How to make your headphone louder Helpful Guide?

How to make headphone louder?

Are you one of those passionate listeners who love listening to music at higher volumes? Then you must be familiar with the nuisance when your headphones, out of nowhere, start to sound low. You spontaneously increase the volume to the fullest to make headphone louder. But in vain. You still don’t get the desired volume.

What to do at such a helpless moment? You may instantly want to buy a new headphone set. But don’t rush, there’s still hope to make your headphone louder.

This article is to help you with such impossible moments when your headphone volume gives you trouble. Exposure to the dust from the surroundings and the oil and wax from your ear canal add to the wear and tear due to the regular use of the headphone. These factors work in a coordinated way to reduce your headphone’s sound.

You may need to try one of the hacks discussed below or a combo of a few hacks to restore your headphone’s loudness. Read on to find out what are those hacks.

Effective ways to Clean up your headphones

If you use your headphone for excessive hours, they’re more likely to accumulate dust particles and ear wax in ear pads and mesh. Because excessive use produces heat in your ear canal which makes your ear make more wax and oil which is eventually going to lodge in earpads and the mesh. This results in reduced volume and also provides a residence for bacteria.

How can I clean my headphones?

You will need a few things:

⦁ Cotton swabs
⦁ Alcohol wipes / a small piece of cloth

How will you do it?

⦁ Remove the earpads. Then clean them with alcohol wipes to erase any dirt or oil.
⦁ Take the cotton swab and gently clean the crevices of earpads with it.
⦁ Dab the cloth or alcohol wipes on the mesh.
⦁ Let them air dry before assembling them back together.

How to clean earbuds?

⦁ Hold the earbud in such a way that the mesh would look downward.
⦁ Take a toothbrush. Now gently rub it against the mesh.
⦁ It will take out the wax and dirt stuck in the mesh.
⦁ Afterward, dip cotton in hydrogen peroxide or hand sanitizer and dab it on the mesh.
⦁ Dry the mesh with a dry cloth.
⦁ Now, reassemble all the parts.

Turn off the Volume Limitation on your device


Many smartphones have a Volume Limitation feature to protect your hearing. The device plays music at a consistent level and won’t go up nonetheless you try to up the volume levels. You can turn the volume limitation off from your phone’s Sound & Vibration menu. Once the limitation is lifted, you can set the volume to desired levels.

Some smartphones have volume limits set on 120 decibels and some have it set on 85 decibels. If you are increasing the volume limit, keep in mind that it could put strain on your hearing. Nonetheless, it is the easiest way to give your headphones a strong boost.

You can find the Volume limit in iPhone’s Music settings. Here, you’ll see an option called Playback. Upon opening it, you find the Volume Limit. Turn it off and then up the phone’s volume to the highest.

In an Android smartphone, you go to Settings and open the Sound & Vibration, and then you tap the Volume. Turn off the Media Volume Limiter.

Install a Volume Boosting App

If lifting volume limitation and cleaning don’t work to produce enough volume from your headphone, there’s no harm in trying a volume-boosting app. Numerous volume-boosting apps are available on Google’s Play Store and App Store. Most of them are free but some are available at reasonable prices. It’s entirely up to your preference which one you’d wanna take.

These apps work with your device’s built-in sound settings to render maximum output. The sound produced as a result of this coordinated system of phone and the volume-boosting app would be louder enough to make you rock your head and sway your feet.

Here are a few apps for iOS, Android, and Desktop.

H3: Volume boosting apps for iOS

⦁ Equalizer Pro Volume Booster
⦁ Kaiser Tone Audio Player
⦁ Bass Booster
⦁ Boom Music

Volume boosting apps for Android

⦁ Dub Music Player – Audio Player & Music Equalizer
⦁ Equalizer FX
⦁ Volume Booster Pro
⦁ Volume Booster Sound Equalizer – By MixIT Studio

Volume boosting apps for Desktop

⦁ DFX Sound Enhancer
⦁ Equalizer Pro
⦁ Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Do Volume Booster apps really work?

Absolutely. The volume booster apps work best for Android devices even if you’re using your earphones. But don’t be confused with tons of apps claiming to boost your headphone louder. Check out the reviews for the app before you install it.

However, the volume-boosting apps are an inexpensive way to give your headphones a nice boost but they don’t produce an impact as good as using a headphone amplifier.
H2: Buy a headphone amp

The headphone amplifier or better known as headphone amp is another amazing option to make your headphone louder. They are portable, can be easily linked to your device and carried along. They act just like a regular amplifier to produce booming and bass-ridden sound, but in your headphone.

A headphone amp has a considerably higher volume limit than your device. They also let you change your Equalizer and volume settings accordingly. If you prefer listening to high-detailed music with enhanced clarity and better dynamic range, spending a few bucks on a headphone amp is perfectly justified.

Do you really need a headphone amp?


Consider your headphone type before you decide to buy a headphone amp.
A headphone works better with a large-sized over-ear or on-ear headphone to produce maximum sound output. If you’re using an in-ear or earbud headphone, you do not need a headphone amp because they already have a built-in headphone amp. Thus, choose to buy a headphone amp only if you use an over-ear or on-ear headphone.

Change your EQ settings on your phone

Before buying extra gear, try adjusting your device’s Equalizer settings. The Equalizer settings are usually preset to the optimized levels so that your hearing can be protected. You can easily find the Equalizer setting in the Sound & Vibration menu of your iOS or Android smartphone.

Increase the treble, bass, instrumental, and vocals to the fullest. Or you can adjust them according to what suits your taste of hearing better. Such as if you only want bass enhanced, drag the volume up. If it’s the treble you want to be improved, increase the treble to the full level. Playing a little around the equalizer setting would certainly give you the desired sound quality and a louder headphone.

If nothing works to make your headphone louder, you can get on with your inclination to buy a new headphone set for you.


You’re likely to grow restless when your headphone still sounds quiet upon increasing the volume to its fullest level. Following the tricks, we have outlined in this article will most probably help you attain the highest desired level of loudness.

But also, keep in mind that listening to the music at the loudest volume can strain your ears and impair your hearing in the long run. Besides, it will distort your device’s speakers.

The default setting of volume limitation is deliberately kept in a safe range of loudness to protect your ears. These optimized settings are in line with international regulation.

Avoid listening to music on maximum volume all the time. Instead, try to diminish your listening hours. Choose a quiet area whenever you have to listen to music. This way you won’t have to use the max volume levels.

If it’s still necessary to stick to the max volume, buy a high-quality headphone or in-ear monitors that are specifically designed to protect your hearing from excessive use and louder volumes.

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