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How to dress for an above ground swimming pools?


  • Choose to dress it up with simple and original walls
  • Opt for an attractive space through a green decor
  • Integrate a terrace into your pool to create a relaxing place

Above ground swimming pools are varied: oval, rectangular, shallow, self-supporting or not, they are very economical and do not require major work while allowing everyone to have a great time. However, they often lack aesthetics: very imposing, you notice them immediately. It is possible to remedy such a problem through a few tips and decorating ideas to combine your pool with your exterior. The decor must be beautiful, sober, easy to maintain, and suit you. That is why there are several ways to beautify the space around your pool as well as the pool itself.

Choose to dress it up with simple and original walls

To allow your above ground pool to blend in with the decor of your exterior also around with Resin Bonded Driveway, you can dress it up with panels that you place on the pool to hide unwanted color and material. They can be made of wood or synthetic fiber. Styles change, synthetic fiber models offer a wide range of different patterns and textures that you can adapt to suit your taste. Be aware that they can even imitate wood.

The installation is very simple: you must first clean the exterior walls of your pool before proceeding with the installation. Some synthetic fiber panels have an adhesive side that you can apply to the walls. They will need to be smoothed out properly to avoid the appearance of air bubbles. Otherwise, the glue will be needed. In all cases, this type of panel is then very easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a sponge.

If you instead turn to wood to beautify the exterior of your pond, the wooden trellis is specially designed against impact and humidity. In this way, your dressing can be of different geometric shapes. It will simply be necessary to ensure that the panels are securely fastened so that they last over time.

Otherwise, you have to lay wooden slats, which can be done by a qualified craftsman for a perfect job. You can choose to put them vertically or horizontally, knowing that the first option limits expenses. You will also be able to choose the length and width of the planks to create the effect you want. The craftsman will adapt to your needs and can even provide you with advice concerning the realization of your project.

Opt for an attractive space through a green decor

Another option is available to you to give charm to your pool: create a dream space around your pool. The decoration that you are going to add will allow your swimming pool placed on the ground to be integrated into the environment. Plants can for example be used to hide the metal structures of the basin in an aesthetic way. The decor that you will choose to create around your swimming pool is a real asset to dress it up.

So, think about arranging by planting shrubs, different flowers which will not all bloom at the same time: the colors and the green space will make the place charming, swimming in the swimming pool will be as pleasant to do as to see. There are two ways to enjoy swimming. Just be sure to choose the plants that match your land, hire a professional if needed. A landscaper will be quite able to provide you with information.

It will take care of the space created so that it can keep its beauty all year round. Thus, the possibilities for dressing your pool are endless: you will never have the same green space as another person since it will be fully assembled according to your tastes. For example, you can create a staircase to your swimming pool, topped with stones.

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Integrate a terrace into your pool to create a relaxing place

If on the contrary you really want a swimming pool integrated into your home, know that you literally can do it. You just need to embed it lightly on the terrace of your house or to have a staircase connected to the pool. This can be done for many above ground pools.

Likewise, another popular method is to create a raised deck around your pool. Very practical and also aesthetic, it directly offers a relaxation area at the exit of the pool, with deckchairs, parasols, etc. So you can get out of the pool as if there was a terrace, and your pool looks embedded in the ground thanks to the raised structure that is actually built around it.

Another idea that is as aesthetic as it is practical: you can install a sliding aluminum structure that will completely cover the pool. This associated with your raised terrace allows obtaining a space protected from bad weather and very beautiful to see. Comfort level, is one of the best options.

Such an installation requires plans and a good choice of materials that must be solid and resistant. A professional can come and make drawings and sketches for you, especially for the integration of larger jobs: for example, installing bay windows around your swimming pool, a shelter included in the raised terrace, etc.


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