How to Convert Google Chat to PST File – Solved Method

In Short: Are you migrating from Google Suite to Outlook, and have you imported all your data into Outlook? Now want to migrate Google Chat to Outlook. Searched many solutions on Google for this migration process. But you are not able to find out that cursing solution is best for you. So you don’t have to worry about anything. Today we will tell you through this informative blog how you can easily convert Google Chat to PST file. So without wasting any important time let’s start the blog.

A Short overview of Google Chat and PST Format

Google Chat: A communication tool provided by Google Workspace is called Google Chat (formerly known as G Suite). Users can interact with each other through team rooms, group chats, and direct messages. Services provided by Google Chat include real-time messaging, file sharing, and connections with other Google Workspace apps.

PST Format: Microsoft Outlook uses the PST (Personal Storage Table) file type to store email correspondence, calendar entries, and other types of information. PST files are local files that can be used to back up email data or transfer information between other Outlook instances. Other email applications that support the PST format can also open and display PST files.

Reasons to Convert Google Chat to PST File

There can be many such reasons here, due to which the user plans to save his chats somewhere else, then we have told you in detail about some such reasons below:

All of the above at the time of obtaining important information. Let’s go to the lower part. In this, we have told you some solutions to complete this process, with the help of which you will easily complete this conversion process in just a few clicks as per your requirement.

The solution to Convert Google Chat to PST File

As here from the beginning two types of techniques manual and automated methods have been present. Today we will complete our Converse Provence with these two techniques as well. So we have divided the solution of this task into 3 parts.

  1. Google Chats Data Export using Takeout
  2. Google Chats to PST File
  3. Import Hangout Chat into Outlook PST File

Solution 1: Google Chats Data Export using Takeout – Manual Method

In part, we need to convert Google Chat to PST file. First of all, we need to extract google chat in JSON file. Because all our chat applications support the same file. And if you want to save your chaat somewhere else, then we need more files like this. So let’s export the file by following the step-by-step given below:

  1. Visit the official Google Takeout link at after you’ve logged in to your Google Workspace (G Suite or Gmail) account for the first time.
  2. Click Deselect all from Google products to start a new export specifically for Google Chat.
  3. Now, to select Google Chat from the available items, use the checkboxes in front.
  4. After that press the Next button to proceed.
  5. Then, Choose Email Download Link as the destination.
  6. Then choose ZIP from the drop-down menu for File Format.
  7. After adjusting the maximum size of the downloaded Google chats, click Export.
  8. The backend is now processing exports; It will take some time.
  9. After that, sign in to Google Mail and select Download Files.
  10. After that, sign in to Google Mail and select Download Files.
  11. In last, check out the Takeout folder now, which contains all your Google Chat discussions in JSON format.

Solution 2: Google Chats to PST File – Automated Method

So we have exported the file like google chat through the above section. Now we will convert Google Chat to PST file. But Google Hangout does not provide any such feature through which you can directly convert JSON files into PST. For this, you will have to take the help of a Professional Chat JSON File Converter. This tool is very useful and a solution to finish the task in a few clicks.

Step-By-Step Process to Convert Google Hangout Chat to PST File

  1. Launch the recommended software, then read the conversion instructions.
  2. Now, to add Google chat data, the program includes select files and select folder options.
  3. Then, in the software GUI, add the Google Takeout exported folder and select Next.
  4. Then, press the Next button, selecting the required Google Chat conversations.
  5. After that, select PST from the list of available saving options.
  6. Now, click on the Browse icon to change the destination path that the software has chosen as the Desktop.
  7. After setting the destination location, select the Save button.
  8. Now, to start converting Google Chat to a PST file, click on Convert.
  9. Then, the conversion of Google Hangouts chats to PST is now underway.
  10. Then, view the conversion message now, then click OK to complete.
  11. After that get the resulting PST file from the destination path.

Solution 3: Import Hangout Chat into Outlook PST File

This is the last step to convert Google Chat to PST file. In this, you will import the Google Hangout Chats PST file in Outlook through MS Outlook. After that, you can easily open your chats in a PST file. So we have given you the steps for important PST.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  2. Then, choose the File > Open & Export option.
  3. Then, choose Open Outlook Data File from the menu.
  4. After that, open and browse the converted PST file.
  5. In last, Google Conversations can now be read on Outlook.

In Last Word

The process to convert Google Chat to PST files has been covered in detail. If you’re having problems too, follow the instructions and read Google Chat on your Outlook desktop. This method has been tested by professionals, but you can also use the free demo version of the tool to verify it for yourself. It is recommended to upgrade to the Pro version once you are completely satisfied.

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