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App Development

How To Make Your Mobile Games More Attractive?

Before the game app development process starts, you need to think of it from the business perspective and draw up an ideal scenario of what you want to achieve, who your target customers are and where you will sell your products. Without a clear vision of the end product, your game app development company won’t be able to give you the proper support, even if they are well-experienced in mobile game app development. That’s why it’s so important to know how to make your mobile games more attractive before you start looking for someone to create them for you.

The average mobile gamer looks at more than 500 game apps in their lifetime and downloads only one-fifth of them. This means that if you want to get your game app out there, you need to make it stand out from the crowd so that players will download it and keep using it. These tips will help you with app development, especially if you’re looking for game app development, but they’ll also help you as you build your mobile games in general.

If you’re in the process of developing your very own game app, or even if you’re still at the planning stage, there are several ways to make your game attractive to its intended audience. Game app development is the art of making games and apps fun, exciting, and user-friendly enough to catch the attention of millions of users worldwide – and it isn’t easy! However, with our 8 sure-fire tips below, we’ll show you how to make your mobile games more attractive and ensure that they stand out from the crowd.


  • Good User Interface Design

User interface (UI) design is essential for game app development. If your app has a good UI, players will be more likely to take it seriously and stick around longer.

Although most people think of an app as a mobile game or some entertainment service, that’s not necessarily true; in fact, many business owners are turning to apps to build their brand and grow their revenue in new ways.

That means that if you’re thinking about app development, you’ll probably want to consider user interface design and make sure your users have a good experience from start to finish.


  • Addictive Gameplay

Most mobile games are inherently addictive by nature. It’s in our biology. What makes a game interesting is that it compels you to play it again and again—and there’s no better way to accomplish that than by making your game fun, competitive, and social. If you can create a mobile game that draws players in with these elements, they will keep coming back repeatedly.


  • Good Storylines

The best mobile games know that you need an interesting storyline for gamers to keep coming back. How can you expect people to buy your game if you don’t have a storyline? Think about how you would keep a movie or TV show interesting for months (maybe even years). There has to be enough mystery or intrigue there so that people want to continue watching.

This is why mobile games and apps developers need to carefully think through their storylines and include exciting elements and characters. Some game app development companies say that an intriguing storyline may be one of the most important factors determining whether a game is successful.


  • Cool, Fun Characters

This may seem obvious, but cool, fun characters that players care about are an essential component of a successful game. People want to play as people (even animals) they can relate to and connect with. If you’re making a game app for kids, make sure your app has cute characters and clear narrative arcs that appeal specifically to children.

You don’t have to go overboard with bells and whistles when it comes to characters, either; good design is key—especially if you want people who aren’t necessarily interested in gaming or your genre of choice (such as puzzle games or strategy games) playing your app.


  • Compelling Rewards

The allure of a new, free mobile game is exciting. Players download these applications by their thousands and often spend hours playing, completing challenges, and earning virtual rewards. This may sound like a dream come true for app developers, but it’s not as easy as it seems.

The challenge of getting users to stick around is quite real: most people delete free apps within just two weeks. To make mobile games more attractive, game development companies have found that offering appealing rewards early on is key to keeping players hooked—and in your app for longer periods. Here are 10 ways that companies are doing just that

  • Fast Load Times On A Low Data Plan

Even with high-speed 4G mobile connections, users are still loading their favorite games on a small screen and waiting to load. Using web app builders can help you develop mobile games that take less time and data to load.

This is good news for your bottom line because impatient gamers will leave your game behind before it’s even loaded if they have to wait too long or use too much data. But, unfortunately, skipping levels due to slow load times doesn’t make loyal fans; therefore, you need fast load times and low data usage in your game app development company as much as possible.


  • Multiplayer Options

Integrating Game Center (which comes with iOS and Mac OS X) into your mobile games is a great way to make them more attractive. For example, you can use leaderboards for competitive games or add points for leveling up in role-playing games.

These little perks will encourage players to stick around longer, which means you have a better chance of making money from advertising or via in-app purchases. Note that some features require paying a fee.


  • Game Center Integration

Having a leaderboard is one of today’s most effective ways to make users feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Leaderboards have several key benefits, including creating competition and driving engagement.

They also have a long history of successful use in real-world gaming systems – think stock market tickers or NFL points rankings – so you can be sure that they will increase your player retention rate. In short, leaderboards are an engaging and effective way to encourage user interaction and retention in your app.

If you need some help with implementing them in your mobile game app development company, there are plenty of resources available online for doing just that!


Things to Consider When Choosing a Game App Development Company

You should consider many things when choosing a game app development company. Things like time to develop, cost, team size, process, and quality are all important factors that you must keep in mind as you shop around for an experienced game app development company. Here’s a list of 5 questions we think will help guide you through that process:

  1. How long has your game app developer been in business?
  2. What projects have they worked on before?
  3.  kind of clients do they typically work with?
  4.  services do they offer, and what is their specialty?
  5. Do they use specialized tools or equipment for developing games apps, and how does that affect their turnaround time and cost?


In A Nutshell…

The world of mobile gaming is a pretty competitive one, with plenty of great titles vying for people’s attention. However, there are several ways you can stand out from your competitors and have a chance at capturing some of that sweet, sweet traffic—and in turn, converting those visitors into loyal customers. If you do these 8 things well, you can ensure that your game will be more attractive to players than your competitors’ titles.


Hope this article helps you know how to make your mobile games more attractive. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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