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How To Make Every Portion In Minecraft

I’m gonna be showing you how to make all different potions in Minecraft 1.16.2 Wait no 1.16 Just one point 1.16 So the while you’re in your world, you know how to make all the different potions and all there different effects So we’ll start off with strength potion to create it.

All you need is an awkward potion plus a blaze powder and It will give you a potion of strength. This won’t have any different effects. This is the blankslate strength potion To get blaze powder You just have to put a blaze rod in a crafting table shouldn’t be that hard. Also check- How to repair a bow in Minecraft.

Then you just get them all down here to get an awkward potion Just add a water bottle in the bottom three slots and then have a piece of Nether wort up in the top and make sure You have blaze powder up in this thing or else it will not work.

Next is fire resistance What You’ll Need is an awkward potion and magma qwueem… cream and you’ll get a potion of fire resistance To get a potion of instant health. You’ll need glycerin… glistering melon, which needs a melon slice surrounded in… What’s it called golden nuggets?

Use Of Gas

To make a regeneration potion you’ll need a gas here at an awkward potion every single potion requires awkwar– awkward– Potion to begin with except for poison. I believe I believe that you if you just put well, I don’t actually think so I don’t know.

I’ll gonna do more research on that Akward potion plus a phantom membrane will give you slow falling Awkward potion plus a turtle shell will give you slow ad Sona’s (slowness) 4 and resistance 3. pursaklar escort kızlar

So you pretty much become a turtle. It’s a potion of the turtle master It’s a less known potion, but you create it by using a turtle shell To make a potion of night brea.. night breathing.

Yeah To make a potion of night vision what you’ll need is a awkward potion and a golden carrot and you’ll get a potion of Night Vision To make a potion of jump boost what you’ll need is an awkward potion and rabbit’s foot which is a rare drop from rabbits obviously. Also check- How to make a water elevator in Minecraft.

Use Of Pufferfish

To make a water breathing potion so you’ll be able to stand the water for longer You’ll need a pufferfish which you can get in your ocean any ocean biome and then you just need an awkward position as well.

If you want to make a speed potion what you’ll need is sugar which is probably one of the most easy ingredients to get in one of these Glistering melon is also kind of easy, but this one’s probably the easiest.

Then this is the different potions that you can swap the effects So you’ll get the opposite effect what you usually get so fermented spider eyes will Give you the opposite effect of what you would normally get.

So this potion of night vision will become an potion of invisibility with a fermented spider, right? The speed potion will become a slowness potion the strength potion will become a weakness potion.

This regeneration potion will be on poison potion this potion of instant health will become an instant damage.

So it just Does a completely the opposite of what the original potion effect does and then there is the extra potion effects, so there’s a certain amount of time and Usage you can use a potion.

But if you use redstone, it will increase the amount of time the potion takes effect So you want to use this for water breathing and fire resistance because it really helps You know, so you don’t have to keep on using the same. You don’t have to use multiple potions.

Use Of Glowstone

You can just use less over more time Glowstone will actually level it up. So it gives you more but it decreases the amount of time so it’s exactly like the Duration boost but It’s just to a greater degree.

So this allows you to jump higher if you use Glowstone dust on a normal potion and Then if you use gunpowder, it’ll actually make it into a throwable potion.

So usually you would use this for instant health or something like that. So you can while pvping you could just use You guys throw it down and it will take effect and then to make a lingering potion,

which is the new one that came out that will Stay after being thrown You usually use that for poison or healing so you can heal a group or you can poison a group.


So what you’ll need is dragon’s breath, which is a drop that comes from when you’re fighting the ender dragon So if you have empty bottles with you, you can actually click on the purple Mist that these sprays out and it will give you a dragon’s breath And you have to use a splash potion with this.

So you have to use at least one piece of gunpowder for this and You add those two together and the so this one would be in the top.

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