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Web Development

How to save when ordering a website. A practical ordering guide

Let’s say you decide you need a website. You’ve analyzed what type of website you need, reviewed web design studios, called several of them, and received a bunch of commercial offers. It seems that all that is left is to choose the studio and the proposal, sign the contract and get the result. If you decide to go with a service that offers free domain and hosting for 1 year then it is a perfect playground for you to learn.


But here’s the problem: how to tell which company is best for you and how to make sure it employs professionals who know their job well. In this article, we will try to answer these questions.


Company reputation online


First, enter your business name into Google. If your business is registered with Google My Business, you’ll see a business description and, most likely, customer feedback on the right. Also, review reviews and ratings in Organic Search.


Tip: Pay attention to the content of the comments and the people who wrote them. Sometimes their content does not reflect the real situation – there are cases when companies adopt unfair commentary policies to raise their reputation or use these actions to damage the image of other companies. Free domain and hosting for 1 year.


Actions after feedback evaluation or what can the studio do?


The next step is to review the work done in the studio (portfolio). If the studio looks credible, but most of the work is just template landing pages and there isn’t a single serious project, they probably won’t be able to build you a social network, car sales platform, or meet similar requirements.


There is also a back principle: if a company only carries out very large projects, works with the public sector, and is really a mega-corporation, then the prices of an elementary landing page will surprise you, and overpaid for work – not for frugal entrepreneurs. Free domain and hosting for 1 year.


The ideal choice is when there are projects of different levels in the company’s work. From a template to a unique design, from a landing page to an online service. This is an indicator that the company’s pricing policy and range of services will be wide and you will find something suitable for yourself.


What to ask website developers?


After completing the first two points of our mini-guide and arranging meetings with your chosen studies, prepare a list of questions.

Free domain and hosting for 1 year. By analyzing the candidates ’responses, you will be able to compare them and decide what best suits your needs. Here is a list of questions you should ask a company that develops websites:


What Content Management System (CMS) will be used to build the site?


Each task has its own tool. The landing page does not need a content management system, a representative website will suit e.g. WordPress system, and creating a social network would require a unique solution. 




The landing page simply doesn’t need CMS, because the ability to exchange information isn’t necessary here, and if CMS is still used, you’ll probably overpay for the service. Once a representative website has created a unique content management system, it will take a lot of effort to maintain it, and using WordPress to create a social network, it will take a long time to redesign the system, as the entire kernel will have to be redesigned.


We recommend that you consult an impartial professional in advance to determine which content management system will be best for you. Free domain and hosting for 1 year.


What is warranty service and what is the deadline for correcting possible errors? Free domain and hosting for 1 year


Programming as a profession is one of the youngest. For example, people started engaging in construction thousands of years ago and during those years were able to develop many norms and processes, while sources said the first mass personal computer did not appear until 1976.

Free domain and hosting for 1 year. This makes programming errors possible and even very likely. But there is no problem in that if your developers remove them within the agreed timeframe.


What should this term be?


In our opinion, the optimal option is 1 year from the start of the project and 1 working day to respond to the error.


What are the fees for the work of programmers and designers?


You will probably want to improve your site after a while. The easiest way to do this is to use the services of the company where the website was created, because of the project manager, designer. And programmers were involved in the development process and know all the subtleties and your needs.


Does the company have prepared additional templates (modules) to expand the functionality of the website?


In most cases, website developers have already prepared a list of so-called modules to extend the basic functionality. The wider the list of modules and free domain and hosting for 1 year. The easier and cheaper it will be to develop the site in the future.


Is the code of the system in use completely open, and does the license of use allow it to be edited?


Open source does not mean that “everyone can view and learn algorithms”. An open website is an opportunity for another person to continue creating or developing a website.

Why is this so important? 


Answer as very simple: unfortunately, companies are not eternal and sometimes go bankrupt or change the scope or nature of their activities and customer communication policies. In this case, you may want to change the service company.

If your site code is open, you will be able to hire another company for further collaboration and there will be no major problems. In other circumstances. You may need to redesign your site. We strongly recommend using the services of a company that does not hinder the further development of the site!


What server operating system can a website run on?


There are two main types of server operating systems that host site files – Linux and Windows. You really don’t need details about their differences. It’s only worth noting that the cost of renting a Linux server for a year is significantly lower because the license to use the software is free, unlike Windows.


Does the copyright pass to you after signing the deed of transfer of the website?


You probably wouldn’t want to see an identical solution with competitors after ordering a website with a unique design in half a year? This clause is usually described in the contract.

By the way, this does not apply to sites with a template design. The template is purchased at a specialist retailer with the terms of use described. So the company creating your site simply cannot transfer the copyright to you personally.


If you need to store user data on a website (such as a registered e-store). find out if it will be difficult to include SSL encryption in your content management system.


When using a website, SSL encryption will provide protection when transferring data between browsers and the server. The malicious user will not be able to decrypt and use the data of users who are currently on an unsecured network (such as a coffee shop).


In conclusion

Competition between website developers in the local market is very serious, but unfortunately. Not all studios necessarily follow the conditions discussed.

With each item described, you can protect yourself from rogue developers and save a bunch of time and money! In the end, to practice you can check out they provide free yearly plans.

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