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How to Choose Industrial Air Compressors, Types and Features

One of the most useful tools on the market are Air Compressors . In the domestic field, we usually use them to inflate a balloon or our bicycle, while in the industry they are use to operate various tools. Surely this guide on how to choose industrial or domestic air compressors will  be very useful to know which air compressor to buy and distinguish between the different types of air compressors .

How to buy a Compressor

There are many kinds and sizes, so we will start by defining what they are and what they are use for, and then review a few characteristics and thus know how to choose the right air compressor.

What is an air compressor? How they work and what they are for

As always, we start with the basics: what an air compressor is, how it works and what it is for. It is a tool that enables the generation of energy thanks to the compression of air. This is achieve by exchanging energy between the machine and the fluid. The work exert by the compressor is transmit to the substance that circulates inside it, thus converting it into  flow energy , thus increasing its pressure and kinetic energy, making it flow.

One of the aspects that differentiates them from pumps is that they are thermal machinery in which the working fluid is understandable. In fact, they undergo an appreciable change in density and temperature, which also distinguishes them from blowers and fans, which drive understandable fluids but do not increase their pressure, density or temperature significantly.


In less technical words, we can say that  air compressors  are devices that use mechanical energy to transform it into pneumatic, compressing the air through an increase in pressure to later transfer it to another tool through a tube or hose.

Once we know how air compressors work, it is easy to guess their applications. They are use especially to inflate various objects such as wheels or balls, in cooling systems, to generate electrical energy, in the manufacture of aircraft engines such as turboreactors or to compress gases in tire power systems, among many other uses. .

They really are tools with great versatility that incorporate various additional functions. One such example is Makita air compressors, which boast high performance, excellent value for money, and a wide range of models and designs built to perform all kinds of tasks efficiently and precisely.

How to choose air compressors? Classes according to power

To choose an air compressor we have to assess numerous factors that directly intervene both in its performance and in the type of use with which it will work best. Let’s start by knowing the types of air compresses according to their power:

  • Air compressors up to 2CV – Air compressors up to 2CV, have a reduce power, so they are especially suitable for domestic jobs such as painting, varnishing, cleaning, inflating mattresses, balls, etc … Their price is usually low, Although we must pay attention to other characteristics when choosing one, such as its storage capacity or the air flow it can offer, in order to know how to choose an air compressor suitable for our needs.
  • Air compressors up to 4CV – A 4CV air compressor is the best option if what we are looking for is an intermediate point, that is, a tool that can be use for both domestic and professional jobs. They have a higher weight, so it is worth buying 4CV air compressors that incorporate wheels to facilitate their transfer.
  • Air compressors of more than 4CV – Air compressors with a power greater than 4CV are produce especially for professional tasks in which a greater force is require, such as cutting materials, breaking rocks, pouring concrete, construction work, etc…
                                                                      2CV air compressors

What air compressor do I buy? Small air compressors for home use

If you want to buy air compressors for home use that are cheap but functional, we advise you to focus on choosing small air compressors, since due to their characteristics they are the most appropriate for this kind of use.

And it is that with small air compressors for domestic use you will be able to:

  • Paint and Varnish
  • Clean up
  • Air compressors for the Car: Inflate tires, balls, mattresses, Toys, etc.
  • Punch out
  • Cut materials, among others

Small air compressors

This type of compressor is small with limit performance, but in return they are very portable, being ideal for applications that need low pressure and with sporadic use.

What compressor do you recommend? Industrial Air Compressors for Professional Use 

This type of industrial air compressors perform tasks such as:

  • Paint
  • Clean up
  • Crush Rock
  • Pouring Cement
  • Drill
  • Brush
  • Staple, among others

This type of industrial air compressors are use as we see in many aspects, from small workshops, through consulting rooms, to the naval industry. They are of requirements with high air pressures and with very large volumes of air.

Industrial air compressors

Before understanding what Types or Characteristics exist in the market, let’s review some calculations to take into account to understand How to Buy an Air Compressor.

How to choose an air compressor? Technical aspects to consider

When talking about Air Compressors we must remember 3 main aspects:

  • What air pressure is need, express as PSI, BAR, etc.
  • How much air can be compress (Flow or Volume), express as CFM, PCM, l / min, or m 3 / min.
  • What power do I require, this is expressed in CV, HP or KW.

Air Pressure: This is the pressure at which the compressor can work and is measured in pounds * square inches, or pounds / inches 2 which is the same as PSI (Pound Per Square Inch). The measure in Bars ( BAR ) is also used.

1 BAR = 14.5 PSI

Flow or Volume:

This is the ability of the compressor to press the air over a unit of time and is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet Minute) which is the same as PCM (Cubic Feet per Minute) or l / min (liters per minute). minute).

