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How to Connect the Brother Printer to WiFi Network?

To print the documents over the wireless network, you need to connect your brother printer to the Wi-Fi. Connecting Brother printer to WiFi is also important because without wireless connectivity you cannot install the printer driver and software. And without having printer drivers installed on your device, you cannot print the documents. So, if you are looking forward to connecting your brother printing device to the WIFI network, read this post. Here, we are sharing the step-by-step instructions that can help you to complete the process. Once your device is connected to the Wi-Fi, you can start printing the documents anytime from anywhere you want using the device connected to the same WiFi network.

The Brother printer configuration can also be done using the USB cable. Before you establish a WiFI connection, you need to know the network username and password. So, make sure that you keep these requirements in your hand and enter the details whenever you are asked for.

Step by step guidelines to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi network:

Open the Control Panel and after that, you need to click on the ‘Menu’ button.
Select ‘ all settings’ from the list appearing with multiple options.
Now, you need to scroll the mouse and go to the ‘Network’ section. After that, click on the ok button.
Go to the ‘Network Reset’ option and then click on the ‘Ok’ button.
Click on ‘1’ to say Yes and then again click on the ‘1’ for reboot confirmation.
Your Brother printing device will reboot now.
Once the rebooting process gets completed, you will be asked to set up the WiFi.
To launch the ‘Setup Wizard’ you need to click on the ok button three times simultaneously.
Select the Wi-Fi network from the list.
Enter the Wi-Fi password.
Click on the ok button and then click on ‘1’ to apply the settings.
You will receive the ‘Connection Ok’ report. The report will be printed automatically to let you know that your Brother printing device is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Download the Printer Software and Drivers

Printer software and drivers play a very important role in the communication between the printer and the computer. Download the printer software by visiting the Brother Printer official website. Make sure that you download the correct driver or software model for your device to avoid any technical conflicts in the printing process. Once you are done with the driver installation, restart your PC. Also, you must be logged in with the administrator rights for driver download.

Now, you are ready to print the documents over the Wi-Fi network whenever you want. Just make sure that the device you are using for printing the documents is also connected to the same Wi-Fi network to which your Brother printer is connected. Otherwise, you may face trouble in the wireless printing process.

The Last Words

We hope that after following these step by step instructions you would be able to connect your brother printer to the Wi-Fi network. Connecting Brother Printer to WiFi is not a difficult task, just make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to avoid any trouble within the process. Although you will be able to easily connect your device following the steps above, if you still have a doubt or there is some other query regarding the Wi-Fi setup, contact the experts. The professionals can give you the best advice and share the instant solution to fix your problem. Get in touch with the team of experts and complete the Brother Printer Wi-fi setup without any hassle.

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