How to Get Live Updates for Train Stations in India

Are you waiting for your train? Are you killing your precious time and getting bored at the station waiting for the arrival of your train? Do you know where your train is right now? Is your train running late? Well, there are many questions to get anxious about while travelling via train in India. But don’t worry, dear passengers, because RailMitra can answer all your questions effortlessly. With RailMitra’s ‘Live Station Status‘ feature, troubleshoot all your problems and become a confident traveller.

This unique feature of RailMitra allows you to spot the trains arriving at a station and departing to a certain station in the upcoming 2, 4 and 8 hours, respectively. It means you will have the list of all the forthcoming trains with their expected arrival and departure times. Isn’t it amazing? Install RailMitra’s official mobile app to say bye-bye to discomforts and miseries. RailMitra is a full-stack railway app with all the necessary information for travelling.

What is “Live Station Status”?

As a train traveller, you will fully know ‘what the live train running status is’. But, when it comes to “Station Live Status”, you might be scratching your head in a dilemma. You target a train to know its running status, to see whether it is late or on time. In the same way, you can also target a specific station to gather information about all the upcoming trains arriving to or departing from that particular station in the next 2,4 or 8 hours, respectively.

It proves very useful when you already have the ticket and must travel the same day within the next 2 hours or 4 hours, or 8 hours. With this exceptional feature, you can plan your journey and manage your time accordingly. So, stop wasting your time unnecessarily at railway stations. Manage your time wisely because it is precious.

What are the Factors that Disrupt the Schedule of the Train?

I am sure all of us must have impatiently waited for our trains. It’s quite normal and happens frequently. There are a few prominent factors responsible for the late arrival of trains. Take a look at the factors briefly.

Bad Weather Conditions – There are a few uncontrollable factors, or you can say unforeseen circumstances, which are beyond human reach. Factors such as heavy rain, dense fog, massive landslides, flood or any natural catastrophe can disrupt the schedule of the trains. In such cases, the loco pilot of the train reduces the train’s usual speed for the passengers’ safety and well-being. As a result, the schedule of the trains gets massively affected. You must have heard about trains getting late by 8 hours or 10 hours or 16 hours or even 24 hours.

Technical or Mechanical Glitch – Often, a train suffers a technical or mechanical malfunction. These faults delay the expected arrival and departure time of the train.

Maintenance of the Train – It’s of great importance to keep an eye on the proper functioning of the engines. There can be a technical fault or glitch in the engine itself. Regular engine and coach maintenance are done to rule out such scenarios. Now, such care may consume some time to result in delays.

Overheating of Tracks – Now, that’s a grave concern. We have witnessed instances of train bulking in the past as well. What is train bulking? In summer, the train track becomes distorted due to excess heat. If the track gets distorted, the chances of derailments or serious accidents maximise. To avoid that, tracks are allowed to cool down. Hence, it can cause a delay.

There could be a reason for your train getting late from its scheduled time. But it’s your responsibility to ensure you are constantly updated and aware of these probable delays. We generally witness some instances where people fail to catch their train. As a consequence, they have to suffer heavily. However, if you have RailMitra as your travel guide, you can easily overcome such challenges. So, to avoid such unfortunate incidents or any last-minute hassles, install RailMita mobile app to keep yourself adequately informed.

How Can You Check the Live Status of a Station Using RailMitra?

  1. You can install the RailMitra mobile app from Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can also go to the website of RailMitra, which is
  2. Hit the “Live Station Arr/Dep” section on the screen.
  3. Go to the “FROM STATION” section. It is the source station where you will onboard your train. Just enter the name of your desired station and the system will auto-suggest the name of the station. Choose your desired station.
  4. After “FROM STATION” comes “TO STATION”. It is your destination station where your train journey completes. Enter the name of the station where you wish to travel. Once you enter the name in the box, the system auto-fetches the station name. Choose your station.
  5. Lastly, there comes the”Within hours” section with three options that includes 2 hours or 4 hours or 8 hours. Choose the range of time within which you are looking for your train. You can check the live status of the running train scheduled to arrive at or depart from that specific station within 2, 4 or 8 hours.
  6. Finally, you will get a list of all the trains with their expected arrival, expected departure and platform number details.

By checking the station’s live status using RailMitra, you can access all the information needed for a swift and smooth journey. RailMitra is not an ordinary platform; it is an All-in-one Railway App that answers all your queries. Using RailMitra, you can extract the details of all the trains arriving at a station in real time.

With such a significant volume of information, you can plan your journey and execute it swiftly.

How Does the Indian Railway Determine Arrival Time?

A train’s ETA, or estimated time of arrival, indicates when it is expected to arrive at a specific station. Indian Railways utilises AI algorithms to predict when trains will come based on prior timetables. Trains, like people, have to rest so they can recover. It will make up for the fact that the train will be late getting to the next stop. You should examine the railway website and mobile apps in advance to ensure you are well-prepared.


RailMitra app is a one-touch railway app where you unlock the door of countless information related to your train. Each passenger can avail of railway enquiry services such as checking PNR, live station status, train timetable, train between stations, train seat availability, train fare enquiry and many more. You are just one click away from taking advantage of all these fantastic services.

Not just travel, but make special memories while travelling to remember them for ages. If you are fed up with your routine and want a change, you can surely do one thing. You can plan a solo trip or trip with your friends to add colours to your life. At times it becomes essential to take a break from your busy schedule to rejuvenate and re-energize yourself.

Undoubtedly, travelling is the best therapy. It can instil freshness in you and can heal you from the inside. So, don’t overthink; prepare for a train trip and consider making RailMitra your travel companion. Enjoy your train journey, and remember to use the food order in train service of RailMitra to make your moments even more priceless.

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