How to do Interior Car Cleaning?

If you’re like most drivers, your car is a very important part of your life. Not only is it a way to get from one place to another, but it’s a place where you can get away from the stresses of the outside world.

Getting your car clean on the outside can be a difficult task. But getting the inside clean can be a completely different challenge.

However, getting your car’s interior clean doesn’t have to be the daunting task that it seems to be.

This blog will show you how to do interior car cleaning like a professional.

Gather Trash and Debris

Take all the garbage from under-seat pockets and from the car seats out of the car.

Rinse everything that can be rinsed under water and put it in the wet waste container in your kitchen – don’t forget to take out any sharp objects first!

You should remove all your clutter from the car. In addition, you should get rid of excess disused items such as old newspapers, bottles, food containers and take them out to the trash bin.

Washing Carpeted Mats

The best way to handle dirty floor mats is by removing them from the car completely and placing them on a drop cloth.

Soak nasty stains with a towel and let the area dry for a few minutes before cleaning.

When you machine-wash your floor mats, be sure to wash them alone using an appropriate amount of detergent or fabric softener.

Next, carefully dry any synthetic fabrics in a clothesline or your washing machine.

Gentle cycle with warm water as synthetic fabrics usually shrink when dried too quickly.

Then finally allow natural fibers (i.e. cotton) to air out at room temperature instead of putting it in the dryer until it’s completely dry.

Clean the Interior Windows and Mirror

Cleaning interior car windows can get tricky – as water and ammonia-based solutions can damage some of the materials that are used to line the inside.

Your best bet is to turn towards safe, gentle cleaning products which include microfiber cloths and an ammonia-free commercial window cleaner in a spray bottle.

Try to make window cleaner by mixing a solution of distilled white vinegar and water.

Lower the windows slightly and start at the top of the window and work down so you avoid any drips!

Clean the Center Console

A center console is normally used to hold items such as a cellular phone, keys, pocketbook, or other small objects.

If it has cup holders, then there will be concerns of mess. Nevertheless, those who have removable cup holders will feel relieved because at that time they can remove the item and soak it in warm water and dishwashing liquid for a few minutes.

Afterward, run the cup holder through a soft brush and if needed use an old toothbrush to scrub.

The stick shift or other parts should be cleaned by using only slightly damp.

Clean Leather Car Seats

Car owners can combat dirt, grime, and wear on their leather car seats by using crevice tools to gently vacuum the upholstery and stitching.

Commercially available leather cleaners may also be used. For particularly dirty areas, such as where the seat meets the backrest or bottom of the seat, consider using saddle soap and warm water applied with a soft cloth to more thoroughly remove dirt while moisturizing the top layer of leather fibers.

It is also important not to forget about protecting a vehicle’s interior regularly with a quality conditioner to keep all of its material surfaces clean, healthy, and beautiful!

Vacuum and Clean the Interior Carpet

If possible, have the car’s vent and crevice carpets vacuumed somewhere they can be removed and cleaned separately.

Otherwise, use a small vacuum to clean the crevices once you’re done vacuuming the main vacuuming.

Ideally, van interiors should be cleaned right after a big road trip, but if not possible find a local service that will wash and steam clean both the interior and exterior of your vehicle for all those times when you are stuck in extra-territorial situations and cannot manage the cleanup on your own.

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FAQs related to how to do interior car cleaning?

What is needed for interior car cleaning?

Start by combining two cups of water, one cup vinegar, and a few tablespoons of your basic dishwashing liquid.

Now spray on the toughest stains to start breaking down those tough proteins. Let it sit on the task in question for 15 minutes and then wipe clean with a wet cloth.

For particularly stubborn stains you can try a product like Spot Shot or Resolve but make sure to always perform a spot test first!

How often should I detail my car?

Likewise, most car detailing pros recommend that one detail their automobile roughly every 4-6 months.

As such you should never have your car looking too nice since this can cause several problems involving the paint chipping off in places and various other unfortunate happenings that occur regularly to overly care for cars.

Is it bad to wash your car too much?

Washing your car is pretty easy, and it gets easier the more you do it.

Once you get into a habit of washing your car regularly, there will be no doubt when it comes time to do it again because you’ll have those blank days where you just give in and wash the whole thing.

Washing your car several times a month is normal – in fact, some people wash their cars every week.

There isn’t such thing as washing your car too much when you know what you’re doing.

What does having a car detailed mean?

This being said, you can choose between a hand car wash by a professional or an automatic car wash.

The basic difference is that hand car wash is done by a person who uses cleaning gels and soaps to remove dirt and debris from your vehicle while the automatic car wash is automated using high-pressure water sprays shaped into patterns like flat sheets and wands to clean the exterior of your vehicle.

If you want an inexpensive yet quality service, we recommend hand washing with added wax treatment for great shine and protection.

How many times a year should you polish your car?

However, with the paintwork on your vehicle, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t polish it too often.

Not only do you want to avoid over-polishing and damaging the paint yourself, but also because oftentimes insurance won’t cover self-inflicted damage.

Be sure to take good care of your car and don’t be afraid to ask for help or guidance as necessary!


It’s hard to believe just how much dust, dirt, and debris can build up in your car over time.

It seems like a simple task to clean it, but it takes a lot of time and effort to get all that accumulated material out.

We hope that our guide on how to do interior car cleaning has helped you find some new strategies for keeping your car clean in between professional washes.

With this knowledge, you are sure to be able to keep your car looking great for many years!

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