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How to Connect the Brother Printer to WLAN?

Brother Wireless printer let the users print their document wirelessly from their device.  For Connecting WLAN Brother printer, you need to follow some simple steps. Once you have located the WiFi settings of your Wireless router or access point, you can set up the Brother printer by following the guidelines mentioned below.

For setting up your Brother Printer on the Wireless Network, follow the setup below: 

  • You need to connect the power cord to your Brother printing machine and after that, you need to connect it to the power outlet. Now turn on the printer.
  • Hit the  Menu button present on the control panel of the Brother printer.
  • Now, you need to press the Up or Down arrow key to choose the ‘network’ and hit the Ok  Button.
  • Hit the’ Up or Down’ arrow key to choose ‘ WLAN’ and then hit the  OK button.
    (This step may not apply to all the Brother Printer Models.
  • Click on the Up or Down arrow key to choose the printer  Setup Wizard and hit the  OK button
  • Once the  WLAN Enabled, you need to select Yes option to enable the Wireless Network.
  • Now, you can proceed with the wireless setup wizard.
  • The Brother printer will start looking for the network and show you a list of available Network Names (SSIDs).
    When you see the list appearing on your screen,  you need to press the Up or Down arrow keys to choose the SSID and after that hit the Ok button.
  • Follow one of the given steps:
    • If you are using the authentication and encryption method where you need the password key, Enter the Network Key, hit the button  OK to apply the settings. Tap on the Yes option to confirm.
    • If you are using the authentication method as Open System and there is no encryption mode, you can proceed with the next step.
  • Your device will be connected to the WiFi network you have chosen.

If your Brother Printer connects successfully, the device’s LED will show you the Connected Status. Else, it will print the wireless connection report and you need to troubleshoot the problem. For troubleshooting, you can refer to the manual guide to find the most reliable solution to this problem.

Once you are done with the above steps you need to download the Brother printer drivers. To download the drivers, you can visit the Brother’s official website and get it from there. Just make sure that you download the correct printer drivers, otherwise, you won’t be able to use the printer services.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned are the simple and easy steps that can help you in connecting WLAN Brother printer. So, follow these simple guidelines and complete the process to start printing the documents using the Brother wireless device. In case, you have a doubt or confusion regarding the printer setup process, we recommend you contact the Brother Printer experts and take the professional advice to figure out the problem and find the most reliable solution.

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