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How to Shop for the Best Rings for Men?

From the past only, men have been wearing rings to signify one or the other ring. Most probably, men wear rings to symbolize privilege, wealth, and also their marital status. Even today, some men can be seen wearing club rings, society rings, and college rings. All these rings have a private and personal meaning about them only.

Not every man is fond of wearing jewelry, but things are changing with time. As a result, it is crucial for everyone out there to move along with the trend. Otherwise, people mock you and call you old-fashioned. So men are also coming forward, be it wearing jewelry or any other ring.

But the main problem that men face is how to shop and choose the perfect ring for themselves or their partner. Here’s the guide to help you out and make things easy for you. Firstly, let us learn the benefits of wearing a ring and other things concerning it.

Benefits of ring 


1. Symbolize something 

The foremost benefit of wearing a ring is that it tends to denote something. You can easily confess your feelings and emotions to a person by wearing a ring.


2. Out of the world 

It is normal for the girls to wear rings as everyone is used to it, but it is considered extraordinary if the men wear the ring. Besides this, wearing a ring is a way to show your affiliation with something. It shows that you are moving with the trend and not conservative in your thinking.


3. Fingers and rings 

As far as choosing the finger to wear a ring, you are free to do so as it depends solely on your discretion. No rules or laws govern your decision as to in which finger you should wear the ring. But some people believe in traditional norms and customs while doing anything of this sort. Here are some of the things to take care of while choosing the ring for the different fingers.


4. Thumb rings 

Despite growing in popularity, thumb rings are still unusual in many parts of the world. Your thumb can be the best finger to wear a ring if you are already wearing rings in two of your fingers. This way, it will also not look overcrowded.


5. Index finger rings 

Index finger rings aim at pointing certain things. Some highly placed people tended to use their index fingers for a signet ring bearing their family crest back in time. But now, it is less common than a signet ring on the pinky. Wear the ring on the index finger if you want to get noticed.


6. Middle finger rings 

There’s nothing to worry about people thinking that you’re either married or belong to a specific tribe, as the middle finger does not come with any historical baggage. You are free to wear whichever type of ring you choose. But while doing so, make sure not to opt for the bulky ring on your larger finger because it may interfere with your index and ring fingers.


7. Ring finger rings 

As the name indicates, this is the ring on which most men are expected to wear a ring. If it is a wedding ring, then you need to wear it on the left hand. There are no rules and regulations to dictate you this as this is purely your choice. You are free to wear a wedding ring on whichever finger you choose or may choose not to wear at all.

8. Pinky finger rings 

Back in time, this was reserved for the signet rings, which were used to sign the legal and official documents, thereby creating a seal. But since the advent of the pens, it has fallen out of use. At present, the pinky finger is home to club rings and college rings bearing an ornate pattern and coat of arms.

Kinds of men’s rings 

Have a look at some of the wide variety of men’s rings to choose from.

1. Men’s signet rings 

Signet rings are old and cool types. Their name indicates that these rings should have certain signs and symbols engraved on them. Usually, the signs engraved on them include the club motif, college sign, and coat of arms. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot get your favorite things engraved on them. For instance, if you wish to engrave a badge of your favorite football team engraved on it, then no one can stop you, and you should get ahead with your design.

These rings are usually made of gold and can be easily worn on any finger you like.

2. Wedding rings 

People usually wear wedding rings on their left hand. Men’s wedding rings consist of gold and silver along with some unadorned designs. For wedding rings, other metals like tungsten and platinum are also becoming popular choices for people. Moreover, some men also opt for diamond wedding rings.

3. Pinky rings 

The ring worn on the smallest finger of any hand is known as the pinky ring. These rings are of small size and can be made of any material ranging from gold to plastic. Sometimes even leather.

4. Thumb rings 

If you don’t want to feel overburdened by wearing excess jewelry, then your thumb is a great place to wear a ring. The thumb rings can be as flashy and large as you want them to be as there’s loads of space to wear them. Lately, skull rings have been very much popular with men. Wearing a ring on your thumb is guaranteed to get you noticed with ring materials ranging from stainless steel to tanzanite.


Popular metals for men’s rings 

Besides deciding the finger, choosing a material for the band is equally important. No one wants something uncomfortable causing an adverse reaction as it will be next to your skin. Consequently, here are some of the most popular metals for men’s rings.

  1. Gold rings 

One of the traditional metals used in the ring is none other than gold. It is by far the first metal ever used to make jewelry. There are rare chances of you ending up with a pure gold example when buying a ring as the metal is soft, expensive, and deformed. Most gold rings are 18 carats.

Some men prefer the white gold rings as it is attractive and can be customized.

2. Platinum rings 

Many people are unaware of this, but platinum is rare, even rarer than gold. As it is tough and durable, platinum serves as an ideal material for men’s rings. Platinum will hold it better if you want the gemstone to be fixed in it. Besides this, there are few chances of it breaking also.

3. Titanium rings for men 

Owing to its stunning and silvery appearance, it acts as a great metal for men’s rings. Titanium is a metal to choose from if you need your rings to look great.

4. Silver rings for men 

Wearing sterling silver rings will give you a classic and timeless look. It’s been years since people have been wearing rings made of silver as these are simple, elegant, and inexpensive than other metals.

5. Ceramic rings 

Along with other metals, ceramic rings are also popular with men. The men’s ceramic rings come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. They are hard and heat resistant, and these rings do not shatter easily. Another great advantage of ceramic rings is that they are fairly inexpensive.

6. Wooden rings 

What else can be more wonderful than wearing nature on your finger in the form of wooden rings? The excellent thing about wooden rings is that they do not contain any such materials that cause an allergic reaction to their skin and harm them in any way. These rings are eco-friendly. In addition to this, these are lightweight and easy to wear.


One should buy a combination of men’s rings and bracelet set for the best appearance and looks. It will be a total makeover.









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