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How to transfer EML Files to Outlook 365 – Query Solved

Are you having requirements to solve how to transfer EML files to Outlook 365 query? Then you can trust on this blog that can completely solve entire issues of EML files to Office 365 migration. Basically, there is no direct migration solution available but a manual trick can transfer EML files to Office 365. In this blog, you can get a manual and alternative solution to transfer EML files to O365. Both solutions are helpful in different situations. Therefore, read this blog that will help to move .eml messages to O365.

EML is the single mail format of multiple mail apps – Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, eM Client, DreamMail, Windows Mail, etc. while Office 365 is the webmail service, also popular webmail app which is used by thousands of users to maintain their commercial information. Office 365 provides lots of advanced functions so there may be a possibility that users have a requirement to save EML files to Office 365.

How to Transfer EML files to Outlook 365 manually

Everyone searches direct conversion method to save EML messages but Outlook 365 has no Import or Export option to transfer EML files and users face difficulties. At this time, this manual trick can help users. If you have much time and have few mails for transferring then follow the given method. This method has multiple parts so you have to follow them –

Part 1. Save all EML mails in Windows Live Mail

  1. First of all, install & configure Windows Live Mail in your system.
  2. Then launch it on your desktop screen and create a new folder in it.
  3. After that, select all EML files and drag them & drop into the newly created folder of Windows Live Mail.
  4. Check all mails after saving in Windows Live Mail.

Part 2. Export Windows Live Mail emails in Outlook

  1. Now Install & Configure MS Outlook (Make sure that MS Outlook & WLM should install in same machine.)
  2. Now open Windows Live Mail and go to File Menu
  3. After that select Export & Export Messages option.
  4. Choose MS Exchange option.
  5. Finally, choose a mailbox that wants to save in O365 by Outlook.
  6. Click on Next and OK.
  7. Processing will start and be complete within few minutes.

Part 3. Export Outlook mails in PST

  1. Open Outlook on your desktop screen.
  2. Check all imported mails from Windows Live Mail.
  3. Now go to the File menu and Export option.
  4. Then click on the Open & Export option.
  5. Choose the Import/Export button and select export to a file.
  6. After that click on the Next button and choose the Outlook Data File option.
  7. Choose a location to save PST file. Click on the OK button.

Part 4. Import PST in Office 365

To add PST file in O365, there are some requirements that should be followed properly. So read carefully–

  1. HD (Hard Disk) which has PST file is encrypted, must be 6TB or less in size.
  2. You should have FedEx & DHL account.
  3. The preservation timing must be saved to an unlimited time frame.
  4. Every user should be assigned a folder Import Export role to save PST file to O365.

Now follow the given steps to add PST file in Outlook 365

Step -1. Download Import Tool – First, you will have a need to download Import Tool & save the storage key. For that, follow the given steps –

  • Now Click on Users >> Import. Then hit on + icon. Choose ship data on the physical hard drive option.

  • A new page will show there, click on the Download Tool option for adding WAImport Export Utility.
  • Copy appeared key and save it in a file.
  • Now Click on Cancel to close the page.

Step – 2. Copy PST File to Hard drive.

  • Launch cmd on your machine. Go to the location from where the WAImport utility is installed.
  • Then run the given command to save PST into the hard disk.

Then run the given command to save PST file on O365 cloud by WAImportExport.exe utility.

Step 3. Create PST Import Mapping / CSV file

Microsoft data center copies the PST file from HD in its data storage. The import service handles the date existing in the mapping file or CSV file to recognize the user mailbox PST file that is required to be imported.

First of all, download the CSV file & open it on your local machine. It will be having the given parameters –

Step 4. Generate PST Import Task

Now go to the O365 Admin Center Import page. Choose Import Service >> New Job + >> Ship data on Physical0020Hard drives.

  • From the ‘New Job’ page, verify the functions ‘hard drives are ready’ and ‘I have use to mapping file’ and hit on the Next option.
  • Provide any name for the PST Import job.
  • Tap on the ‘+’icon and go to the location where the WAImportExport.exe tool is saved.
  • Add the journal file >> Next to import PST files to Outlook 365 storage.
  • Now, click ‘+’ option and select the CSV file created in the last step, and tap on the Next button.
  • Now enter the Contacts information and finally click Finish.

Step 5. Ship Hard Drive

Finally, you have to dispatch hard drive disk to the MS headquarters. You should know tracking number and shipping label to track your shipment.

Limitations or drawbacks of the manual method

  • The manual method is very lengthy and takes lots of time so you cannot get a quick migration solution using this method.
  • The manual method cannot be followed by non-technical users. Complete technical skills are required.
  • If you missed or skipped any step then your database may be lost.
  • Windows Live Mail & Outlook both should be on the same machine.
  • Your hard drive should be in large size.

Alternative Method

If you don’t have much time to transfer EML files to Office 365 and need an urgent solutions to transfer EML files to Outlook 365 directly then you can choose BitVare’s EML to Office 365 tool that is created with lots of advanced functions to perfectly transfer .eml files to Office 365. The tool is a smart solution to directly convert all .eml messages into Office 365 at once. The product also provides preview functions to view EML mail with a complete view in multiple modes – content, hex view, raw messages, message header. The software also has an extract option that can save your attachments, phone numbers, address book on your local system. The program is an effective data migration tool and also provides simple, safe & perfect migration outcomes.

It can also help to transfer selective EML files into Outlook 365 and for that you can find some selective mails by date, size, time, subject, attachments, etc. The program supports EML files of all supported mails apps – Windows Live Mail, eM Client, DreamMail, Windows Mail, etc. Using it, you can simply & perfectly convert .eml messages into Office 365 with all attachments, images, hyperlinks, formatting, metadata, etc. It is easy for everyone so anyone can easily handle it for getting all mails in O365 cloud account from EML files.


If you are in confusion or have queries then you can download the EML File Converter and transfer 10 EML messages from each selected folder into O365 free of cost. Therefore, you can clear your all doubts regarding how to transfer EML mails to Office 365 without any cost. You can solve your all problems of EML data file to Outlook 365 at free of cost.


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