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How to link building?

What is link building?

Link building is a strategy integrated into SEO techniques that must be applied when we are looking for greater traffic to our website.

Being one of the essential ways for organic growth, it also requires persistence, patience, and creativity to achieve the objectives set.

But what is link building all about?

This digital marketing strategy is based on the achievement and acquisition of the website link to be published. Or shared on external pages and thus increase traffic to the site.

These types of links are known as backlinks or called in Spanish as “retroenlaces”.


The strategy of creating these backlinks to your site is known as link building.

Later we will show you 6 effective and free techniques that link building integrates to boost the recognition of your page in search engines.

The first thing you should know is that these external links must be consistent with the product or brand you want to position and be located on related pages or complementary products.

These websites must be identified as URLs that have the type of target audience you want to capture.

So they focus on a specific niche that may be interested in entering the mentioned link.


It is not about filling other pages with the links to your page since those external websites must have at least two key characteristics:

Relevance: that the content is important, essential, and that it adapts to what the public is looking for.

Reputation: it is the importance that the external page already has in the search engines, the reliability of the information, the handling of data, etc. in conclusion that it has authority in the sector.

For the Google algorithm, the most important factors to measure the positioning of a web page are, above all, the quality and length of the content.

The messages must be striking and account for the information of the site to which the person is going to link when clicking on the notice, which can be with anchor text, with clear and coherent content, or defined with Alt text in case the link is accompanied by an image.

This strengthens not only website traffic, but trusted links in peer-to-peer business relationships and increases popularity on the Internet.

This strategy is very useful to take into account in commercial relations for SEO growth and increased web traffic through Joint Ventures or public relations established with other related companies, influencers, mass media, among others.

Generating them is not easy and at the same time, it is one of the most important elements in SEO positioning.

Doing quality link building is not an easy or simple task, especially if the company is just beginning to build its online reputation.

So you may require a good investment of time.

How to link building?

Here we will show you 6 free and quality effective techniques that you can do for your website.

Promote Guest blogging.

As we have already mentioned in other entries in our digital marketing dictionary to promote the growth of our website, it is necessary to create a blog and keep it active.

This is important because that is how you begin to position the keywords or keywords relevant to your business.

One of how you can generate backlinks is to look for other optimized blogs or websites, and thus, look for content exchange alternatives.


Requesting the administrator of the page to allow you to make a publication on their blog (write for us) in exchange for publishing content that they send you or other exchange proposals on your blog.

If you want to know more about how to guest blog, click here.

Link Baiting.

Another strategy to generate links in external content that lead to your website is link baiting or “link baiting”.

It consists of generating very attractive content that motivates others to link them on their website.

The type of publications that serve as bait is those that contain free e-books, interesting and attractive infographics, mind maps, interesting videos, recommendations guides…

And although they can take much longer, you can develop surveys, translate valuable content that is not in your language or create accessible reports, etc.

Do PR or Public Relations.

This is very important when positioning both a brand, a product, or a website.

It is about promoting with other companies in the sector, with influencers, or even with journalists. To eventually promote joint ventures that help you increase the positioning of your brand.

This technique is also used to carry out other digital marketing strategies such as branding, giveaway, brand promotion, and boosting sales.

Tracking mentions and activation of backlinks.

Currently, the internet has multiple tools that allow you to track the mentions made of your brand. Or product on other pages or social networks.

However, many times we miss out on having backlinks from these mentions because they do not have an access link where they are located.

So do the homework of doing mention search and request that they add a link to your website or blog.

One of the ways to do this is by programming Google alerts. It is a simple and accessible tool that will send you notifications every time a website mentions your brand.

This way you can get much easier the backlinks you need to increase traffic to your website. Instruct those pages to link to your website.

Sign up for directories.

Directories are a good source to insert backlinks that lead to the home of your site.

In this technique, we recommend that you not only locate your company in the yellow pages. Or generic directories but also do a survey of specific directories in your niche.

If you don’t know where to start looking for directories, research your competition!

They may not work as effectively for direct visits. But they help boost your site’s presence by sharing the links. Which will help Google identify external backlinks.

Design a sufficient email marketing strategy.

Email marketing is one of the most used strategies to capture new leads and retain the captive audience.

This strategy is not about sending mass emails to a group of people. Who may not be interested in your content? Or your brand?

The most effective email marketing is when you have a lead magnet that captures the attention of potential customers. Through the free offer of an e-book, subscription to a newsletter. Or customizing emails for each segment of your audience.

This will certainly give you an increase in traffic to your website, integrating the links to the blog. And the home each you send an attractive and written email in a striking and personal way.


Link building is a process that can be time-consuming. But will pay off for your website in terms of organic positioning (SEO).

This will cause Google or other search engines to give you better placements in the SERPs or search results pages. Which will eventually lead to increased traffic.

Finally, remember that the quality of the content and its extension are really important elements for Google. And even more so, when what you are looking for is for others to publish links to your website. This will give both parties reliability.

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