How to Create an Instagram Survey?

Questionnaire Creation Methods and Fields

Instagram has recently shared a new feature for stories with users. It is actively used by users who see the ability to conduct surveys on stories with great curiosity and as an auxiliary mechanism in decision-making. In the story section where instant shares are made, the instant survey feature has taken its place among the innovations that will not lose interest. You can reach this feature, which is offered to us by Instagram, under the title of i- Instagram questionnaire methods and fields.


Questionnaire Creation Methods and Fields

Instagram also included the feature of making surveys in 24-hour instant sharing, namely our stories. This feature, which was previously used by Twitter, also has a large user base on Instagram.


Once you are sure that your Instagram application on your smart devices is up to date, you can use the Instagram questionnaire feature in your instant sharing story.

First of all, you need to take a photo or video instantly in your story sharing section on your current Instagram app. You can create a poll with photos or videos you took recently or during the day.


To summarize again, the process you need to do is very short and easy.


You need to take a photo or video of the subject you want to survey by logging into the story section. Immediately afterward, you need to touch the smiley-like expression on the upper right. In the area where the stickers are located, you should click on the questionnaire option.

With the click of the survey option, the “Ask a question” and “answer” boxes on the bottom of the screen will appear. You have to write your question in the “Ask a question” box. In the section below, you should write your answers in the answer boxes. After completing these processes, you can share your story and you will use the Instagram survey feature.

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