Power: In this case it is the working capacity of the compressor and is measured in HP (Horse Power, horsepower) or CV (Horsepower). They are also used KW (kilowatts)

1 HP = 0.74 KW

1 HP = 1.0138 CV

1 CV = 0.73 KW

In the end, all this helps us to understand that when choosing an air compressor I must take into account that the CFMs depend on the PSI of the compressor. On the other hand, the higher the power or horsepower of the compressor, the more air the equipment (CFM) can supply. There is generally a standard, that is, most tools work at 90 PSI, some at 100 PSI, and some at 120 PSI.

To choose an air compressor  and know which air compressor is better, you have to read or have some very simple data, add them up and that’s it, compare with a table to find out what type of equipment is needed.

As for the laws on compressed air, there are some Consumption Correction Coefficients that we are not going to take into account here. These can be the:

  • Coefficient of Use
  • Simultaneity Coefficient
  • Mayoration Coefficient
  • Duty Cycle Coefficient.

This is used for when the compressor has an industrial use and there are many tools of different powers connected, in addition, not all of them will be connected at the same time. To avoid this and make it simple, when choosing a compressor we simply increase a consumption of 30% more, to the general calculation that is made.

An example of this can be:

I need to buy a compressor to power these tools:

  • 350L / min @ 90 PSI Sander
  • Blow Gun 150 l / min @ 90 PSI
  • Drill 350 l / min @ 90 PSI

All this adds up: 350 + 150 + 150 = 650 l / min @ 90 PSI + 30% = 845 l / min @ 90 PSI

Now if we look at the table:

Table To buy a Compressor

So we need a 7.5 HP compressor . A team like this meets all the characteristics:

7.5 HP compressor with 830 l / min and 500 lt tank

How to Select an Air Compressor

  • 7.5 HP power
  • Tank with a capacity of 500 liters
  • Large diameter fan
  • Cast iron cylinder
  • 830 l / min flow
  • Pressure at 10 Bar
  • Weight 255 Kg
  • Oil Lubricated

When we require a Compressor we can think of the following characteristics, since, depending on this, we know if we require something bigger or smaller.

                                                                2CV air compressors



In this video tutorial you will see each of the types of home compressors.


What types of air compressors are there?

All  types of air compressors that exist are divided according to these factors:

  • Portability
  • Power
  • Tank Size
  • Reciprocating Compressor
  • Rotary compressor

Let’s start breaking down these features to find out which air compressor is best for you.

Portable and Small Air Compressors

This is an option depending on the type of use that is given to the compressor. As a rule, if we are talking about not very frequent use and for rather domestic purposes, there are several options for portable air compressors on the market .

An example of this can be the:

1.5 HP 6 Liter Portable Air Compressor

How to choose a Portable Compressor

  • Intake air flow of 179 l / min
  • 8 bar maximum pressure
  • 6-liter tank
  • 1.5 HP motor power
  • Weight 11.5 Kg

Another small compressor, but with more power and very useful can be the:

Small Air Compressor of 2 CV and 24 Liters

How to Buy a Portable Compressor

  • 200 l / min intake air flow
  • 8 bar maximum pressure
  • 24-liter capacity tank
  • One cylinder and one stage
  • Engine with power of 2 CV
  • Weight of 22.5 Kg
  • 5 year warranty

Compressed air compressors according to their power

In this regard, both domestic and industrial compressors can be mentioned. There are of all types and brands. As mentioned before, the more power a compressor has that is measured in HP, CV or KW, the more air it can offer, its CFM measurement will be higher, and obviously it will offer more performance.

This is a very portable compressor and at the same time with a small power but very useful for domestic service.

Air Compressor of 195 l / min and 2 HP

Guide to Buying an Air Compressor

  • 25 liter tank
  • 2 HP power
  • Handle and Wheels for transport
  • Direct transmission
  • 195 l / min flow
  • 5 year warranty

Another much more powerful compressor for a small business or workshop can be:

3 CV 50 Liter Air Compressor

How to choose an air compressor according to its use

  • Flow rate of 365 l / min
  • 10 bar maximum pressure
  • 1-stage twin-cylinder
  • Engine with power of 3 CV
  • Weight of 57.5 Kg

And finally, one of great power for industrial purposes of great demands is the:

AK-Mid 710-300 Screw Compressor

How to buy a Screw Air Compressor

  • Star / delta switch
  • Refrigerant effect
  • Low sound level
  • 5 year warranty

Some compressors do not need a tank because they are for smaller applications and do not require it, like other compressors that do. The idea of ​​the tank is to hold a charge. That is, when a compressor drives a tank, it runs until the tank is full. Then, it goes into stand-by mode and the tools that use this air will work correctly. Once that compressed air is exhausted, the pressure drops, it will start working again.

The idea of ​​the tank is to make these shots not fired so often.

This for example is a compressor with a large tank:

Professional Zipper Air Compressor  

Professional zipper


  • Weight of 94 Kg
  • 230V power
  • 8 bar pressure
  • Pressure regulator
  • 150 liter tank
  • 356 l / min aspirated air volume

This compressor is very small tank and very portable.

