How to Check the Purity of Shilajit?

When the demand for a particular product is high, its quality is hampered by dealers to earn more profits. This is the same in the instance of Shilajit. Original Shilajit often referred to as mineral pitch, is a squishy substance derived from the Himalayas and has been employed in traditional Ayurvedic treatments for many years. Shilajit helps maintain good brain function, reduces the aging process, helps prevent iron deficiency anemia, and has antiviral properties. Additionally, it is high in humic and fulvic acids. The demand for it has grown exponentially over the past decade because of its benefits for healing our bodies.

Pure, authentic Shilajit is hard to find. This has resulted in numerous instances where adulterated or fake Shilajit is sold. Shilajit is beneficial only when consumed in its pure form. There are a variety of methods of evaluating its authenticity. Some are easy and can be done at home using the essential items. A few of them are listed below.

Know More About Original Shilajit

Shilajit is a powerful substance that has remarkable advantages. This unique substance is an effective anti-aging ingredient that boosts energy and vitality and treats anemia. It also can do a lot of other incredible benefits for your body. As increasing numbers of people discover this ingredient, its demand is rising.

With the growing demand for shilajit, the amount of authentic products available in the market is declining. In this scenario, it is difficult to determine the authenticity of shilajit could be a daunting task.

Since, after all, you will only benefit from the fantastic benefits of shilajit when the product is authentic. On the contrary, counterfeit products containing shilajit could cause much more damage than they can help.

Shilajit is a drug that is very difficult to find. Additionally, it is uncommon and is only available at specific locations. However, since it is a powerful substance with incredible results, demand for it is very high. That’s why many shilajit-like imitations are available on the market.

Be assured that we’ve got this topic covered. In the article below, we address the most commonly asked questions: What can I do to determine that my shilajit is authentic? Let’s discover!

How to Check the Purity of Shilajit?

The Temperature Test

Shilajit responds differently and alters its appearance when exposed to various temperatures. If you store Shilajit in a warm location, it will become soft. In the same way, if you keep it in cold areas, authentic shilajit can grow hard and become fragile.

To conduct this test, make a small amount of shilajit, and expose it to various temperatures. After that, you can keep it inside a hot location for a short time, then check if it softens. If it does, then the shilajit is pure. Take the same piece and store it in the fridge for a few days. If it begins to harden and turns hard, you will know you are dealing with pure shilajit. If you strike it with something sharp, it breaks into pieces, much like glass. This test can answer your question of how to determine the authenticity of the shilajit. If not, run a few additional tests to verify its authenticity.

The Solubility Test

Another method to verify the quality of your Shilajit. Unadulterated shilajit has 98 percent to 100 percent water-soluble. It is a simple method, and all you need to do is grab an ice cube or milk. Add a small amount of shilajit into it and observe if it dissolves. True shilajit dissolves in a matter of minutes and changes the color of the liquid or water into red or golden.

Furthermore, what could you do? Take a sip of the liquid. When you drink it, make sure to rub your tongue over the surface of your mouth. If you notice a sandy or spongy consistency in your mouth when drinking the shilajit, it’s not entirely dissolved. This is a sign that the shilajit isn’t pure. It could be a copy of or is not of good quality, or fillers have been added to it.

The Burn Test

If you want to know whether my shilajit is genuine is a concern that is not resolved, you should look at the test of burning. You can take a small portion of shilajit and burn it with an open flame or blow a torch to ignite it.

The authentic and genuine shilajit does not ignite. Pure shilajit, when heated, will begin bubbling and will produce Ash.

Alcohol Test

Pure Shilajit is not dissolving in alcohol. After adding Shilajit into alcohol, it forms tiny crystals. So, if the substance containing Shilajit is dissolving in alcohol, it will be diluted by adding additives.

Alkalinity and Acidity Test

The two tests are the next test in our list of methods to test whether shilajit is pure. Although they’re a bit complex, the tests are an excellent method of checking the purity of shilajit.

You must dissolve two parts of Shilajit and one hundred pieces of water. Stir it vigorously for 10-15 minutes. After about 15 minutes, the shilajit will dissolve entirely at temperatures of room temperature. Make two batches of this, and put them in two transparent glass containers.

Mix baking soda in large quantities in the second glass container and mix the mixture well. After adding baking soda to the mix, your medicine will not change color. If it changes color, then the Shilajit you’ve got isn’t pure.

Add vinegar to the other glass vessel, and mix it. Then, let it sit for a bit of time. After about 30 minutes, the color of the solution will begin to become lighter. It will appear lighter in color on the upper part of the solution. And towards the bottom, there will be a hazy surface. If it doesn’t, the shilajit is likely to be contaminate.

What’s the smell of Shilajit smell like?

The scent of shilajit is another method to determine its pureness. Pure shilajit has a distinctive and robust aroma. Smoky, spicy, herbal, and tar-like how the smell of shilajit could be describe as the most pleasant.

Keep shilajit at a distance of a few inches from your nostril and sniff it. If you notice an aroma similar to the one mentioned above, The shilajit is pure.

We have explained how to determine the quality of Shilajit. We hope we can answer your question about how to determine whether my shilajit is genuine. But, these tests can only be done after you’ve purchased the shilajit.  However, you need to be aware of the place you are buying your shilajit.

Where can I buy the original Shilajit?

Fewer sellers are selling authentic shilajit, and you have to be cautious about who you purchase your shilajit.

The best way to purchase the shilajit is through an individual skilled in selling these exclusive items. If the seller is known to sell many bulk products and shilajit, avoid buying it from the seller.

Additionally, if the shilajit is offered at a low cost, do not buy.


Based on these facts, Gud Healthy is the ideal location to purchase the original Shilajit. It is a brand that originates from Kashmir (the area where shilajit can easily be available). It is impossible to find shilajit more authentic than this.


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