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How to Develop an Engaging Women Health Tracking Application?

Women appear in the leading position when it comes to smartphone technology, with 56 percent owning a smartphone, while 51% of men use smartphones. When it comes to using a health application, 9 percent of women are likely to use it compare to 4 % of men . When the digital and healthcare industry collide together, it is bound to unleash elusive changes in the market.

Hire ios app developer and android programmer to bring a positive impact on both outcome and accessibility. As per the survey of Statista, the global mobile health market is predicted to reach around 100 billion by 2021. Fitness tracking, diet, nutrition, disease management, and lifestyle management application is dominated in the mHealth market. Inadvertently, women are the most frequent users of these applications. According to Statista, the global market for FemTech products and services is expecte to grow over 60 Billion USD by the year 2027. It means you can target 50% of the global population by a healthcare application 

With this increasing trend of women’s healthcare applications, FemTech has made a significant impact. It is going to reach a $50 billion industry in the next five years, increasing the lives of millions of women and improving access to care. Infact, In a recent survey of Feb 2022, the leading health and fitness apps generated 2.93 million downloads from the global users.

What is Femtech?

Femtech or female technology is software to diagnose products and services, and it can leverage the power of technology to enhance women’s health. This software enables patients to access the app and use them to address women’s health concerns.

The role of women in the healthcare industry is increasingly vibrant, and they also have high purchasing power. Women’s economic contribution is projecte to extend the combine GDP of the United States and China. FemTech offers exclusive features to complement women’s healthcare needs. For example, female healthcare tracking apps, menstrual trackers, women’s fitness app, pregnancy trackers, etc., definitely make women’s lives easier.

Take a look at the few statistics for a clear understanding of the impact of Femteach:

  • 75% of women are more likely to use digital tools for healthcare than men.
  • Women comprise 50% of global healthcare consumers and predominantly caregivers for the elderly and children.
  • 90% of primary health care decisions are taken and influence by women candidates of a family. 
  • 80% of the household healthcare spending is influenced by women. 
  • Option to log symptoms to get improved predictions if the user have irregular periods
  • Get Medical and scientific information regarding periods and pregnancy
  • Generate health report for doctor consultation
  • Working-age females spend 29% higher per capita on healthcare as compare to males.
  • 50% of the global population can be targete through women’s healthcare applications. 

Features To Include In Women Healthcare Application:

Development and app features go hand in hand to make an application more beneficial for the customers. Features in women’s health tracking applications should be your prime concern; however, the application should render an exclusive user experience. If you are deciding to build women health tracking application, the following key features should be included in your application:

  • Onboarding

To get users on board, you have to ensure the application is convenient for them. You can use the standard mail and password approach to get users to sign up for an application. Onboarding helps the users to clear the idea behind an app. It enhances the user experience and retains the user base. You can choose between coach screens and instructional overlays.

  • Health Profile

To avoid scaring users with the complicate registration process, you can recommend skipping signing up to build a simple user profile by filling in basic health details. The basic information in regards to their health is the following:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Ailments
  • Allergies
  • Period date

As the users are already informe you regarding their private information, try not to burden with surplus questions. It is better to concentrate on details and allow to enhance customer experience with personalize content.

  • Period Tracker

Most period tracker applications allow women to track the changing state and wellbeing during their cycle. Moreover, it helps to evaluate the users’ physical and psychological changes. The following features need to be integrate into the period tracker:

  • Fertility period
  • Date of the upcoming menstruation
  • Upcoming PMS
  • Present-day of cycle

You must ask the healthcare application development company to create an intuitive application and allow users to customize their notification alert and display a calendar.

  • Notification

You must send your users an informative notification to keep the users engaged. It also represents reliability and reminds the consumers regarding health essentials. Notifications can be characterized into three types:

  • Regular log entries
  • Reminder to take medicines
  • Reminder to start the next phase of the cycle.

If you want to enhance the usability of the application, based on the activities and information received from your customers, you can alert your users regarding potential health concerns. On the other hand, using advanced and scientific algorithms, you can evaluate symptoms and identify the condition that affects them the most.

  • Symptom Tracking and Analysis

The most effective feature of healthcare applications are symptoms tracker; it can find potential health risks from users’ health-related information.

Using modern AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) integrated features, popular women applications like Flo and Clue analyse a vast amount of databases and offer customized insight into safety for users. On the other hand, by adding wearable support in your application, users will automatically add health data like sleep time, heart rate, weight, blood pressure, etc. It will eventually help the system track regular health functions and provide supportive evolution.

  • Integrating a Wide Community

A wide community feature can help any female health app to keep the users intact. The main objective of these communities is to provide awareness about various female health problems. These female health issues may be unknown to many, and therefore, people get more knowledge from these communities.

  • Share Information

Many period trackers also have the option to share important information with their partners. It helps to initiate an open conversation on uncomfortable topics.

Apart from this, the possibility of exchanging information can be beneficial for spouses and share health-related issues with their doctors.

  • Digital Consultation

If you can arrange the infrastructure to initiate online consultation with doctors, your application will be more likely to quickly embrace it. You can provide a secure and reliable communication channel for digital consultation. Even though you integrate built-in group or AI-generated health tips, women still have a lot of health issues or queries to ask a physician.

Simultaneously, you can partner with medical professionals to offer you online advice and recommend treatment plans. They can also administer medication through text messages or voice calls.

Final say

The growth and benefit of women’s health care applications are quite lucrative. However, in order to gain revenue benefits, you must acquire the right way to earn money.Femtech has set a high mark in the health industry today not because it is another niche or a trend.

  • You can offer a premium version of our application with advanced features like customization, digital communication, etc.
  • Deploying an application with an in-app advertisement function is a great way to start earning revenue.
  • A paid application is a great way to start earning revenue if you choose iOS as a development platform. Consult any leading iphone app development company India to start this new journey and head towards success.

If you want to tap this great opportunity to start with this business niche, you will likely get a potential market.


Mia Jacobs is a Digital Marketer at CMARIX TechnoLabs Pvt.Ltd., a leading mobile app development company that provides web and mobile app services from startup to enterprise-level companies. As a hobby, I love to write on the latest mobile technologies, Asp.Net Development Services, Flutter, React Native, Angular Development Services, Node.JS Development Services, app development, and mobile apps.

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