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How to recognize fake moving reviews

In order to have a successful relocation, planning and organization are big factors throughout the process. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, a moving plan is a must. While making a moving plan, you’ll also enable yourself to set up a good timeline. Meanwhile, use your moving plan as a guideline to cover all important elements. Overall, throughout the rest of the text, we will discuss the importance of research and planning. In addition, we’ll share tips on how to recognize fake moving reviews and ensure that you are working with reliable people.

Relocating 101

Moving from point A to point B is a process of a few essential steps. Sometimes, people get overwhelmed by relocating because they focus on the big picture. As important as that is, it’s also much simpler if you break that picture down into a few important stages. For example, with a moving plan, you can construct your relocation respectfully with your timeline. Break the process down, and enable yourself to focus on each stage individually. By doing so, you can make sure that you are giving each task your full effort and attention.

A word solution written by using puzzles.
Relocation becomes much simpler when it is broken down into various steps.

Proper research will help you recognize fake moving reviews

Relocating is not simply about choosing a new home and leaving as soon as possible. We recommend giving yourself months ahead so that you can conduct thorough research. Why? Researching carefully will allow you to recognize good options from bad, while also recognizing fake moving reviews.

The internet is a big platform, therefore it’s beneficial to know how to differentiate between real and fake. In addition, there are tons of fake listings and fake moving reviews. To protect yourself and the entire process of relocating, it’s important to know how to recognize that. This is where research and certain tactics come in handy.

Various question words one needs to ask to recognize fake moving reviews.
Research is important in order to gather valuable information that can help you in decision making.

Fake Moving Reviews

How do you recognize and spot fake moving reviews? Well, first you have to be prepared that you will most likely come across a few fake moving reviews.

There are many moving companies out there who could be trying to hide bad service by posting overly positive reviews. No one is perfect, therefore that is your first sign. If a customer seems to be overly complimenting a particular company, however, their prices don’t match that service, then that review is most likely 100% fake.

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Spot fake moving reviews by reading each word carefully.

Next, fake moving reviews will mostly sound like a very constructed narrative. If the review seems too put together, describing everything from A to Z, then it is overcompensating. Therefore, ensure to read carefully words of the customers.

Meanwhile, overly negative comments can also be fake moving reviews. Moving companies are competitive, and some will post fake bad reviews in order to ruin the reputation of a competitor. Hateful comments that are overstepping the line could raise a red flag, and it’s easy to recognize that the comments are fake. You can also rely on websites where you can check if there is an actual claim or complaint against a company.

Real or Fake?

As we mentioned above, when a review is overly narrative and descriptive in too much detail, it’s a sign of fake moving reviews. Moreover, if that same review seems to be a little too personal, that can also be a hint of something fake. If we think about it, when you are moving, you are already in a hectic state of mind. Will you remember the names of your movers? Most likely not. Therefore, when reading simply put yourself in the position of the review and see if you can relate to it. If any part of it or even a word makes you raise your brow, then your instincts are probably right and you need to do some more research.

Also, when doing research, you never simply rely on one source. So if something seems a little too perfect or suspicious, try to find another review on a different website. Rely on multiple sources so that you can compare results and spot fake moving reviews faster.

Moving Companies

When trying to find a good and credible moving company, the key is to do a bit of research and speak to the company itself as well. Research their reputation and background to get an idea of their reliability and if they really stand for what they say. Once you read a few reviews and gather more information, you’ll be able to calculate and evaluate the company’s service, professionalism, and whether their customers were satisfied in the end. Highlight fake moving reviews in a simple manner by following the steps we mentioned above. Use our tips as a reference to finding a reliable moving company.


Relocating is a big deal, and of course, it is important to make sure that you are working with and hiring reliable and trustworthy individuals. Making a decision about which moving company you will be hiring is hard. Whether your move is local or international, you have to go through the same process. Factors and hints such as something that is too positive, or too fake, or reviews that seem too perfectly narrated are most likely fraudulent. Everything we discussed above and hinted on should be used as a general rule book of what to pay attention to when reading reviews. Spot fake moving reviews with a little bit of experience and enough time.

Final words on how to recognize fake moving reviews

All in all, protect your relocation and overall moving experience by detecting reviews carefully. At the end of the day, it is you who will be affected the most, therefore put the effort into the research. It will pay off in the end, and you could end up working with a team of professionals who can be trusted and recommended afterward.

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