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How To Take Care Eye lash Extension | Eye Lash Extension aftercare

Eye Lash Extension aftercare

A completely new eye lash extension arrangement can change you completely! You’ll probably end up addicted after your first set, so it’s never too early to know what they will look like. A completely new arrangement of eyelash extensions can change you completely! You’ll probably end up being addicted after your first set, so it’s never too early to know what you’ll look like after that.

Here are our 7 best suggestions:

Try not to get them wet for 48 hours after application.

Try not to rub them or touch your eyes.

Clean lashes with a foaming chemical at regular intervals.

Review the ends of your lashes in the first part of the day.

Try not to use oil when assembling objects around or in relation to the eyes.

Try not to rest everywhere

Remain stable on your fillings (recommended every 2 to 3 weeks)

Try not to get your eyelash extensions wet.

You should try not to get your new lashes within the initial 48 hours. The water will react with the lash enhancement paste and cause the glow to set. It’s like cooking a chicken from the outside in – cooked on the outside and frozen on the inside. Basically, the water will make the lash fragile and break it.

After the 48 hour period, you are protected to take a new shower. It’s a fantasy that you should never get your lashes wet once they have been redone, in fact, it’s the opposite that’s incredible!

Note*  When you take a shower, don’t put your head in the initial capacity of the water jet. Instead, let the water run down your face.

Step-by-step instructions for cleaning false eyelashes

We regularly believe that the less contact and cleaning we have around us, the better and longer our eyelash extensions will last. This is not true, in fact, it’s quite the opposite! The strength of your eyes is really significant, and when you wear eyelash extensions, it is more exciting to clean around them.

How do I clean Eye lash extensions?

Using a delicate fiber brush and a cleaning foam that is an expert in eyelash extensions, clean roughly at regular intervals. This removes traces of normal oils, residue, and makeup. This prevents any lash formation that would cause tension on your lashes and separate the bond. Finally, you must clean to avoid losing your lashes prematurely.

We suggest you use the new Eyelash Emporium eye extension retail. You can purchase them during one of your visits to our salon.

Eye lash Emporium Eyelash Care Kit

Eyeliner and mascara for eye lash extension

You’re taking off, and the lure for more a boom is immense, so you grab the mascara and eyeliner to siphon off the mega volume lashes. Don’t do that! The object is captured among the lashes and grows. This makes it much harder to clean and can cause untimely lash damage and affect the well-being of your eyes! In case you need to add mascara, it is imperative to use a water-based variant. We hand select in our salon the mascara and the different items that will not harm your new enhancements or the well-being of your eyes. Get information about our articles on your next visit.

We invest unreservedly in the administration of the eyelashes we offer to our customers. If you need advice, or if you are already ready to undergo an eyelash increase, book an appointment on the web and we will be happy to help you.

Lash loss: why eyelashes fall off

Eyelash loss is a typical event, but what influences the speed at which lashes fall out? Some people recommend that it definitely falls lash loss in the fall or spring; however, there are many reasons why you might lose your lashes faster.

Change of season

Twice a year, at harvest time and in spring, our bodies react to the changing seasons, as if the rain and wind were not bad enough! Our body chooses that this is the perfect opportunity to lose our hair (counting our eyelashes) faster than expected to change according to the new temperatures or the potential lack of sunshine.

Explanation of the various eyelash extensions

New to the world of eyelashes? It’s easy to believe that they are all very similar! Not in general; when it comes to any semblance of mink, silk, and false eye lashes, which are the most recognized assortment of eye lash extensions, there are actually considerable contrasts to be understood. Understanding this will help you make the right choice while choosing the best eye lash extensions for you.

So what is the distinction between eyelash extensions?

The main contrasts between eyelash extensions are their material, the interaction that the creators use to shade and shape the lashes, the way they tighten, and the strength of the lashes themselves. Here are the various lash extensions clarified :

Mink Eyelash Extensions
Faux Mink Lashes
Silk Eyelash Extensions
Cashmere Eyelashes



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