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Computers and Technology

How to fix (RSOD) Red Screen Of Death problems in 2021

If you are a Windows user you must be aware of the Blue Screen Of Death error. That must be the most terrifying scene to watch. But some users have reported an error called Red Screen of Death on Windows 10.

Once the red screen error shows up on your screen, you will be unable to do anything just like it happens in the Blue Screen of Death error, and you will be forced to restart your PC. 

Before making any assumptions and jumping to a random solution, look for the main cause of the error and then find the solution accordingly.

What are the main causes of RSOD error?

After observing the error, it is recorded that this issue is caused by a hardware error. Sometimes, the cause of this problem could be the incompatible drivers and the BIOS issues. One can fix it by following the instructions that are mentioned below:

1. Remove the overclocking settings

If you wish to bring out the best performance of the hardware which is connected to your system, you must be thinking of overclocking the CPU. Overclocking simply means changing the hardware multiplier or voltage and the clock rate. It increases the performance of the system but it also happens to increase the heat that is produced by the CPU of the system. The heat might make the CPU unstable and it can even damage your hardware permanently. 

Hence this feature is not for basic users. Overclocking CPUs can be the major cause of the Red Screen of Death error. You can change the BIOS settings to disable this feature.

To change the BIOS settings for disabling overclocking, scroll down.

Firstly, enter the BIOS settings of the device and reverse the voltage settings of the motherboard to default. You can simply make that happen by clicking on the “Restore Fail-Safe Defaults” option. Now, refer to the stipulations of the motherboard and the processor of your system provided on the internet to recheck the exact base frequency and voltage settings. 

Now make the changes accordingly. Some systems come with a default option where the processor can be directly disable overclocking. 

2. Use a repair tool

You should consider using third-party repair software that can be the quickest solution to this error. If the Red Screen of Death appears on your screen often, you need to find a repairing tool that can give stronger protection from this error. 

Install software that creates a restoring point before starting with the repairing process. So that you can easily restore the default settings whenever you want. 

Before sticking to one, you need to check which one perfectly works for you.

3. Update the Graphics card Driver

Graphics card is responsible for primarily providing the bug fix and compatibility with the new software that you install in your system. To experience better performance of your system, you need to keep in mind to update the graphics card. 

You can choose to update the graphics card driver using the best driver updater software so that you don’t have to worry about spending several minutes just updating the drivers of your system. The driver updater will get the job done in just a quick scan.

If you are running out of space in your disk, you won’t be able to install and update the drivers. You should consider installing a duplicate photo cleaner to make up the space for relevant photos and other things for the better performance of your device. x

4. Starting up the system in Safe mode

Starting the device using the safe mode and without any third-party applications can prevent RSOD errors to take place. This feature can help you figure out the cause of the red error which is persisting in your PC. 

If you want to start your windows with the Safe mode on, follow the instructions:

Step 1: Press the F8 key as soon as you turn your computer on. 

Step 2: An “Advanced Boot Options” menu will appear on your screen. Use the arrow key to navigate to Safe Mode with Networking and hit Enter. 

That should probably do. If the error doesn’t show up while your computer is running on Safe Mode, then the ultimate cause of the problem was software or any driver. Consider uninstalling the software and programs that you installed before the red error started hindering your device. You can also choose to roll back the drivers that you updated recently. 

5. Update the BIOS

The graphics card in your system will not work smoothly if you have not updated your BIOS to its latest version. You need to update them correctly as they are the most delicate operations of a system and if you messed them up then the computer might not function at all. But if you manage to do it correctly then, it is a great way to fix the issues that are persisting in your computer. To make it a little easier for you, the steps to update the BIOS correctly are given below: 

Step 1: Connect your desktop to a stable charging point to avoid any kind of battery issues. 

Step 2: Now visit the official page of your motherboard manufacturer and search for your model. Download the BIOS update file.

Step 3: Open the file you downloaded from the manufacturer’s website and follow the instructions to update the drivers of your system.

Step 4: Ensure not to turn off your device while the update is processing. 

Most manufactures have a comprehensive guide to updating the BIOS of your system. 

6. Change Settings.ini File

Red Screen of Death happens to appear due to ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2. You need to fix this issue if you want to prevent the RSOD error. Make the changes to the games’ settings.ini file for the smooth working of your computer. Here’s the way you can do it easily.

Step 1: Open Documents from ‘My computer’. 

Step 2: Click on the BFBC2 folder.

Step 3: Now find the setting.ini file.

Step 4: Try to find these lines:

  • DxVersion=auto

And replace it with: 

  • DxVersion=9

Step 5: then save all the modifications you just made and consider restarting your device. 

7. Uninstall the programs that might be causing the RSOD error

Some applications and programs can lead to this error and cause major problems to your computer. If the programs you have installed recently are causing harm to your device, you should consider uninstalling them right away. 

Follow the steps to uninstall the programs from your PC: 

Step 1: Open the PC settings menu and under the “Advanced startup” category, click on the Restart Now button. 

Step 2: Enter into the Safe Mode of your system. 

Step 3: Now the Safe mode, verify the applications and programs which are causing the RSOD error and uninstall them.

By following the instructions mentioned above, you can prevent the error from messing up with your system. 

Even after following these steps and ways to get rid of the Red Screen of Death, the error doesn’t go away, consider uninstalling the softOSD.exe software. It is recommended that uninstalling this software can fix the RSOD error. 

That is it for the post. We hoped this guide would solve the Red Screen of Death error that was persisting in your system. These tweaks and tips are highly recommended by most users who went through the error issue on their devices. 

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