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Computers and Technology

How to Host Your First Virtual Awards Ceremony

After the global pandemic hit the world, various industries adopted new ventures to ensure the continuity of their businesses. This attempt has only been successful because of the passionate employees and associates that they held. Therefore, now it becomes more important to celebrate their wins or appreciate their achievements. This will keep them motivated and further inspire them to keep rendering exceptional performances.

If you are someone looking to host a virtual award show for the first time, we have come to your rescue.

Let us take you through the crucial steps required to host a unique and fascinating online award show.

Set Definite Goals

There is no refusal with the fact that conducting a virtual award ceremony requires having a strategic approach, efforts, and enthusiasm to deliver life-like experiences. Identify your event goals and set definite expectations for your target audience to make your online event unique and realistic. It’s obvious that when you decide to take your award show online, you might face vital challenges.

Favorably, with decisive planning and a clear understanding of the common hurdles that can appear, you can organize and execute a bizarre and remarkable virtual award show.

Pick Your Virtual Award Ceremony Platform Wisely

Now, that you have determined to take your award show online, it is necessary to learn all the important aspects of a virtual event. The foremost step involves looking for an all-in-one virtual event software that can incorporate engaging tools and creative ideas to make your event a grand success.

With the rising demand for online events, to make your award show extraordinary, it is essential to look for a virtual solution that has a customizable interface and stunning 3D designs to offer immersive experiences to the attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.

Make sure that your virtual venue partner holds the capability to seamlessly conduct quizzes, surveys, live polls, games, etc to promote engagement at your event.
Remember to take a demo of your virtual event platform to ensure that you have added all the necessary features and innovations based on your business needs.

Create a Compelling Landing Page

A compelling landing page that consists of the event date, time, and registration link avoids missing out on any new enrollment. A landing page is meant to spread awareness about your virtual award show, and undeniably you would miss no chance to welcome more participation.
Consider including impressive graphics, professional images, and interesting clips of noteworthy speakers, seminar leaders, and industry leads.

Leverage the Right Event Technology

To make the most of event technology, it is vital to learn how to incorporate different technologies to host better and successful virtual award shows. Look for an ideal virtual event platform that has advanced its skillset and employs the latest digital tools & software to host memorable online award shows. Make sure to keep the interface simple and user-friendly to avoid attendee drop-off.

Plan Out Your Event Agenda

To avoid chaos on the main event day it is vital to map out the event agenda to prepare an arrangement of the sessions in which they will be presented to the audience. Planning a proper schedule beforehand is the code to organizing flourishing online events. An agenda makes sure that none of the elements or crucial segments is dropped or goes wrong.

Decide the Date and Time of Your Virtual Award Show

It is a very critical decision that needs to be taken very reasonably. You need to make sure that your virtual award show does not collide with any other industry event. The date and time of your event play a vital role in welcoming more attendees across the globe.

Select the Judges Carefully

Whether you are planning an on-site award ceremony or a virtual award show, you need to pre-decide on a jury of judges to determine and declare the winner. The judges you appoint could be from your company such as employees from the higher authority or you can also choose to keep a voting system — the one with maximum votes takes the award.

Do Not Miss out on Sponsors

Brands sponsor events in an attempt to drive their sales opportunities, increase visibility, obtain qualified leads, and promote brand awareness. If you are hosting a virtual award show, you need to reach out to several brands and let them know how they could benefit from your events. You can ensure to keep sponsored sessions and games or display their content on multiple digital screens.

Sponsorship enhances the opportunity of the gathering, lures more attendees, and can also help increase the ROI of your online event. Virtual or physical when an event is financed by sponsorship, it attains credibility and is expected to observe an uptick in numbers.

Promote Engagement Among Your Attendees

Attendees are the soul of your event, and you need to include every major aspect to make them feel special. Include live polls, surveys, quizzes to ensure their active participation and involvement during the event. You can also think of keep exciting games like spin the wheel, crosswords, word games, and many more to add a fun element to your online award show.

Virtual networking tables are also an effective way to let attendees connect, interact, and make meaningful relationships. Virtual networking tables include live chat, audio, and video features to promote group or 1:1 discussions. Exhibitors can create either a private chat room or use a group discussion feature to connect with multiple attendees at a time.

Another notable practice that you can follow to keep the attendees excited is via keeping a creative format for your event. Include different speakers who are skillful and competent to keep the audience involved through their engaging and interactive content.

Think of some creative award categories to arouse a sense of curiosity among everyone until the awardee is announced. You can ask your virtual event provider to include exciting sound effects or clapping sounds to make an awardee feel special.

Market Your Virtual Award Show

Promotion is an important key to obtain more attendees for your event.
Hence, this is why it is vital to keep the company’s official website and social media handles updated with the latest information and details of your online award show. Post relevant pictures and videos with event-specific hashtags to enhance the outreach of your event globally.

You can also ask your speakers and sponsors to post information about your online event on their social media channels to let their followers and fan base know that your event is happening. It is an effective way to spread awareness about your virtual award show.

Besides this, you can write blogs and posts with essential keywords to contribute towards the promotion of your event. Employ a keyword planning medium like Google Ads to find what applicable words people are hunting for most frequently and incorporate them in your content to promote your online event.

Another efficient strategy to reach global audiences is email marketing. Send out promotional emails with the date, time, and registration link of your event to welcome participation. Also, add eye-catching graphics and imagery that can very well broadcast the purpose of your event.

24/7 Customer Support

It is an important feature that your venue partner should possess. The ability to provide immediate assistance in case of any technical error enhances the user experience. Ensure that your virtual platform has a mindful team of skilled people who can troubleshoot any kind of technical or platform error on an immediate basis. Since your attendees will be spending most of their time on the platform itself, you would never want them to get frustrated and sidetracked.

Perform a Test rehearsal

Perform a dry-run before your event goes live is very important to eliminate any kind of unforeseen error. Check the reliability of your internet connection, perform various system checks, and do a test rehearsal with all the features and innovations you will be using on D-day.

Collect Meaningful Data and Analytics

Obtaining relevant data on attendee navigation, the count of registrations versus the number of people who attended the event, and the hotspots of your award show can help you gauge the success of your event. This way you can assess if you were able to meet the expectation of your audience and exhibitors.

You can roll out simple online feedback forms to your attendee’s email id. The valuable feedback of your attendees with help you understand the opportunity areas and make notable changes to deliver even more remarkable event experiences.

This becomes easier when you select an ideal virtual award show platform that can conveniently help you with detailed data and analytics to estimate the event’s success.

Final Word

Glorifying the organization or industry wins is even more important in these crucial times when everyone is working harder than before to deliver successful results. If you can simultaneously involve your attendees, praise the winners promote the exhibitors’ content, allow individuals to take part in the live-stream session – no factor can stop you from conducting successful and lucrative virtual award shows.

Alyssa Joshua

I’m Alyssa Joshua and I’m a technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, online event technology, social media, new technology, and marketing trends.

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