How to Prep and Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Everything from the bedroom to the living room can have a certain flow to it and a very distinct connection. However, the kitchen is said to be a neutral area designed to fit the house structure and the needs of the people who use it.

The most expressive feature of any design is the color used for the extremities. Without a doubt, kitchen cabinets play a huge role in maintaining a functional kitchen. And that’s what we are going to talk about today.

While you may have decided upon the colors for your kitchen cabinets, you must learn how to prep them for the perfect paint job.

Prepping the Kitchen Cabinets

Naturally, the preparation of kitchen cabinets comes before you begin to paint them. Let’s look at everything you can do to prep your kitchen cabinets.

The first step in preparing the kitchen cabinets is to assess their current condition. Check whether the existing paint is in good shape if you are painting over previously painted cabinets. If yes, painting over it will be easy.

After the assessment, it’s time to strip the cabinets of their old color. The market has many stripping products that will do the job. After the product has successfully reacted with the old paint, you simply need to scrape the surface off with a plastic brush. Use sandpaper to get rid of the rest of the paint.

The next step is to empty the kitchen cabinets. Make sure that you remove all items that may be in the cabinets. Any items in the cabinets will be prone to getting dust over them during the sanding process. Hence, it’s best to remove them.

Follow up with repairing the damages. Now, use TSP to clean the surface to abolish any dirt or grease on the cabinets. Use a putty knife if you’re using wood filler to repair the damages. Remember not to fill hardware holes in case you want to use the same hardware again.

The next course of action is to prep the area and sand. One of the things you need to look out for is the protection of the area around the cabinets. Cover any countertops or appliances in the vicinity. Use painter’s tape on the wall surrounding the edges of the cabinets.

Sand the area to make sure that the paint sticks. If the sandpaper is too thick, fold it in half to cover any crevices in the doors, drawers, and corners.

The last thing to do before you begin painting is vacuum the area. To ensure no dust is left, vacuum all the surfaces and use a tack cloth if needed.

Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

After you’ve prepped the kitchen cabinets properly, it comes down to the paint job. You must have the right instruments to prime and paint the cabinets. If you have little experience with painting, use a brush and roller. In case you’re a seasoned painter, you can go ahead with a sprayer. If you are in the Indy area, call Indianapolis cabinet painting for superior quality services.

The first phase of painting the cabinets is to prime the surface. Remember to use different-sized brushes according to the breadth and the width of the area you’re priming. Since the primary goal of priming is just to cover the surface, it’s not a problem if it gets messy.

Follow up with the first coat of paint. Start with the frames of the cabinets. It’s crucial to use even strokes for both priming and painting.

Now, paint the back and the front. Make sure to paint one large area first before beginning to paint the next. This means that if you choose to paint the back first, let it dry before moving on the front and vice versa. Remember, do not rush.

The last step is to apply a second coat. This is the finishing coat of the paint. Do not rush into picking everything back up. Let the paint dry completely.

All in all, your kitchen cabinets must be painted according to your tastes. You can opt to hire a professional painter, but if you want to do the job on your own, it’s essential to follow the right instructions for a satisfying result. If you are in the Indy area, I would definitely recommend this Indianapolis painting company called All Pro Painting, they are excellent.

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