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Travel and Leisure

How to Find The Best Off-Road Caravan in 2021

I’m inspired by the freedom to travel like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I needed to build a life around it.

-Dave Dean (hiker, blogger)

This new year, Australia is slowly awakening from its travel slumber, and many are already planning to hit the road. Some are eager to take the road less-travelled, others are patiently waiting for their much-anticipated Airlie Beach tours.

Don’t we all need a refreshing change every now and then to keep ourselves sane to deal with our everyday lives?

Connecting with nature and going where few others will go can get you the rejuvenation you are hoping for. Going off-road will give you the peace and quiet, but what you need is a means to handle the rough terrains, an off-road caravan.

Let’s discuss some details you need to look for while deciding to buy caravan, an off-road one. The beginning of this decade presents a lot of options and looks pretty promising for a serious off-road caravan buyer.

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High-Capacity Batteries

Two high-capacity lithium batteries could be the two best friends an off-road caravan can have. You just cannot understate the value of having a built-in system for power, and two lithium batteries can power up all your basic comforts as long as you are on the road. The greatest advantage lithium batteries have is the high storage capacity. You can run them down to “totally empty” level before recharging. They are lightweight too.

Solar Power

Buying a new caravan for sale that comes with solar panels will get rid of a lot of headache for you on your off-road trips. A couple of solar panels with an output of 1kW would be a reliable power supply for a modern caravanning lifestyle which makes life more comfortable and safe on the road. You just need to find a sunny spot and park your caravan. Or if you have portable panels, you can lay them out in the sun and keep your off-road caravan under a shady tree.

Temperature Control

Whether you’re solo or with family and pets, you need to make sure you have a comfortable caravanning experience. A temperature control mechanism in your off-road caravan thus becomes a significant factor while deciding to buy caravan. A fully-insulated composite floor and roof ensure that the indoor temperature is not affected by the outdoor elements. With gas or diesel heating, fan, and a reverse-cycle air conditioning system, you’ll be able to always maintain a comfortable temperature inside your caravan.

Water Tanks

Do we really have to talk about the necessity of freshwater? We all know it’s crucial. But what you might overlook is the tank capacity of your off-road caravan. You need built-in tanks with a capacity of over 100 litres for an extended period of time. You also need another tank for grey water with a washout valve. Both these tanks with protected plumbing will make for a comfortable and hygienic bathroom system for your off-road trip.

Ground Clearance & Suspension

An off-road caravan is meant for navigating through tough terrains. So, your caravan will need to have extra ground clearance along with high-grade shock absorbers and 3000 – 4000 kg of independent suspension on a tandem axle. These ensure that the terrain you drive through doesn’t damage the caravan. It would be a worthy investment to have these in your caravan so that you save a lot of stress, time and money during your adventure drive.


When you check out a caravan for sale, one thing you should keep in mind is that not all caravans are built for off-road use though they might appear sturdy on the outside. Many people get too excited to take their new buy off the road that they forget to acquire a full off-road warranty. Off-roading can bring about unusual kinds of wear and tear to your caravan and the general warranty could go void. This is why you need a full off-road warranty which covers all damages sustained during your off-road drives.

Strong & Sturdy Roof

A leaky roof at home is the worst nightmare anybody can have, but in your off-road caravan, it could be more scary. If your caravan’s roof is leaky, it puts all that is inside your caravan at the risk of being damaged, it messes with the inside temperature and can lead to short circuits. A good off-road caravan comes with an insulated fibreglass composite roof to protect you from rain, wind and heat. It is also resistant to hail. You definitely don’t want to spoil your adventure with a cracking roof in your caravan.

Choosing the Best

Off-road caravans are popular for their versatility and the ability to master an off beaten track. There are many great options in off-road caravans, and you may pick one which suits your needs. The above factors are some of the significant pointers which will help you decide to buy caravan.

For many of us, an off-road adventure trip is beyond the safety net a caravan park provides and would need a lot of pre-planning. Away from the hustle-bustle of your daily life, a short off-road caravan holiday is a refreshing break we have always wanted. It reminds us to slow down, smell the roses and look at life with a new pair of eyes.

It’s time to explore!

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