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How To Learn Quran Recitation? What Tips To Follow

Reciting the Holy Quran is one of the most enjoyable things a Muslim does. A lot of Muslims in the world have made it their routine to recite or at least read the Quran once a day. It not only gives them pleasure and satisfies their heart but also brings them closer to Allah. Reciting the Holy Quran is a source of solacing the heart for a lot of Muslims. They wake up early in the morning and recite the Holy Quran after offering the fajr prayer.

But there are others who want to recite the Holy Quran but do not know how to do it. They are looking for guidance to learn the Holy Quran. It is not easy to learn the recitation of the Holy Quran so it is advisable to take an online Qari course. In this way, you will be able to learn Quran recitation within your home. Nevertheless, we have gathered a list of eight proven steps that will help you greatly to learn the Holy Quran. So let us get started. 

  • Learn The Rules of Tajweed

Tajweed is the set of rules. These rules, when followed, help you make your recitation more beautiful. The literal meaning of the word tajweed means “to do something well” or “proficiency”. So, following the rules of tajweed makes you proficient in the Quran recitation. Besides, you should also learn Tajweed rules if you want to be a Hafiz.

Tajweed teaches the reciter to pronounce each word of the Quran. It is obligatory to recite the Quran in the tone it was revealed. So, you should learn the rules of tajweed to take your recitation to the next level. If you are interested, you should take an online tajweed course to learn it comfortably.

  • Do Not Rush In Learning Tajweed

There are some people who want to learn all the rules of tajweed overnight. It is neither possible nor applicable. It takes time to learn anything and so is the tajweed. There are a lot of rules for reciting the Quran and it is not possible to learn all the rules in a single day. It takes time to learn them.

Take one rule at a time and properly hold your grip on it. When you become the master of that rule, then move towards the next one. It is a slow process but eventually, you will become proficient in Quran recitation. So do not step on the gas to become a reciter. Show some patience and consistency.

  • Take An Online Qari Course

The best way to learn the Quran recitation is to take an online Qari course. It will help you to learn the recitation of the Holy Quran from experts. Taking an online Qari course helps you learn in your comfort zone. You can schedule the time according to your own schedule. Besides that, if you think that you are not satisfied with the current Qari, it is easier to find the new one. Online Quran tutors take you to step by step and make you a proficient Quran reciter by the end of the course.

  • Mistakes Do Not Mean You Cannot Learn

Of course, every Muslim is not a native Arabic speaker. So it is not easy to recite in the language one does not even speak in. You may make a number of mistakes at your initial stages. 

With the passage of time, you will start seeing a reduction in the number of mistakes. There are some people who think that making any mistake while learning is either going to take them to hell or Allah will get angry at them. Having this fear in their mind, they cannot learn properly. 

But that is definitely not the case. The Holy Prophet has offered a double reward for the person who strives to learn the Quran as compared to the person who is proficient in recitation. So it should encourage you rather than getting demotivated due to the mistakes you commit. So you should never be worried about the mistakes you are, but try to improve these mistakes to not repeat the same.

  • Recite The Short Chapters Initially

Short chapters are not only easy to memorize but are also easy to recite. While reciting the short chapters, pay attention to each and every rule to be an expert in the recitation. Chapters such as Surah Al-Nas, Al-Kawthar, and Al Ikhlāṣ are very easy to recite. 

So practice your recitation on these chapters to improve your recitation before moving to longer chapters. Read the rules of tajweed and apply these rules to the short chapters and then apply the same rules while reciting the long chapters.

  • Listen To The Famous Reciters

Learning the rules of recitation is very good. But you should also know where to apply these rules. So, how will you come to know about these rules? You can do this by listening to famous reciters. There are countless videos available on YouTube and other platforms. 

They not only teach you the rules of tajweed but you also come to know about their application. So take a time out to listen to the recitation of experts. By doing so, you will come to know about the practical application of the rules of tajweed. It will take your recitation to another level.

  • Learn The Meaning

Although reciting the Quran is a noble deed, but you should also know the meaning of what is written in this divine book. After all, the main purpose of the revelation of the Quran is to read and understand it. But it isn’t the only reason you should learn the meaning of the Quran for. Reading the meaning of the Quran will make it easier for you to recite the Quran. So, if you want to improve your recitation, also learn the meaning of what you are reciting.

  • Make It Your Routine

Reading the Quran once in a blue moon is not going to work. Reciting the Quran few and far between is not going to make a proficient Quran reciter. You have to be consistent in order to learn the recitation of the Quran. Make it your routine to recite the Quran daily. 

Make a timetable and dedicate a time slot in reciting the Quran. Then follow the schedule and recite the Quran at the specified time no matter how busy you are. It is best to take out time early in the morning. The min is fresh at that time and it becomes easy to learn anything.

You should follow the above-mentioned steps by taking care of the etiquettes of Quran recitation. If you do so, it will help you become an expert Quran reciter within a short span of time.


Learning Quran recitation has become very easy thanks to online Quran classes. But besides these classes, there are some additional steps that make this task even simpler, easy, and less time-consuming. That’s what this article is about. I have shared with you the proven tips that will definitely help you learn the recitation of the Quran within the least possible time. Follow these tips to make your Quran recitation process faster. 

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