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How To Start Up As An Upcoming Artiste

How To Start Up As An Upcoming Artiste.

How To Start Up As An Upcoming Artiste.

Kicking off your music career can be very confusing and challenging. Knowing where to start when you are ready to let go of your fears to take that giant step. Or, telling yourself that you are prepared to face the world. Showing them what you are capable of with your sound, tune, lyrics, and creativity combined.

There are a whole lot of things that can place you in a dilemma. That is, when starting with the plan of going public with your craft. Stumbling blocks range from how to get people to notice you. What social media platform can be beneficial when it comes to music circulation. And, how to go beyond social media to get on radio stations or possibly the big screens via tv networks. Most of the time, finance can become a significant setback. It is true that while going outside social media to expand your horizon, you will hardly get mainstream platforms that would gladly take your music, publicize it, and put you on with no strings attached.

So, how do you start to overcome all these stumbling blocks?

Aside from that, my platform Glamcode Media offers a wide range of consultancy on issues like these, and I will take my time to break down a few simple steps to help you start your music career. First, you need to understand that your immediate family and friends are the only people who will and should take you as you are. Even at that, some of our close relatives can be brutal with their reviews and opinions. But as far as I am concerned, why go professional if you’ve not been certified as a pro? How did you figure you were ready to go to the public? Is it from numerous appraisals, or are you just confident that you believe in yourself alone even though others do not see you in that light? It would help if you were grown enough to distinguish between what is dope, or the opposite, which is “whack.”

5 Ways To Know You Are Prepared For Mainstream.

I understand that as musicians, one of the many problems we may face (which may not present itself as a problem) will be knowing if we are good enough. I have seen many young artists with this self-confidence that, compared to their art, doesn’t level up. Understanding that your craft may still require some brushing up is vital. The consequences of being hit by rejection at the wrong level can be devastating; in most cases, people do not regain their self-confidence, which was once at an all-time high. Here are five ways to figure out that you are ready to take your craft to the mainstream.

  1. Get genuine confirmation of the quality of your craft from trusted and blunt relatives or friends; make sure they’re also good music enthusiasts. If you do not get their confirmation, keep working to develop your craft until you get that accreditation.
  2. Overcome studio freight. Studio freight is a real thing, and if you are still battling with that, chances are you might not be reaching that full studio potential, what you need to give your delivery a hundred percent output.
  3. Naturally, imbibe in you the art of branding yourself. You should already see yourself differently from other everyday people and, as such, carry yourself with some sense of pride.
  4. Improve your social network and life. You cannot afford to be a stay-at-home fanatic as an up-and-coming artiste. You need to socialize, and if you were not born that way, you must develop the attitude. The good thing about this is that you do not need to go out all the time in the name of socializing, you can mix online, but it is more effective to meet with people physically to network. Take this time to build your contacts, probably on WhatsApp.
  5. Be ready to do a one-person show. Often people need us to prove to them what we are capable of without the help of every studio machine and mixer. You should train yourself to be ready for times like these. Work on your self-confidence and be prepared as you go.

In Conclusion to This

These five-pointers will give you confidence in going to the next level. If you know you are qualified to check all five pointers up there, then I say nothing is holding you back from starting dishing your music outside your inner circle, outside your family and friends. So, now we move on to the main reason you are here in the first place. How do you get started distributing your music to a broader audience? Yes, there are a lot of outlets out there that claim to be the number artiste tool. They provide a platform where you upload your songs, and some even offer a distribution module where you sell your piece. But if you have no audience, who will buy your song? People do not go around buying songs unintentionally or by just bumping on the song on the internet. The question is, what chance does your music have to pop up on the screen of a random person? The road is not as rosy as many would make you believe. So we would start from the beginning.

Making A Statement.

Going into the mainstream truly comes with a lot of hassles, and as many would agree, artists do not get a significant break without proper funding. As factual as that may sound, many artists have made it into the limelight by harnessing the vast tools that have been readily available on the internet. Let us look at a few ways to kick start a music career from the grassroots, even without a severe budget.

Go For A Photoshoot

How To Start Up As An Upcoming Artiste.

I think the first step is to be mindful of the type of images you present while starting. Pictures are a venture for storytelling, and the image people see in those digital, clear starlike pictures will have a significant first impression on your prospective fans. Secondly, it just sets you apart from everyday people. Professionalism sets you apart in this area; whenever people see a new picture post from you, they are sure they know a brand or a brand in the making.

Release Only Properly Mastered Songs

Like my first point, the image you project matters; do not expect people to “take you as you are” in your mediocrity. I recommend you take time to learn how to mix and master your songs, and it’ll save you a lot of money on future productions. There are a lot of materials and teaching videos on youtube to get you started, that is not going to be enough to make you a professional, but you will get a head start on the rudiments to create professional audio recordings. Start to network with other producers and increase your knowledge by so-doing.

Watch out for my next article, where I will be rounding up the expose for this article. It will include some recommended tools, software, and platforms to help you start and sail smoothly. I wish you goodluck on your journey to success. Remember, being talented is not enough, knowing what to do and how to go about your craft is the ultimate goal.


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