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Home Improvement

How To Get Rid Of Field Mouse in The House

The term “field mouse” is a general term that is used to describe a variety of mice, including house mice. 

Field mice are curious like other mice, therefore it’s important to discover how to get rid of field mice before they infest your home and yard.

There are various techniques you can employ to assist keep field mice at bay, even if none has been demonstrated to keep them away permanently.

Using a variety of techniques, such as keeping the spaces clean and removing food sources, is the key to keeping field mice away from your home, garage, sheds, etc. 

Early prevention decreases the possibility of a serious infestation that can take months to eradicate. It is very important to react as soon as you notice any mice activity on your property, before letting them breed out of control. As soon your reaction is, the bigger are chances to get rid of them efficiently and for good.

Are Field Mice A Serious Problem 

Field mice may appear innocuous, but once inside your home, they may cause a great deal of damage and a variety of difficulties. 

Through their pee and excrement, mice contaminate a range of items present inside your home.

They munch on or chew through a wide variety of objects, including food containers, electrical lines, and many other things. Wires that had been chewed posed a greater fire risk. 

Once inside the house, mice will also tear insulation apart to create their nests.

Get Rid Of Mice in Your Home: Clever Ways

One straightforward decision will determine whether you learn how to get rid of mice the easy or difficult manner. 

A simple phone call to a pest control expert can help you get rid of mice, or else it may appear like you are chasing after invisible mice in walls. 

Here is the information you need to know about getting rid of mice if you’re one of the courageous people who wants to take on these disease-carrying rodents by yourself.

Eliminate Entry Points

One of the most effective ways to prevent mice infestations from growing or ever happening in the first place is to build mice out or rodent-proof your property. 

Eliminate easy access points and sources of entry to protect your home from mice. Due to a mouse’s capacity to fit through even the smallest spaces, this can be challenging (one-quarter of an inch and up). 

A reasonable rule of thumb is that a mouse can fit through any opening that a pencil can fit through.

Fill in wall holes and foundation cracks, including those near utility pipes and vents. Here, steel wool and caulking work fantastically. 

Avoid using sealants that rodents can easily chew through, such as plastic, rubber, wood, or metal. 

Purchase weather stripping for your doors and windows, and check that your door’s sweep seals against the threshold when it is closed.

Use Mouse Traps

Mouse traps are the most effective tool for removing mice from an ongoing infestation. 

For small to moderate mouse populations, the traditional wooden snap traps will work, but you should be aware that most people underestimate mouse infestations. 

It’s not unusual to set 12 traps for a single mouse, or what you believe to be a single mouse.

Another smart move is to set up a variety of traps. Along with the wooden traps, use bait traps, multiple-capture live traps, and adhesive traps. 

This is the greatest method for exterminating mice in the home, barring hiring a professional, as some mice may be sensitive to particular kinds of traps and are aware of how to evade them. 

Choose the Best Bait For Your Mouse Trap

You can use mouse-approved foods like chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, oats, dried fruit, or hazelnut spread as bait in addition to whatever the mice have been consuming in your home. 

When you’re ready to set the baited trap, use dental floss or fishing line to secure the bait to the trigger. 

By doing this, the mice will receive their just desserts without “making off with the cheese”. A hot glue gun can also be used to hold the bait in place. 

Every two days, switch out the bait for freshness. Try using nesting materials like cotton balls or feathers if the food isn’t working. 

It’s Crucial The Trap To Have Proper Placement 

With the trigger section towards the baseboard, position the traps parallel to the walls. 

This prevents the mouse from accidentally running over the trap and setting it off early by causing it to run straight into the bait as it naturally scampers down the walls. 

Place the traps wherever you see mice or signs of mice, such as rodent droppings or “rubbings” on baseboards and walls. 

Mice don’t travel more than 10 or 20 feet from food sources and nesting areas (i.e., their territory). 

Every two days or so, switch around the location of the traps. Because they are inherently curious, mice won’t evade traps the way rats do.

Bait Stations

Bait stations, also known as bait packages, are covered sacks filled with meal or pellets. 

Typically, they are packaged in plastic, paper, or cellophane, which the mice may readily chew through to access the fresh, preserved bait. 

These mice eat the bait and perish. Although effective in getting rid of mice, utilizing them at home is not the ideal method of doing it. 

To protect you, your family, and your pets from harm, it is essential to have trained pest management professionals handle these items. 

Good Sanitation Won’t Repel Mice, But Poor Sanitation Will Attract Them

Mice can subsist on only 3 to 4 grams of food every day, so all they really need are a few crumbs here and there. 

To remove residue, crumbs, and any access to food sources, vacuum your floors and be sure to wipe off the counters. 

Food should be kept in sealed containers or glass jars. Don’t neglect to secure your trash. 

Plastic bags are no match for hungry rodents since mice have powerful incisor teeth that can gnaw through nearly anything, including concrete if the whim strikes them.

Tackle The Mice in and out of the House

Eliminate clutter around your house where mice might hide. 

Reduce the amount of weeds you have and eliminate any burrows or nesting places you come across. 

It’s a good idea to line the base of your house with a strip of dense gravel to discourage nesting and digging. 

The less trash and debris there are around your house and property, the simpler it will be to notice mouse activity and put an end to mice right where they are.

Cat Vs. Mice

Many cats enjoy going on mouse hunts. Even some pets will participate in the excitement. 

If you have pets, they may be the greatest way to get rid of mice in the home quickly and painlessly. 

If you don’t already own a pet, it might be time to quit watching cat videos online and get one. 

Farm cats or barn cats are commonly used on farms to manage the mouse population. 

Naturally, some animals just can’t be bothered with mice, which is understandable given how many people spoil their furry friends.


We hope that you find our article useful and helpful on how to get rid of field mice at your home. Remember, you can always call a pest control to help you and do the job for you. 

Please let us know about your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.


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