How to Online Merge Outlook PST Data Utility With Simple Methods?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients among Windows users. Create an Outlook data file that stores all your mailbox content, including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, and attachments. When using Outlook as a standalone application, Outlook data files are created in PST format. PST files store all mailbox data locally on your computer.

Microsoft Outlook allows you to add multiple e-mail accounts up to 15.

There can be corruption in the PST files due to size limitations. Frequent archiving of PST files can result in retrieving too many PST files, which is not suitable for file management. Having a large number of PST files on your computer can make it difficult to manage them all. Outlook users may have old PST files created by older versions.

If you are searching for a way to merge the PST files then in this blog we will be discussing the methods following which you will be able to merge your Outlook PST files.

How to Merge PST files Manually

Multiple Outlook PST files need to be merged into a single file for users to share account information and manage multiple accounts in a unified way. Here are two parts that will briefly introduce you to manually merging multiple PST files into a single PST file.

You can also manually create a new Outlook PST file and combine multiple PST files. Therefore, you can merge multiple Outlook PST files into one file without any additional bakırköy escort tools.

Manual Technique to Combine the PST Files

In This Step:

These are some steps for the manual merging of the PST files. Moreover, users do faces many drawbacks while performing the manual method of merging. Thus, it will be reliable for a user to select the Merge PST tool for the merging of their PST files.

Complications faced by the manual method

Here are some of the complications that are discussed that are faced by the users while carrying out the manual procedure of merging.

Alternative Solution

To combine PST files, users can install this Softaken PST Merge tool. This application is a great platform for merging PST files. Users can merge PST files immediately by following steps 5-6. These steps are easy for any user to follow without any hurdles. Users can see accurate results every time. Merge PST files in just minutes using this amazing PST merging application. Moreover, these steps can be performed by any user without any hurdles. A merger is completed in several steps. This amazing tool can easily merge any number of PST files. This saves users a lot of time. Even non-technical users can reliably combine PST files with this advanced tool. Efficient and effortless merging of PST files every time. Merging PST files is also very easy with this amazing PST merging tool. A user does not need to download the MS Outlook app for carrying the merging of the PST files.

Also, a free demo version is provided by the app for the convenience of the users.

How does the app work?

For following merging the PST files using the Merge PST Solution a user needs to follow the below-provided steps. Let us have a look at these steps of merging:

Users can easily follow the steps of merging without facing any obligations. Proper screenshots of these steps are also available by the app for the efficiency of the users.

Why use the PST Merger

Thus, a user must select this advanced tool for the merging of their PST files

Some features of the app

The Merge PST tool provides many advanced features that help users with an easy merging process. These features include:


The blog provides information about the merging of PST files. A user can therefore follow the manual or the professional method for the merging of the Outlook PST files. Though the manual method is free of cost method to follow users do face many limitations. The manual method users do faces many errors while following the manual method of merging. Moreover, using the Merge PST app is the best solution for a user to merge the PST files.


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