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How to Get Started With SQL Web


DataSoap is the easiest way to get an sql database up and running. It’s a double-click install, and there is minimal configuration. As on a SQL course London.

Sufficiently reliable and easy to get data from anywhere.

Web applications

Quite a few Web-oriented applications exist which ease the process of pulling data from databases.


If you’re looking for high speed without all the heaps of configuration and processing times, then DataSoap is a great product. It’s rapid development means that it can cover a lot of ground very quickly, and the quality & reliability of its output is impeccable.

It supports all databases like Access, MS SQL, MySQL, SQL server, and PostgreSQL among others.

Getting Started

After downloading and installing, you can immediately begin. The installation process is very straightforward, and as with all good applications, it’s easy to get started with DataSoap for the first time.

To get started with your first DataSoap project, follow these steps:

eking out the name of your object in the DataSoap project registry is a very good start. This is followed by obtaining a DB name (usually g, a username and password for the MySQL database, and a place on the DataSoap server where to store your objects. You can choose to set up one DataSoap project with everything in one filing, and another for each location where you want to put your objects.


Making new objects is just as easy as adding new files to a project.

eking out a username and password for the MySQL user.

Log In

Once the objects have been added to the project registry, you simply have to log in to see them. This is very self-explanatory for basic Web-servers users. For more advanced users however, you may have to go through an authentication box at the bottom of the screen.

Global Settings

To customize your Global Settings, you can go to the DataSoap project page and click on the settings button in the upper right. A notification box will appear and will let you know when you next reset the Global Setting.

Remember, if you add objects to your DataSoap project while the project is running, they will migrate automatically. You do not have to do anything!


If you’re having trouble with how DataSoap is working for you, submit a ticket on theDataSoap discussion board. Questions about how to use the application, errors and other problems will be answered there. Try to give as much information as you can for your error problem.

DataSoap Themes

To customize the look of DataSoap, click on the option on the right hand side “Default/Global settings”. You can choose a theme to use. A sample theme is in the Files/App folder. Other sample Themes can be found in the coding examples folder.

If you’d like to make a flash theme, go to File/Create Flash Theme… Follow these steps:


To add a toolbar on the DataSoap project toolbar, follow these steps:

Select the Toolbarbutton on the right side of your work area. A menu will appear. Select Customize on the left side navigation panel. A new panel will appear to allow you to create a toolbar.

Main Menu

To add a Main Menu button on the DataSoap project toolbar, follow these steps:

To add a button to your main menu that uses DataSoap’s reactive toolbar, click on the Toolbar, and drag and drop an button on the DataSoap toolbar to the DataSoap folder on your Desktop. Make sure the Customize button is not enabled. Then click on Customize again. Click on the Store Price Data option and check the box Disable Mouse Selecting for the price field.


To add a data table, click on the Table button on the DataSoap toolbar. Then click on the Add New Table button to open the new table. You can also select an existing table to copy the code to your newly created data table.

You will be prompted for a name for your table. Give a name that you will remember. A table name cannot be contains any characters except a spaces. Otherwise, you can select an name generated by DataSoap itself.

begins the add new table statement.

New Name

Ends the add new table statement.

Macro Buttons

DataSoap allows you to use macros to control how data is displayed. To use a macro, click on the Macro button on the DataSoap toolbar. Then click once to activate the macro. A macro will now open in your working document. To use the macro, you can click on the appropriate button to activate the macro.

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