1 CV and 6 liter Air Compressor

How to Select an Air Compressor

  • Power of 1 CV
  • 8 bar pressure
  • Tank with capacity for 6 liters
  • Flow rate of 110 liters per minute
  • Does not need maintenance
  • Weight of 17 kilos
  • Silent and compact

Silent Alternative Type Industrial Air Compressors

This is the most commonly used type of compressor, for both domestic and industrial purposes. It is a cheaper compressor and easier to maintain, the issue is that it has been bigger, louder and sometimes limited in its capacity compared to other technologies such as the screw type compressor.

There are two classes of this compressor:

  • Piston
  • Membrane

The one that we know the most is the piston one, since it can come single or two-cylinder, this is according to its power.

Example of this compressor can be:

3 HP Excel Twin Cylinder Compressor 


  • 100 liters
  • Power of 2 Kw 3 CV single-phase motor voltage 230 V / 50 Hz, 2850 g / m.
  • 8 bar max pressure 116 psi
  • Lubricated 2 oil cylinders with belt drive, forced ventilation
  • Pressure gauge for reading tank pressure 

Silent rotary type air compressors

This type of compressor is more specialized and obviously more expensive. But it has some important improvements such as the noise they make, the cooling, etc. It is a more professional compressor and suitable for confined spaces. Obviously its cost is higher.

There are two kinds of compressors:

  • Screw
  • Palettes

Where to buy cheap air compressors?

We all want to buy cheap air compressors that are quality, but where can you find them? Very easy: on Amazon. And it is that in this online platform you will find cheap air compressors manufactured by various brands, from the best known in the market to Chinese firms with good performance. The reason why they offer air compressors at a lower price than usual is that they are sales carried out directly by the manufacturers, bypassing the distributors, which allows them to lower the price.

The cheapest air compressor on the market

Now that you know where to buy cheap air compressors, we are sure you want to know which is the cheapest model on the market. Here it is!

Suaoki Mini Portable Air Compressor – One of Amazon’s Cheapest Air Compressors for Mats


For an extraordinarily low price, you can buy this incredible air compressor. Lightweight and portable, it is equipped with a 9.84ft power plug cord and Led light so you can use it at night. Also includes 3 adapter nozzles, a needle, a plastic valve adapter, and bike adapter and an oxford bag to keep the product safe during transport.

Which air compressor is good? The best Amazon models

A wide variety of air compressors are sold at Amazon at an affordable price. Most have been manufactured by prestigious brands in their sector, a quality that makes this online store one of the best places to buy air compressors.

Einhell TE-AC 230/24 – One of the best air compressors on Amazon


In case you are looking for a car air compressor with which you can perform simple maintenance tasks such as inflating tires, cleaning or lacquering, this Amazon air compressor is ideal for you. With an output power of up to 140 liters per minute and a power of 1500 watts that is equivalent to 2 horsepower, it is a robust and portable air compressor that incorporates transport wheels. In addition, it has a 25-liter tank and a great quality / price ratio.

Ring RAC635 – Amazon’s Best Small Air Compressor for Tires


In the comments of Amazon users who have bought this device you can read words such as “perfect” or “ideal”. And it is that this small air compressor for Amazon tires is among the best sellers and best valued on the platform. It is a digital compressor with which you can inflate the tires of your car in less than 3 minutes. Easy to handle, it is sold in a padded box to store it anywhere and remain protected. And it is that this model has won the Award for the best purchase of Auto Express for mini compressors, the leading magazine in the sector, highlighting its “brilliant large digital screen”.

Airum – Miny Inflated – Amazon’s Best Air Compressor for Painting



Do you want to buy an air compressor with which to paint? Or maybe you need it to clean the inside of computers? If you have answered yes to either of these two questions, this model can be a great alternative for you. Considered the best air compressor for painting on Amazon, you can also blow, clean, inflate and even staple with it. It is a portable and lightweight model that operates with a 1.5 hp motor, 1 cylinder coaxial training oil-free head and incorporates a 1 short nozzle soufflette, all for a very affordable price.

Cevik CA-PRO24XT – One of the best air compressors for pneumatic tools

cevik pro


Whether you are a slob or a professional in the sector that requires an air compressor with which to connect pneumatic tools for sporadic use, this compressor is highly recommended. With a 24 tank and a powerful 2.5 HP motor with thermal protection, it is equipped with a pressure regulator, wheels and a handle for easy transport.

Black and Decker ASI300-QS – A high-quality, multi-purpose air compressor



Manufactured by one of the most recognized brands in the machinery sector, this small air compressor is ideal for inflating car tires, sports balls, mats, toys or bicycle tires It plugs into the wall or in the car and has a Illuminated air pressure selector that inflates items to desired level and shuts off automatically.

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