How To Do A Zoom Meeting: 10 Tips For Advanced Users

Business Meetings

What exactly is a business meeting?

A business meeting gathers two or more people to make decisions or discuss company goals and operations. Business meetings are typically held in an office setting, but participants can join a business meeting from anywhere with the advancement of video conferencing technologies.

Meetings for Status Updates

Almost every company is familiar with those recurring team meetings. Most of the time the meeting were initially intended to share project updates. Making sure that everyone on the team is on the same page about the project’s process. 


Status updates meetings are intended to address any communication snafus that may result in significant amounts of time being wasted doing the same thing or facing the same challenges over and over.


While these meetings may not be the most enjoyable or engaging, businesses use businesses to address any issues that have arisen, assign tasks, and make any decisions necessary to move forward effectively.

Meetings for Making Decisions

Although managers generally have the final say, critical business decisions are frequently discussed in larger groups. More minor choices may be made during status update meetings, but meaningful choices will require their dedicated meeting times.


The decision-making process could be spread out over several meetings so that all parties have an opportunity to gather information, come up with solutions, and vote on how best to proceed. This can result in a significant amount of time being spent in meetings and communicating back and forth.

Meetings for Problem Solving

Problem-solving meetings, like decision-making meetings, have a specific goal in mind. There is no standard problem-solving meeting because issues vary depending on your team and organization, but these meetings are still necessary.


Problem solving meetings may be called in response to an emergency that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. For example, the source of the problem may not yet be identified, or there may be multiple priorities to manage to find a solution to an identified problem. In any case, these meetings allow colleagues to brainstorm, evaluate solutions, and solve the issue at hand.

Meetings for Team Building

Although every meeting provides an opportunity for a team to become closer by engaging in banter at the start and gaining a better understanding of their counterparts, it is sometimes necessary to have a planned team-building meeting.


These meetings, which can be corporate events or outings for the team, department, or entire company, can help to increase employee loyalty and engagement. They are an excellent opportunity to encourage employees to mingle and form more personal relationships to benefit the organization’s progress and growth.

Meetings for the Exchange of Ideas

It is sometimes preferable to gather the entire group and share new ideas rather than disseminating them in a lengthy email or chaotic chat thread.


These meetings not only allow the speaker or presenter to go more in-depth on a topic, but they also allow for real-time conversations and team members to ask questions. These meetings also make idea-sharing more interactive, allowing colleagues to bounce ideas off of one another, resulting in more teamwork, stronger relationships, and a more engaging meeting experience. While this type of meeting can consume a significant amount of time, it frequently results in new product ideas and market expansion.

Getting Everyone On Zoom

It’s not difficult to get up with Zoom. Zoom has a wide directory of helpful features. These features are hidden in the advanced setting menu. This article will discuss ten tips on how you can use Zoom like an expert.

Test Your Speakers and Microphone

Testing your speakers and microphone before will allow you to not to get caught on mute. You can quickly test your speakers and microphone when using Zoom in a meeting or friendly chat to make sure the other person/s can hear you and you can listen to them. Therefore, testing your speakers and microphone helps you detect and fix any hardware-associated audio matters from the very start of your using Zoom.

Hide Non-Video Members

When attendees aren’t utilizing screen share in Zoom, three main video layouts: mini, gallery, and active speaker. For instance, if you’re using the gallery layout with a massive number of attendees, non-video members can occupy the available space on the screen. For that reason, hiding non-video members can help you clean up their gallery view and only view attendees who have their cameras on.

Pre-Allocate Breakout Rooms

If you want to prevent logistics matters and save time using Zoom, you can pre-allocate attendees’ breakout rooms before the meeting starts. You can as well pre-allocate participants that belong to the same organization into the same group. Remember that if registration is enabled external members can register for the meeting. You’ll need to allocate them to a breakout room when the session is going on.

Apply Virtual Backgrounds

When you’re using Zoom Meeting, you can hide your office muddle or add several corporate branding using a virtual background. You can upload your image but bearing in mind that this image should have a ratio of 16:9 and a screen resolution of 1920x1080px and check the virtual background to discover any matters before you join the Zoom meeting. For added fun, Zoom will soon support a virtual video background and a non-static background.

Audio Transcription

At last, you don’t require to type all your meeting notes when using Zoom meetings. With the availability of audio transcription for sessions recorded in the cloud, you can build easy access to conference data. Also, the audio transcript is accessible to search, so you can conveniently locate the exact information you require. When using Zoom, be sure to switch on the audio transcription for your recorded meetings to get easy access to the transcripts.

Webinar Chat

Even though webinars permit you to speak without interrupting the entire audience, you sometimes require to communicate with a specific audience member discreetly. But with Zoom’s Webinar chat feature, you can chat directly with a particular person in the meeting without broadcasting the chat to the rest of the meeting members. You can as well connect your wireless office headsets to your landline phone to reduce interruption.

Unmuting Call-in Attendees

Zoom Webinars registrants can call into the webinar and listen in utilizing their mobile phones. Recently, Zoom released a function that permits you to unmute call-in attendees; this function makes it easier to have guest attendees to the webinar to communicate.

Use Notify Me When Available

Zoom can help you send an alert when the individual you need to contact is available. The process is simple as you can search for the specific individual name. Set this function for yourself as well. Go into Zoom chat platform and select “notify me when available” from the menu to utilize this function.

Note Taker Area

It can be challenging to take notes during a Zoom call. If you try to take notes during a Zoom call it means that you have to switch between windows and applications. Assign someone to be solely taking notes.

Upraise Calls to a Meeting

When you use Zoom to call other users through Zoom Phone, you can now upraise those calls to a meeting? You access the Zoom customer while on the phone call and select to upraise it to a Zoom Meeting.


These tips mentioned above can assist you in leveraging the Zoom platform to improve your communication capabilities fully. 


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