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How to Handle a Breakup During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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“In case you live with your girlfriend or wife, that implies you are most likely investing unquestionably far more time and effort with them than ever. Well, in that case, things can immediately take a turn and become pinched– no matter if even you are absolutely each other’s type on the records.”

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The Coronavirus epidemic has turned many lives upside down in the last few weeks. If you are a kind of active guy who cannot stay in one place for long, then it is quite clear that your regular lifestyle has changed from frisky to simple, and kind of boring life – we can say.

Now, at these times we are all self-quarantining, and, instead of going out for an early morning walk and exercise or going to the local stores for buying essentials, most of your days are now spent within 4 walls at home. In case, you live with your loving partner in the same house, then it’s clear you will have to put a lot of effort to keep your sex toys life spiced up.

Make a fixed routine

Dominique Antiglio who is the writer of the top-selling book “The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology” says, each circumstance and challenge is not the same but at times like this, couples may face enhanced emotional tension, stress, and fear. Making a schedule is a critical factor in making your relationship work during this lockdown time. Make a routine and note down the things week by week that you like to do. It is necessary to perform these activities with your partner as this will foster your relationship and add more love to your life. At times, you can divide the work between you two, for example at times it is possible that when you are working on certain things, the other one is focused on household chores.

Make time for personal care

Set some extra time for your solo self-care, so you can ease up and reduce stress. Without realizing, you may get affected by plenty of mental stress and get easily irritated on small matters if you are confined in the same place for a long time. Personal care could be of any form such as workout, a walk in the park during morning/evening, meditation, Yoga, etc.

Have plenty of Sex

A good relationship is not only about intercourse and intimate relations. Actually, a little bit of distance and space is extremely important for a healthy relationship. There is an irony that too much intimacy and closeness can reduce the feelings of attraction and love for another partner, which is definitely a big challenge for millions of couples out there at this time of the year. It is extremely crucial that you set aside a certain schedule for intimate relationships and have sex during a certain time; otherwise sorry to say your relationship can turn into a sexless relationship. You can use sex toys for women for your wife and in India since home delivery of non-essential items is allowed, you can place an order for women sex toys and adult products in India from Adultscare. Make sure you use plenty of lubes and read our blog for learning BDSM techniques and techniques to use xxx toys will keep your sex life revitalized.

In case, you are single and don’t have a sex buddy you can use Bondage Sex Toys like Fleshlights and pocket pussies. Indian sex toys are quite popular these days since there are lots of relaxations are being provided on online shopping of bondage fun stuff.

You must be amazed to know that BDSM Sex Toys are quite popular now. Due to films like “Fifty Shades of Gray” and the emergence of web series like “Gandi Baat” during self-isolation people are trying to explore more sexuality so one can relive their sensual fantasies.



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