How to Hire Developers in 2021: A Complete Guide to Follow

Hiring developers in 2021 is one of the significant undertakings of IT firms. They are not merely in quest of developers but talented candidates as they are more productive and adaptive than inefficient ones and don’t buckle under pressure. Even with a talent shortage, you need to be careful when recruiting candidates, as wrong hiring can be proven fatal and can drastically affect your company’s bottom line.

Most companies only look at candidates’ resumes, but it is a grave mistake. There are other things to look at when looking for potential candidates, and it takes a bit more digging. To help you, here, we have prepared a guide on how to hire developers in 2021 –

Steps to Follow to Hire a Developer

Finding a WordPress, angular, or mobile app developer for your company can be overwhelming as you have countless options to choose from. But does all of them work for you? No, not at all. So, to help and guide you, here, we have listed down a few steps following which help you find a suitable developer for your company –

Research thoroughly

Before you ask the HR professional or a recruiting team to look for a developer, discuss the needs with the development team. But if you are a start-up company and new to the world of development, try to understand a few basics.

Know about the programming languages the professionals should be good at, the average salary they can ask for, and other relevant things. A simple Google search can give you the required information and resolve your queries.

Consider experience

Know about the experience the developer should have. For example, you need an experienced tech lead for leading a development team, while a senior developer can guide junior or mid-level developers.

Understanding more about them can clear your needs and help you understand what you can expect from the developer.

Check communication skills

Although communication is not the only factor to consider when hiring a developer, it is an essential factor that you can never ignore.

A developer needs to communicate with clients, participate in team meetings, and involve in other activities that require good communication skills. This is why it is essential to understand how well they can communicate and understand your vision.

Interview properly

Whoever you are hiring, interview them properly. If required, you can take help from an expert to assist you during the interview. Besides, here are a few things to keep in mind before collaborating with anyone –

Get clarity on these vital areas in your initial meetings. Thus, you will know whether the developer is going to be the right fit for your company.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Hire Developers with Pre-employment Hiring Assessments

What are the goals of hiring a developer?

Irrespective of whether you are a startup company or already an established brand, you should have a definite goal in mind when it comes to hiring a developer. Without having a goal, it will be difficult for you to find the right developer for your company.

So, think and decide your goal before hiring junior, mid-level, or senior developers and proceed accordingly.

How to hire developers for a startup?

Finding developers with the right skills, meeting salary expectations, competing with reputed brands, etc., are some of the most significant hiring challenges startups face. You may keep wondering how to source, screen, and interview developers without making a dent in your stretched budget.

Well, having a clear idea about your expectations, choosing reliable sources for developers, and screening them with the help of an automated tool are some of the things that help you hire developers for your start-up business easily.

How much does it cost to hire a developer?

The cost of hiring developers varies based on certain things. The fundamental one is manual hiring or hiring via a technical tool like a skill assessment test. Manual hiring needs a considerable investment not only in terms of money but also time and energy. On the flip, with an automated assessment tool, you can eliminate the unnecessary cost per hire and invest the saved energy and time on other vital tasks.

Based on the kind of assessment tool you are choosing, the cost per hire can vary. Each tool has a different price structure. You can compare these and then choose the one that offers a WordPress, Magento, or PHP technical test at an affordable rate.

How to choose a skill assessment tool?

As there are different skill assessment tests to choose from, you may keep wondering which one to choose. The best thing you can do is consider your needs and check the features based on these. If you find that the features that the tool offers can meet your needs, then go for it. Otherwise, you can look for another tool.

You can also check the price structure of different tools and compare them to understand which one will be the ideal option for you.

How does Developer Shortlisting Tool Make Hiring Easy?

If you are a recruiter or an HR manager and want to benchmark the best talent within the shortest time and ensure bias-free hiring, opting for a skill assessment tool will be the ideal choice for you. Here is how such a tool can make hiring easy –

Easy job creation

With this tool, you can easily create a job to fill any vacancy in your organization. Mention your requirements, eligibility criteria, years of experience and expertise needed, and other details that you want to add, and you are done. There is no need to post a job on multiple job-posting sites and take unnecessary hassles. Create a job easily with a skill assessment tool.

Tailor-made test

You can custom-made the test as per your requirements for candidates – a great feature that you can enjoy with this kind of automated platform. You can add various skills that you want the candidate should be good at. Besides, you can add proficiency level, pass marks, and more.

Custom branding

Another excellent feature! This feature allows you to create a good impression of your brand in the candidate’s mind. With this, you can add the domain name and the logo of your company to the test. And there will be no mention of the name of the skill assessment platform. So, the candidate will think that the test is designed by your company and have an excellent impression.

Anti-fraud tracking

During the assessment test, you want to ensure that it is a fair assessment, and skill assessment software will help you with this. It offers some anti-fraud detection features. For example, candidates can’t copy or paste during the test; they can’t take screenshots, change the window or open a new window. All these make sure that candidates take the test properly.

Detailed analysis

A detailed analysis of the performance of the candidate is sent to the recruiters. It helps them know about the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, while a comparative analysis helps compare different candidates who appeared for the test. From this, you can decide who will be the ideal match for your company and recruit accordingly.

Bottom Line

Hiring new people is a strenuous process, more so when you are a non-tech person. But you can make the process easier by following the guide. And to hire developers with a pre-employment testing software, choose Skillsz. It helps design WordPress, angular, or MongoDB assessment test as per your need, and thus makes hiring effective. Besides, it offers a free trial to have an idea of its services. Sign up with your email address and start a 14-day FREE TRIAL today!

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