How to Open OLM File on Windows?

Outlook is an email program that works on both Windows and Mac computers. Users of Outlook can switch platforms without switching email clients. However, transferring data from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook presents a challenge. As is well known, Microsoft Outlook stores data in PST files, whereas Mac Outlook saves data in OLM format. This article will explain how to open OLM file on Windows in order to overcome this complex problem. Here, we’ll cover how to open OLM files in Windows Outlook.

User Queries: Import Mac OLM to Windows OS

“I kind of got tired of my Mac computer and am now intending to move to a Windows system. Even with Windows OS, I will still use Outlook. But the Mac Outlook data is what really worries me. Despite the fact that OLM is incompatible with Windows, I wish to move that info to my new Windows Outlook. Would you kindly explain how I may open OLM files on Windows Outlook?”

“I discovered some OLM files that I must access and examine. However, I run Windows, and I don’t have Outlook set up either. If I could use Thunderbird to open my Mac OLM files, that would be incredibly helpful. I need to convert the MAC Outlook OLM file to a Thunderbird MBOX file in order to accomplish that. How to do this? I have no idea. Could someone please tell me how to open an OLM file in Windows?”

How to Open OLM File in Outlook for Windows?

OLM files cannot be manually opened in Windows. That’s why users must use a variety of third-party programs. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to open OLM file on Windows Outlook or into the file formats used by Windows email clients in order to open OLM files in Windows Outlook.

The Advik OLM to PST Converter is the greatest application you can use for that. You can use this to import a Mac OLM file into Windows Outlook or another email program that works with Windows. Simply download it on your operating system, regardless of version, for that. Following that, a simple GUI will start the procedure without interfering with your data.

In addition, Mac Mail has a variety of functions that let you import OLM files. This self-contained tool can also be used to import.olm files into Microsoft 365. Additionally, it is feasible to batch export calendars from Outlook Mac if that is all you want to do.

Reasons to Open OLM File on Windows Outlook:-

For a variety of reasons, users of Mac Outlook are compelled to import data into Windows Outlook. Following are a few potential explanations

1. Mac Outlook users who need to communicate with colleagues who use Windows computers via email must convert.

2. Because Windows Outlook does not directly support accessing Mac Outlook files.

3. A change from Mac OS to Windows OS could also be the reason for the conversion.

Instructions for Adding Mac OLM Files to Windows Outlook

On your Mac, download and install the aforementioned software. Follow these instructions to complete the entire process without any problems.

Step 1. Launch the software on your operating system after that.

Step 2. Browse and Upload OLM file to the software panel.

Step 3. To save the generated PST file, choose “output folder location.” By selecting the Change option, you can choose the directory path.

Step 4. To begin the OLM to PST Conversion procedure, click the “Convert” button.

Finally finished! You may simply convert an OLM file to a PST file using these few straightforward steps.

When the data processing is complete on the screen, users will receive a confirmation message. Users have the option to view the entire report that has already been saved by selecting View Report.

Import PST to MS Outlook for Windows

  1. On your Windows computer or laptop, launch Windows Outlook.
  2. On the File ribbon, click. Select Import/Export under Open & Export.
  3. The Import and Export Wizard will then show up as a result. >> Select Import from another program or file.
  4. Tap on the Outlook Data File (.pst) >> Next immediately after that.
  5. Later, select Browse to navigate to the folder containing the PST file you imported. When you choose that PST file, the wizard will show that it has been added. Select the option that best fits your preferences and then click Next.
  6. Select the radio button next to the option to Import things into the current folder.

The PST file will then be imported into Windows Outlook once you click the Finish button. These files can now be opened on a Windows computer.

We covered how to open an OLM file on Windows Outlook in this article. Users can conduct the conversion easily by following the instructions provided below. Although there are numerous applications that are comparable, this one has the most helpful features. The best feature is that you may use this application on any Mac, regardless of its version, new or old. The Mac OLM file can be imported with this program into a variety of Windows-based email applications. Choose this option if you wish to easily open your Mac Outlook OLM file in Windows Outlook.

Key characteristics of this tool:

Outlook Mac Files to PST Conversion: Using this software, users can convert Outlook Mac data files to PST Format. Additionally, it gives customers a variety of saving options to change their emails. Any user, whether technical or domestic, can easily use this program.

Transfer OLM files in bulk: Using this application, users can quickly export a large number of OLM files in the format of a single Outlook message. Users can quickly convert Outlook Mac files to PST format because of this.

Mac OLM File Export with Attachments: No matter what file format the attachments are in, this software will quickly convert data files to PST. The software’s ability to preserve the original data is its strongest feature. The OLM converter for Mac outputs attachments connected with specific emails in addition to emails from OLM files. This cutting-edge Mac OLM file conversion program easily exports all attachments from Mac Outlook 2011, 2016, and 2019.

Specify the file naming style: A further feature of the OLM file converter for Mac allows you to keep OLM files with the chosen naming structure. The Mac OLM converter software lets you specify naming conventions like Subject, DD-MM-YY+ Subject, DD-MM-YY+ From, etc. when saving the converted data in the appropriate formats.

Experts’ Most Recommended Software: Despite the market having a number of OLM file converters, this one is the best, according to experts. This OLM converter for Mac is highly recommended by many tech experts to convert OLM file data into the export option of your choice.

Convert OLM Files One at a Time: Multiple Mac Outlook OLM files can be converted at once with this Mac OLM Converter tool. To begin the mass conversion process, simply click the “Add folder” button to add the entire folder (which contains numerous OLM files).


The best feature of this software is that it keeps attachments in their original format even after processing. Users of this tool’s free edition can store and export 25 items from each folder to PST as well as to other formats. After trying out the free version, customers can also purchase the license Key for this tool.

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