How to Turn On Parental Controls in Android?

Parental Control is the feature by which you can manage all sorts of settings in your device. This feature enables parents to restrict various types of content. Parental Control is also available on video games, computers, smart TVs, and phones.  If you have an Android device, then follow the steps given below and learn how to enable parental controls.

From the Play Store

This feature is usually turned off by default in the Play Store. In case you wish to activate it, then you have to follow these guidelines:

Note: In case you wish to modify settings, you can easily use the 4-digit PIN once more. It is easy to remember for you.

Creating a Restricted Profile

Another way to set up Parental Controls is to create a restricted profile for your kid directly on Android Device.

Parental Control is a very efficient tool to protect important and inappropriate data and files from children. There are various ways to use parental controls such as Play Store management, setting up a restricted profile, or using a third-party app.

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