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Home Improvement

How To Make Concrete Vases

Concrete vases are an excellent solution for the living room interior or decoration of a backyard territory. You can easily and simply do it yourself. A lot of young people use stylish and original concrete vases in modern interior of their houses. They can help grow indoor plants, equip street flower beds, and make bright accents in the interior. The most popular activity is the creation of a vase from cement and fabric. The set of tools and materials is minimal, even beginners can cope with this task. Other options for making vases with your own hands will also be considered. Vases can have very different sizes, shapes, designs and textures. You can make a large floor vase or a small hanging-type planter, create a small one for a bouquet of wild flowers or an original accessory of an unusual shape.

The Form Of The Concrete Vase

For the method of creating a vase from cement you should pour it into a concrete molds. For the woven base you should use textiles of the auxiliary form.

The presence of different pigments shades that you add to the solution for dyeing the decor product. The main properties of the vase: size and volume, texture (glossy or matte), shape, color. When you create a vase with fabric, the effect can be different.

You can take old sheets, towels, fringed fabric, and whatever your heart desires. In shape, a concrete vase can be square, round, conical, rectangular, pyramidal, trapezoidal, cylindrical. If you wrap the edges of the fabric and form the contour yourself, you get fancy unusual products. There are no strict standards, it all depends on the imagination of the master and preferences. As for the volume, when you create large vases, you should think about reinforcement and use special plates or reinforcing rings. Usually, people make such vases for the street in the form of flower beds, growing fresh flowers there. You can decorate the finished vase with flowers or other plastic, metal or wood elements. Usually they choose different accessories for it.

The main thing is that the elements are resistant to various influences and do not lose their appearance over time. First of all, you should consider the most common way to create a concrete vase – to use shape and fabric. This is simple and fast method. It does not require special skills and tools, but it allows you to create real masterpieces.

What You Need

White Portland cement of grades M400 / M500 (especially if you plan to use a pigment, if not, you can choose gray cement):

  • washed and sifted fine sand
  • settled or purified water
  • pigment for coloring cement mixtures
  • purified and defatted mortar container
  • ordinary electric drill with a special attachment
  • plastic wrap or grease release agent

Drill for drainage holes Any form that will become the basis Fabric of a certain texture – jute burlap, terry towel, tulle, lace, etc. Ties – so that the flowerpot gets the right shape Protective equipment for working with concrete – at least rubber gloves and work clothes It is important to provide a clean and comfortable workplace. Cover it with cardboard boxes or polyethylene. The material of the form can be any – old pots, metal buckets, plastic pots, rectangular containers for seedlings, cardboard boxes are suitable. The base can be specially crumpled to obtain unusual contours. The main requirement for the item is the ability to then easily separate the form and the hardened fabric.

Preparing The Mortar And Concrete

A cement vase is poured using a conventional cement-sand mortar. The proportions may be different, but the standard ratio is as follows: 1 part of cement, 1 part of sand, 2 parts of expanded clay (peat, vermiculite). The water is added until the mixture becomes viscous – in consistency such that the fabric can be completely saturated with the solution. The mixture is kneaded in a bucket with a construction mixer or a drill with a nozzle, then let it stand for a while, mix again until the solution is homogeneous. There should be no lumps at all. Concrete flowerpots are formed from the finished composition. How to make If the method using a rag and mortar was chosen to create a vase, then everything is quite simple. Nevertheless, before starting the mixing of the solution, it is better to carefully study all the stages and view the master class.

How To Make A Concrete Vase Using Fabric

Wrapping the mold with plastic wrap (it will make it easier to separate the product from the base) Installing the mold in the workplace (strong and reliable). Preparing the fabric, dipping it into a solution, thoroughly impregnating Laying the textile on top of the mold so that the edges the fabrics evenly hung on the sides, the formation of neat folds, garters with cords or ropes until the solution set. After the fabric dries, it is separated from the mold, holes are made for drainage in the bottom and decorated. the fabrics hung loosely. But if desired, the edges can be made rounded, placing them around the container on the ground in the form of folds, flower petals. If you choose the lace for work, it is better not to make folds.

Textile without texture looks more profitable if it is beautifully straightened. By twisting the fabric, you can make diagonal folds. You can use everything as a shape – even a square or round tabletop, any object. In the process of concrete drying, it is desirable to moisten it with cool water, usually the process takes 1-3 days. After removing from the mold, the product is still dry, processed with sandpaper. Original vases for summer cottages are obtained, made of two forms and burlap: they take two containers of different sizes, install a smaller one on the bottom of the larger one, pouring cement mortar inside the edges. When the mixture dries, you should take the mold out, decorate it with burlap soaked in cement, rough knots. If there is no form, you can learn how to make concrete vases using a method similar to pottery.

Making A Vase For A Summer Residence Without A Concrete Form

Creating a template from plastic or metal – an iron pin and a piece of material attached to it. Insert the pin into a wooden base so that it does not change when rotating its position. Fixing the template, rotating it along a sandy slide until you form a flat surface. Sand filling forms with a mortar, leveling with a trowel. Rotating the template around the axis, pouring the mixture to the surface.

When you finish the vase, you can pour in a clean cement mortar (without sand) and bring the product to the desired look. Covering with plastic wrap, spraying with water, waiting for the drying time. When the product is dry, you need to pour out sand and clean the vase inside. A beautiful concrete vase can come from a bottle. Here the order of work is as follows: take a glass bottle with a wide neck or cut off the bottom from the plastic, close the bottles, make holes in them for the object (a candle, pencil or test tube that will be inserted into the concrete and make space for flower stems).Make liquid concrete mix, pour concrete into bottles, insert the selected item, knock to remove air.

What To Do Next With Concrete

After you left concrete for a day or two in the container, you should release it. Gently break glass through the fabric or cut the plastic, remove the middle, dry it and use it. By the same principle, you can make vases from cardboard boxes, different containers, fill them inside and insert different objects to have space inside. You can decorate concrete vases in a variety of ways and elements. In any building supermarket or hardware store in US, it will not be difficult to find various little things.

We know that concrete is reliable and practical material. You can always find concrete statues and vases in every park, city streets and squares, they adorn many buildings and gardens. We hope that you have learned how to make vases with your own hands to decorate your country house or summer cottage.


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