How to Dress On Christmas 2020?

It is the holiday season (officially)! Well, it wasn’t easy to process for everyone, as 2020 seems like a whole big holiday. Even though this year’s holidays will be different from the previous ones, almost every big gathering is canceled, celebrations are limited, and no one is allowed to leave their house until it is really necessary. Halloween and Thanksgiving have already been sabotaged by 2020, but you still have Christmas, the last holiday of the year, to make the most out of it. This year may have been difficult, but Christmas is still going to spread the magic in the air.

So yeah, tug out Christmas Jackets and celebrate this event as you have always been doin’ it. The vibe of this holiday is a little different — though, it is good to be a bit different sometimes. Whether you will spend your Christmas at home or the office or the Christmas parties, you must have some special outfits to make you look all Christmassy and classy. Christmas is the most underrated occasion when it comes to outfits. Nonetheless, it is the only holiday where you can dress up in the fanciest, sexiest, and (in some cases) ugliest outfits.

Every year we end up asking ourselves the same question; what to wear on Christmas? And it doesn’t feel right to break this to you, but there is nothing specific about Christmas outfits. You can wear everything you feel like opting for, whether you are a Santa or a Grinch! You have to show that you are feeling the Christmas magic. It might be difficult for you to choose the right outfit for your winter parties, well, say no more, here are some outfits sorted with the types of parties you might be attending…


PJs, PJs, and PJs only! You might find this chorus echoing in your ears. Well, that is the case of stay-at-home Christmas; if you don’t have any party coming up, or you have already canceled everything even before 2020 could do it. You can still slay while scooching on your couches. Get your hands on the comfiest yet chicest pajamas, and if you want to throw a home party for your friends, then here are some on-board outfits that you can try wearing.

  • First of all, if you are having a sleepover party, then go with glamorous pajama sets. You can now find shearling PJs, isn’t it great? Comfort and glamour at the same time? Well, grab the silk or satin Pjs with feather lining and spend your sleepovers most gorgeously.
  • The long sweater dress is another option to give you a comfortable experience while making you look sexy (as being sexy is not just about revealing your body). Slip into a long sweater dress (with or without turtleneck is your choice), you don’t need any other accessory with a sweater dress, but a pair of knee-length leather boots is something you should go for. And here you are done with the most comfortable outfit for the in-house parties.
  • Denim and sweater is a combo that will be your companion in winter, even during Christmas. Bring in your cashmere sweaters with the chunkiest pair of jeans and complete your look by tucking your sweater in with high heel boots. You can replace your sweater with rib-knitted turtlenecks anytime.


Now it is going to get so much FUN!! Christmas theme parties have a history of being the most fun part of the year with giving you so much to be happy about. These parties give you a chance to relive the Halloween vibe in a Christmassy way. If you also have friends with good party sense and invite you to a theme party of Christmas, then do not worry; here are some ideas for you to grab and appear in the best Christmas party outfit ever!

  • Ho ho ho! Be the father of Christmas — Santa Claus. Do not think that everyone is going to be Santa. Even if everyone is going to be Santa, you are going to be your version. Get your Santa Claus costume ready-made or craft it at home. Put this costume on with a huge belt and high heel leather boots to keep the North Pole vibe alive.
  • If being Santa is too mainstream, you can always go with being an elf. The tiniest member of the Santa’s crew. Elves have been helping Santa forever, and they will help you too if you ask them rightly. So grab those pointed ears and satin dress to look like an elf.
  • Nothing from the North Pole? Okay! Be something you have at your home — A Christmas Tree! This will be the most different idea to work on. Grab a tulle green dress, put it on, and decorate it with all kinds of ornaments you decorate your tree with.


Shimmer it up, baby!! Getting out of the house is the luckiest thing you can have right now. If you are invited to a cocktail party with your colleagues or your boss has arranged a little office party for everyone, then it is your time to shine! Take out all of your glamorous attires because you have every right to look like a diva at these parties. Here are some outfits that you can rock at an office Christmas party.

  • Get head to toe velvet look! Velvet might look like a retro option, but it is not. You’ll look so cozy yet sexy in a velvet outfit; a long dress with a sweetheart’s neck or a jumpsuit with collar style neck. The choice is yours, no matter which dress you choose to buy, one thing is guaranteed that you will look so damn sexy in velvet.
  • A sequin shimmer dress or a shimmery top with simple bottoms is all you need to grab the stylish look. Give yourself a queen makeover by going with a shimmery dress with high heel sandals, and to make this look fancier, add a cashmere scarf with shearling lining over it. Or you can keep it balanced by wearing a shiny top over black leggings/skinny jeans.


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