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Arts and Entertainment

How to choose a digital piano?

At the moment it is very difficult to choose the best digital piano. The range of qualities of digital pianos is very wide and finding one that reflects the individual vision and requirements demanded by the user is increasingly difficult.

Why a digital piano:

A digital piano is practical, always available, convenient, compact and easily transportable, precisely the opposite of an acoustic piano. Playing a modern digital piano makes the feeling almost the same as playing its acoustic progenitor. Some models even offer an advanced teaching system or the ability to organize your own compositions.

Who is a digital piano useful for?

If you are buying a piano for a child or an adult beginner, the main reason is to replace an acoustic piano, it is important that the piano perfectly duplicates the sound of a classic piano. A child in a music school learns to play a real piano but at the same time can play a digital piano at home, the difference in feeling in playing the keyboard should therefore be minimal. The difference in their appearance is fundamental, not only to simplify the learning process, but also to maintain the quality of the musical experience offered by this type of instrument. If it is a piano for a band or one that is used for various concerts, the ideal instrument should offer a more complex composition section and some specific accessories.

What to pay attention to to make the right choice?

The three most important characteristics that influence the decision on which digital piano to buy are mainly: sound, keyboard, and polyphony.

Sound: Each manufacturer uses a different way to best mimic the sound of an acoustic piano. The most important is the individual feeling from the simulation and naturalism of the sound. Some models offer a wide range of sounds, which may be useless as the user may not want to use them. You should focus more on the quality of the sound imitation of the samples. Manufacturers such as Kurzweil, Yamaha, Roland and Korg generally offer high quality and care of the sound.

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The keyboard is the set of keys with which a sound is played after pressing a key. The process of making a keyboard – balancing and surface treatment – directly affects the feel of playing the piano itself. Key balance – the concept that expresses the effect of pressing keys. Since digital pianos lack the traditional mechanism, where hammers strike the strings to generate the sound production, they must be able to mimic this mechanism and balance the various frets. A well-balanced keyboard therefore tries to imitate the resistance and reaction of the keys as if they had the traditional hammer. The keyboard cannot therefore be judged quantitatively, but considering more qualitative parameters that each manufacturer calls differently (Yamaha: Graduated Hammer, Roland: Progressive Hammer). The quality of this mechanism in instruments with a medium and high price range is very close to a perfect imitation of the sensation of a real piano

Polyphony: When choosing a digital piano, polyphony is a very important parameter: it represents the ability to play several keys simultaneously. A piano with good polyphony allows the user to play complex melodies without omitting any of the notes. Under normal circumstances, the 48-voice polyphony that can be used by most basic class digital pianos may seem sufficient, but if you later start combining different multi-layered sounds, this could be a problem. Also, when you start using accompaniment methods, the limitations of polyphony may manifest sooner. The ideal amount is therefore 64 voices, even if the best quality pianos offer a polyphony of 128 or 264 voices.

Could a lower quality piano be equally useful for a beginner?

A beginner cannot use all the features and benefits of a complex digital piano. However, it is important to know that the attributes of a quality plan multiply the emotional experience of the performance and the learning process, making it easier and more motivating. A digital piano with the highest quality technical attributes, such as a more sensitive keyboard, higher polyphony and superior sound allow the user to experience a true connection with music. A better quality plan meets the user’s growing requirements on their learning path. As the level of the user increases, so must the complexity of the tool. If you choose a lower quality digital piano, you may need to invest in a new piano later sooner than you might imagine. A high quality digital piano is therefore a better choice for children, who require an undisputed examination of the instrument through the need for an active and real interaction that is sufficiently performing. A quality piano will therefore be able to fuel the child’s imagination, thus aiding inventiveness and creativity which leads to a strong relationship between the child and music (example: Yamaha digital pianos – available in CLP models).

Which specific model is best for me?

Now that we know what is important when choosing a piano and what to keep in mind, the number of possible choices will probably have decreased. If it’s still not enough to decide, we can help you even more Each month a certain number of models pass through our hands, based on this experience we have chosen the best tools taking into account their equipment and equipment.

What accessories are included when buying a digital piano?

The digital or stage piano package generally includes everything you need to play it. Every current digital piano has an integrated audio system and of course a power adapter to be able to use the instrument without problems. Always make sure that after purchase the package contains the pedals, as, sooner or later, you will need them for the correct use of your instrument. In addition to the basic accessories, you may need a chair and headphones. It may be convenient to purchase sets in which the headphones and chair are included with the purchase of the top.


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