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How to Recognize Any Music or Film with Your Smartphone

How to Recognize Any Music or Film with Your Smartphone

Do you have any idea about how smart your smartphone is? It is far more informative than an encyclopedia. You can use it to recognize any song or movie.

Sometimes, you may don’t even know what song you are listening to and the same applies to movies. If you want to know what song or movie is currently playing, you can do it with your smartphone with ease.  In this guide, we will show you how to recognize a movie or song with a phone.

Recognize a Track Using a Phone

The simplest way to identify a song with your phone is to let Google Assistant listen to the song that you have failed to recognize. We all know how simple it is to use Google Assistant on a smartphone. Just make sure you have the Google Assistant app installed and settled up with a Google account.

Once your Google Assistant is ready to answer your questions, make it listen to the song that you wish to recognize. All you need to do is activate Google Assistant, hold your phone near to the speaker or where the sound is audible enough, and click the option that says “What’s this song?”

Once you do that, it will automatically detect the song. It will quickly show you the title, artist name, and other details of the song. Besides that, it will also suggest how you can download or listen to this song. For example, it might tell you about the music streaming services where you can play this song.

That’s how you can tell what song is playing near you. Therefore, whether you hear a new song while enjoying your latte in a coffee shop or while shopping at a shopping mall, you can always use Google Assistant to guess which song is playing.

For Apple users, Siri does the job in the same way. You need to make Siri listen to the song that you want to know and then it will guess the song details for you.

How to Recognize a Film via Smartphone

It is a little complicated to tell what movie is playing with your smartphone. However, it is not way too hard at the same time. If you don’t know the title of a film you are watching, you can still accurately tell its title with your smartphone. It is possible, but all you have to do is be very quick and watchful while doing so.

The best way to recognize a movie with your phone is by taking a quick photo of it. In other words, you should immediately capture 2-3 images of any scenes of the film. Once you have some screenshots of the movie on your phone, go to, upload the first screenshot of the movie you want to identify, and then search for it on Google. By running an image search on Google, you might be able to see what movie you were watching. This method does the job effectively in most cases.

Another way of identifying a movie with mobile is by carefully watching it and recognizing the leading actors and actresses of the film. If you can guess the actors, you can Google for the movies that feature the actor and actress simultaneously.

For example, if the movie you watched features Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, you can Google for “Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt” to know the title of the film.

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