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How to Get Amazon Prime Refund in Just a Few Clicks?

You can think of Amazon Prime as a gateway to access full entertainment services and brilliant shopping experience. As it enables users to have access to millions of online video contents in just one tap on a mobile phone & PC. Also, Amazon Prime service lets the subscribers enjoy a brilliant shopping experience. So, in short, we can say that Amazon Prime service can do wonders in your life. But, if you think that the Amazon Prime subscribers never have complaints then I would like to correct you. The fact is, in recent years, many people could be seen asking how to cancel an Amazon Prime subscription and get a refund from Amazon.

Due to the dramatic rise of the video streaming services providers, the popularity of Amazon Prime Video has seen a significant downfall. And in terms of online e-commerce business, competition has also reached a boiling point. As a result, users have a lot of many options when it comes to picking up a video streaming or e-commerce service. So, people who are existing Amazon Prime users, they want to know how to get Amazon Prime refund.

If you also don’t want to continue with Amazon Prime Video, you are welcome to read this post. Right here I am going to show you the simple step by step process of how to cancel Amazon Prime subscription and get a refund from Amazon. To help you understand all about cancelling and refund procedures, I am going to answer some of the common questions and answers. So, as we always do let’s start with basics:

Charged for Amazon Prime, but not a member. Get Back Your Money Now

So, the crux of the matter is that your card has been charged in the name of Amazon Prime service that you never requested. Not an issue! I have a solution to this problem. First thing first, stop pressing your mind thinking when and how you subscribed to Amazon. The simple idea here is to first cancel your subscription and then request for Amazon refund as mentioned in the following section. And yes, you are eligible for full Amazon refund if you have not availed any benefit of Amazon Prime service. In case, if you have partially availed the benefit of Amazon Prime feature, you might get the partial refund from Amazon.

If I cancel Amazon Prime, does it end immediately?

Like any other video streaming service, Amazon also charges users at the beginning of the subscription. And once the payment is done, users get the uninterrupted services for the full month (according to the plan). So, if you had signed up for a one month plan in Amazon Prime and made payment it means services will be effective till the end of the plan. It means, if you cancel the Amazon Prime membership, its benefits will not end immediately. It will remain effective till the last date of plan.

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How to cancel Amazon Prime Membership and get a refund?

Before you proceed and follow the below mentioned instructions, let me clear one thing. If you have been using Amazon for more than three days (since inception), you will not get a refund. Full or say partial refund is possible for only those who have not used or avail the benefit of Amazon within the three days from signing up.

Still, if you want to cancel the Amazon Prime Membership, then good news is that the cancelation process is quite simple and straightforward. All users at their own can cancel their memberships with ease of mind by following the below mentioned steps:

  •         Login to your Amazon Prime account.
  •         Now tap the menu button.
  •         Then, you need to select the “Manage” button.
  •         Further, from the drop down menu, select “End Membership”.
  •         Now select the reason for canceling your Amazon subscription and proceed.
  •         You will receive an email as a confirmation for successful cancelation.

How long does Amazon take to refund? Now you might have this question in your mind. Here is the answer. Amazon might take 3-4 working days to return your money. You will get your refund in the same account which was debited. In case of any kind of assistance, you can contact Amazon Customer service.

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