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How to become a Home Chef?

Who is a home chef?

Home Chef!! What do we mean when we use this term “Home Chef”? Well, I am not going to give you a long definition of who is a home chef or what are their roles and activities? You can easily get all these just by giving a search on Google. I am going to tell you the real-life definition of a home chef whom you witness in front of your eyes everyday but fail to identify. 

Wondering who is that person? You have seen your mom or wife working in the kitchen right, and sometimes you must have appreciated her dishes with the words like, “Maa, aapke haathon mein toh jaadu hai” or “Darling, aaj toh restaurant jaisa taste aa raha hai”. So, have you ever thought that if they get a platform from where they can serve these delicious dishes to those people who are constantly looking for healthy homemade food and start building their career through it, wouldn’t it be amazing? This is what a home chef is.

home chef

The potential of a housewife gets a platform to showcase her cooking skills and it becomes a good source of income for her, being cooking from the comfort of her house. So, stand beside your mother or wife and encourage them to become a home chef and let the magic of her hands spread to every house.


What does it require to be a home chef?

Now, the question arises how to become a home chef or how you can motivate someone to become a home chef, what it takes to become a home chef and are there any platforms available? So, let me tell you guys it takes nothing to become a home chef. Only the power of cooking and the determination to become a home chef is all which you need. That’s it, and you are all set to step into the career of a home chef. 

your determination is enough

Ladies don’t restrict your cooking skills only to the kitchen

Many moms and housewives are a bit shy to work or they think it is not their cup of tea to cook restaurant-like food for people and it requires some special training or skills. But let me tell you ladies you are having a wrong notion. Today, every individual is health conscious and wants to eat something which is yummy to have and at the same time it will be a healthy treat for them. After this pandemic, everyone is now more concerned about their health. In this scenario, if you can provide people, who stay away from their home for business or office work or for their studies, with your healthy homemade dishes then nothing can be more beneficial for them than this. 

ladies come up with your talents

It’s the time of the youth to encourage the kitchen stars

If your mom, wife or neighbour has awesome cooking skills then explain to her how easy it is to become a home chef. Women always love to serve humanity with love and affection and are ready to give their best to it. If you tell her about the working professionals and students who are in search of home food and she has to prepare some healthy dishes for them just as she cooks for the family, I hardly think there will be any such lady who will say no to this proposal. Instead, they will be happy to feed people with Ghar Ka Khana.

kitchen stars

Can men also become home chefs?

Many people have a misconception that the job of home chefs is only meant for housewives and men can’t involve themselves in it, being having all the skills needed to become a home chef. Sometimes, there are some people who mock men who do household jobs like cooking. They say that cooking is meant for women and men are supposed to work outside. 

Let me tell you guys if Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar, Kunal Kapur and other male chefs had differentiated between the tasks of men and women or if they listened to those narrow-minded people existing in the society, then would they have been a popular face as chefs as they are today? The answer is simply no. So, why to get discouraged by some outdated mindset people. Focus on your dream and let your cooking skills shine so brightly that their eyes become poor to stare at it. 

men as home chef

Both men and women can be home chefs

When we are stepping into the modern world with the concept and lengthy talks on equality of both men and women then it should get reflected in our thoughts and actions too. When men and women, both are capable of becoming home chefs then let’s support to them live their dreams. There are people who will be jealous and will try to pull you down. But remember one thing, “Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna, ab unki baaton par kya hi dhyan dena. ”  

men and women home chefs

The platform which will transform you into a home chef

You may be thinking about where to get that life changing platform which can make you a renowned home chef. Well, if you search for it in Google or ask anyone, then they will tell you a list of platforms which onboard home chefs. But here I am to disclose the name of such a platform whose prime motto is to provide “Ghar Ka Khana, Direct Ghar Se”. Let me reveal the name without taking much of your time. So, countdown begins, 3…,2…,1… and it’s de’HoFoo


Why de’HoFoo?

You may be wondering why I didn’t take the name of Swiggy or Zomato and took so much of your time to reveal the name of de’HoFoo. Let me tell you the reason behind it. All other platforms charge some amount of money for onboarding home chefs, at least a 30% commission. But it is not the case with de’HoFoo. de’HoFoo is the only platform which doesn’t charge a single penny from its home chefs as their aim is to empower housewives, encourage home chefs and give them a platform to publish their delicious dishes and have a good source of income. As women don’t get much opportunities for marketing or to show their skills so de’HoFoo makes a provision for them and helps in empowering women. It bridges the gap between food lovers and healthy home-made food and also bridges the gap between home chefs and the platform which they require. 

women empowerment

Showcase your skills at de’HoFoo

de’HoFoo is constantly in search of home chefs who can serve people with freshly-prepared homemade food and people who stay away from home can get the taste of their home through our de’HoFoo app whenever they want, wherever they want. But home chefs don’t have to worry about the delivery of food because de’HoFoo is tying up with delivery partners to collect the food from the home chefs and deliver it to their clients. Many housewives are grabbing this opportunity at de’HoFoo so what are you waiting for. Hurry and get connected to de’HoFoo’s family of home chefs and become an inspiration for all the upcoming home chefs. 

At de’HoFoo, we not only select you as home chef but also share your journey to others so that it motivates them. An appreciation is far beyond the joy of earning and it makes you feel contended as a home chef that you made someone’s meal really special and de’HoFoo offers you that platform to earn name and fame. 

showcase your talent

Become a part of de’HoFoo

In order to register as a home chef at de’HoFoo, go to our website- or you can directly visit our app- and then create a home chef account by accepting all the terms and conditions and complying with the guidelines to become a registered home chef. It is mandatory for a home chef to have complied with FSSAI Registration and Other Legal & Regulatory Requirements from time to time which are being in force. So, if you have the spark of cooking delicious food or you know someone from your home or locality who is an awesome cook and should become a home chef then share with them the idea to start with de’HoFoo and de’HoFoo will pave the way for the rest of their journey.

become a part of de'HoFoo

Start your journey as a home chef today

So, kitchen stars come up on the floor to become the next home chef and set the stage on fire and let your cooking skills take you to the peak of success.

start your home chef journey

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