How To Do Company Setup in JAFZA?

Under a Ruler’s Decree, Jebel Ali Free Zone, also known as JAFZA, became the first free zone in the UAE in 1985. To this day, it continues to hold the title of being the biggest free zone for Business Setup in Dubai. This free trade zone creates a long-term engagement with investors and stakeholders. It is home to almost 7,000 enterprises. This free zone has 100 Global Fortune 500 companies, and it is a hub for business innovation.

Some Interesting Facts About JAFZA Free Trade Zone:

Jafza is home to foreign investors who contributes 23,8 percent of Dubai’s GDP. Hence, it employs 135,000 people in the United Arab Emirates. In 2019, JAFZA generated $99.5 billion in trade. 

It is responsible for roughly 32 percent of foreign direct investment. The JAFZA is home to many businesses that focus on international trade. JAFZA trade zone serves as a worldwide center for businesses who want to grow their operations in the Middle East and Africa markets. Therefore, it is a hub for commerce and logistics, providing unrivaled perks and incentives and exceptional customer service. 

JAFZA is just a short car ride from Al Maktoum International Airport. Thus, it is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to establish a company there. With us, JAFZA Company Formation is quite simple and straightforward.  

It is possible to do a Business Setup in Dubai with a single shareholder and numerous owners. The following kinds of company formations are eligible for incorporation in JAFZA depending on the number of shareholders. 

As a result, it is best to investigate which kind of structure would be appropriate for the company’s headquarters. Hence, you can contact a Business Setup Consultant in Dubai to understand the company structure and wide network throughout Dubai. 

Some Facts about Free Zones in Dubai:

A company is known as a Free Zone Establishment (“FZE”) if it has just one stakeholder. And that shareholder might be a person or a corporation. Hence, a “Free Zone Company” may have anywhere from two to fifty shareholders. In its most basic form, it is a limited liability partnership, with the company’s liabilities restricted to the amount of paid-up capital. Shareholders may consist entirely of persons, corporations, or a combination of the two in whatever proportion they see fit. Therefore, investors can have branch offices for already-established enterprises, whether such companies are operating locally or internationally. 

Business Licenses Available 

Other Licenses by JAFZA

The following is a list of the special licenses that JAFZA may issue to certain types of businesses:

Advantages of JAFZA Business Setup

Requirements for Setting up a Company in JAFZA

JAFZA’s Business Solutions

JAFZA company formation comes with a wide range of commercial facilities. Each of which is suitable to meet the requirements of any enterprise. 

When deciding whether or not to incorporate the company, the following expenses need to be taken into consideration: 

License Fee

Registration Fee

Office Facilities

The number of available visas is proportional to the office’s headcount. Hence, one (1) visa eligibility requires a minimum of nine (9) square feet of space. 

All fees are subject to an extra value-added tax (VAT) of 5% and do not include any costs related to obtaining authorization from a third party if this is necessary. Hence, you can simply contact a Business Setup Consultant in Dubai to get things done in no time. 

Establishment Card

For the company to be able to register with the Residency Department, the company must possess an establishment card. Hence, contacting a business setup professional can help you with the establishment card in less time. 

Residence Visa

The duration of stay on the JAFZA resident visa is three years. Therefore, the applicant’s present location status determines the fee for each visa. Hence, it is regardless of whether the application process is within or outside the UAE.

In JAFZA, an Employment Visa Guarantee Deposit is also necessary. The cost of this deposit should be on top of the visa cost. Hence, a medical examination and an Emirates ID application are also mandatory when calculating the overall fees.

Hence, get the right guidance in JAFZA company formation from professionals. Whether you need help with Visa processing or need end-to-end help with business setup in Dubai, business consultants can help. 


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