Google has reached a peak of providing a great user experience. It strives to provide the most relevant search results.

There are websites on google that try to manipulate the search results due to their activity.

When Google finds such a website it penalizes them.

This all is in the process to avoid a bad user experience.

Because if Google won’t provide relevant results, it won’t be google then.

How does Google do it? 

This complete google penalty system is the result of Google’s fast-evolving algorithm that it uses to inspect the websites.

Google takes different actions on such manipulating websites there are penalties directly handled by its employees and many others that haven’t been publicized by google.

All this is against the websites trying to act smarter by manipulating google search results.

What triggers Google penalties?

Google penalties are highly triggered by the following actions you can avoid Google penalties by not adding any of these to your website:

  • Malicious software, Spyware, Viruses
  • Secret(Hidden) links and text  
  • Cloaking
  • Delusive redirecting
  • Stuffing irrelevant keywords
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Loaded plagiarized content

This list can be stretched further to several other triggers. So the penalties can be triggered by websites any action that it takes to mislead the users and hamper the relevant search results.

Let’s see the two different types of penalties that google issue –

  • Algorithmic penalty 
  • Manual penalty 

Algorithmic penalty –

This penalty is issued automatically by the google algorithm like a penguin, panda, etc.

This happens when these updates the algorithm for enhancing the user experience by eliminating poor content, irrelevant content, websites with more number of poor backlinks, and thus penalize the website in search ranking.

Once you have been penalized it is hard to gain the ranking back.

Manual Penalty –

These penalties are issued by google employees when they find out any misleading activity from any website.

They also impose a penalty on the websites that violate Google guidelines.

The employees manually review the websites and issue penalties on mischievous websites.

How to fix a Google penalty? 

 If you have been issued a penalty by Google, then there is no need to panic.

We can understand that a dramatic hit to your online visibility and search engine ranking will upset you.

Here we will guide you through how to fix Google penalties.

Google Penalty notice

Let’s first take a look at, how to fix the Algorithmic penalty? 

When an algorithmic penalty is issued, we cannot make a plea against it.

To get rid of this penalty you will have to fix the problem and hold back until the rankings climb back.

This isn’t harder and happens swiftly.

If you figure out that the problem is due to an algorithm change then you need to search and follow the instructions to fix them.

If you are not able to figure out the reason for being penalized, do a thorough evaluation of your SEO activities.

If you find anything that clashes with the Google guidelines, then immediately make the corrections.

Let’s see How to fix a manual penalty?

A manual penalty comes with a manual that will explain to you the reasons for that penalty.

This will surely help fix the penalty.

If you find out that the penalty is due to poor quality backlinks, then you can easily remove the backlinks and fix the issue. Hire an SEO company in Atlanta, USA to fix these types of penalties.

In case the issue is caused due to the hacked website you, can easily clean everything causing it and restore your website to normal.

Google also provides essential and helpful guidelines that can assist you in fixing the penalty issue.

After you make the corrections to the problem you can further make a reconsideration request through Google console.

Here you have a chance to give detailed information about the penalty causes and the corrections you made to come up with, the fixing of the issue.

You have to be very careful while handling this reconsideration request as you will writing it to a real human being who would read and respond to it.

In case your request is denied, don’t panic and make a more thorough assessment of your website and get the issue resolved.

What is better to fix the penalty or avoid it? 

There is no second thought about this prevention is way better than cure.

Avoiding google penalty is the best option to opt for.

This can be a little challenging as Google changes algorithms and keeps on updating them.

But you can still be on the safer side by keeping an Eagles eye on your website monitoring and Google updates.

Just adhere to the Google guidelines and stay protected.

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