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How to Setup your Netgear router with the Nighthawk app

Users sometimes face issues while setting up their Netgear nighthawk routers all these

issues have been resolved. Netgear router has a dedicated app to help users install and set up their routers. All you have to do is Download the Netgear nighthawk app. It provides you all the

access to your router. With this app, you can make changes, configure  and manage your router 

Without any problem. Before the nighthawk app came into the market user uses to make changes in their router with the help of the Netgear genie app. Netgear nighthawk app is the new updated version of the genie is available for both android and ios users. In this guide, we will discuss how we can set up  Netgear router with the help of Netgear app

Steps to setup your Netgear router with nighthawk app

  • The first step is to download the nighthawk app from the play store or app store
  • Setup your router with antennas provided and connect modem with internet port
  • Start your router and wait for till the wifi connection is established 
  • Click on setting> wifi and connect your phone with router wifi network
  • Open the Netgear app on your mobile device and follow the onscreen instruction


These steps are very easy to perform and you will be able to set up your router with the nighthawk app. Once you have to download the app, complete the Netgear NightHawk Login process and you will be all set to use the services. Your Windows system must be 32 bit or 64 bit to download and use the app. This app comes with amazing features like network map, security, parental control.users can enjoy all these features by downloading Netgear Nighthawk App for Windows 10. Nighthawk comes within a built-in Ookla speed test so that the user can perform the speed tests. If you have any problem setting up your router you unable to download the application, do not hesitate the contact the experts. The Nighthawk experts will give you the best advice to troubleshoot the problem


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