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Health and Fitness

How to get rid of under eyes dark circles

Sooner or later, you are going to have dark circles under your eyes due to various reasons. Chances are this is going to be when some important event of your life is coming. That’s just life and Murphy’s Law working against you, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and take it. But before you do something about your dark under-eye circles, you need to understand what causes them.

Dark Circles Causes

It’s not late nights or being tired, or any other things that people tend to think are responsible for raccoon eyes. The truth is those circles that are threatening to mess up your important event come from the same thing that bruises do; blood under the skin.

Your entire body is filled with capillaries, which are essentially tiny little tunnels that take blood where it needs to go. Most of these are so small that blood cells can only get through one cell at a time. Because they’re so little, these capillaries are extremely vulnerable to damage and clogging.

What happens with both bruising and under-eye circles is that some of the blood cells have become damaged, which causes them to oxidize and change colors. The reason is so obvious underneath your eyes is that the skin is incredibly delicate and translucent, making it very easy to see this kind of buildup.

This is most apparent in the morning when we’re tired because that’s when our skin tends to be at its palest for a variety of reasons. So it’s not so much due to lake of sleep or rough nights cause the circles as much as it allows us to see the circles.

Some of the discolorations that cause dark under-eye circles are always there, as the combination of thin skin and lots of capillaries lead to the blood taking on a certain tint. Normally this is invisible, but when you combine it with pale enough skin or additional blood build up, it can easily become visible.

Aging Factor another Cause 

Unfortunately, like so many other things, these circles under the eyes tend to worsen with age. This is because we start to lose collagen as we age, leaving the skin thinner and more translucent, which allows the blood to become visible.


There is another cause for dark circles under the eyes, and that’s anemia. It is a disorder where your body don’t have sufficient red blood cells, somewhat often triggered by an iron deficiency. 

Now let’s come to the solutions that how you can get rid of under-eye dark circles

Sleep Enough

So now that you what causes those under eyes dark circles, but what you can do to get rid of them? Well, the first thing you need to do is to make sure you get enough sleep. This will help reduce the paleness of your skin and help disguise the dark circles.

Drink Water 

As you might expect, drinking 12 glass of water will also help. If you get even slightly dehydrated, and most people usually are, then your body pulls fluids out of the skin. This causes the skin to become thinner and more translucent and as well as causing the blood to move through your capillaries more sluggishly, a nice recipe for creating dark circles.

So sleep and rest are the two basic things you need to do to prevent dark under-eye circles, but your biggest weapon in the long term battle is going to be a solid skincare regimen. You need to do two things; you need to avoid things that hurt the skin and do everything you can to keep it healthy.

Advanced Cosmetic Treatments

Regular facials, skin tightening and HydraFacial treatments are some useful options to get rid of dark eye circles. Because these three mentioned treatments work as anti-ageing and after a couple of sessions, you will have healthy, glowing and younger skin. You will look and feel young, and there will be no dark spot on your skin or under your eyes, says Vibrant Salon and Spa expert.  

Collagen is important for healthy and younger looking skin. As we get older, the collagen reduces, leading to our skin becoming thinner and more prone to wrinkles. Using products or treatments (skin tightening or HydraFacial) that help you rebuild and restore collagen you can make your skin more youthful, which will help you avoid dark under-eye circles wrinkles.

Avoid Mineral Oils

A couple of fairly common skincare ingredients can hurt your skin, and you need to do your best to avoid them. For example, many people like to put mineral oil on their skin, but the thick oil clogs pores and causes toxins to build up on the skin. If you’re trying to avoid having circles under your eyes, you need to avoid toxic buildup.

Avoid Alcohol

You also need to avoid alcohol. Don’t apply alcohol on your face as some suggest it can be helpful against acne but actually, it’s not. It also wicks the moisture out of your skin, which is a quick trip to raccoon eyes.

What you need to go for are things that will build and strengthen your skin’s health. Specifically, you want to use products or treatments that will produce collagen and moisturize your skin. The moisturizer is important because it will help plump up your skin and prevent the circles from showing.

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