How To Use Shower Steamers

Skin that constantly requires care needs full moisture and nutrition, aromatic geysers or shower steamers, which are a cosmetic product, will come to the rescue. Special effervescent bath products will become an integral part of bath procedures.

Bathroom bombs – what are they

Shower steamers are a small sphere, rough to the touch, that fits easily into your hand. The color and aroma can be of any color, depending on the colorants used.You can choose from our catalog bath bombs with any aroma

Composition of the product

The recipe is made by the manufacturer, so the composition may be different. Base ingredients: baking soda and citric acid. It is they who are responsible for boiling when the product is placed in water.

Other components can be added to the mixture from which the balls are formed:

For example, Windsor’s Soap white shower steamers do not contain any dyes. The petals of dried plants are responsible for the aesthetics, and the natural essential oils of verbena, geranium, marjoram, jasmine, lemongrass, lavender and mint are responsible for the pleasant aroma.

What are the bathroom bombs

There are three main types:

Without smell. These shower steamers do not contain essential oils or other fragrances. The additives are often sea salt, which is as white as soda. It contains minerals useful for the skin, has a lymphatic drainage and revitalizing effect.

Aromatic. Essential oils are added to them, which not only moisturize the skin, but also give it a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma.

Foamy. When injected into water, they fizzle, give off bubbles and foam. So you don’t need any additional body cleansers.

The advantages of bombs over other care products

Shower steamers are easy to use. There is no need to measure out the required amount or volume, the product is already dosed – just throw the ball into the water.

Unlike other bathroom cosmetics, bombs contain soda and citric acid. Accordingly, the product cleanses the skin well and effectively improves its condition.

The assortment of manufacturers includes bombs with a variety of essential oils. Therefore, you can get exactly the result you need: relaxation, reduction of muscle pain, softening and whitening of the skin, getting rid of cellulite, prevention of skin diseases.

How to choose a bomb – 6 important parameters

Hypoallergenic. Check that the product does not contain substances that cause allergic irritation to you. If you are buying a shower steamers with an ingredient for the first time, break off a small piece, place it in a small container and dip your hand in water for a few minutes to check the reaction.

Naturalness. Since the metabolism through the skin increases in warm water, it is better if there are no artificial components in the composition, because these are potential carcinogens.

Lack of dyes and glitters. It is unlikely that you will be pleased with the need for unscheduled cleaning, when colored stains remain on the walls of the bathroom, or even on your body. The glitter does not dissolve in water, is washed off into the sewer unchanged and, ultimately, is harmful to the environment.

Verified brand. Do not buy cheap noun-name bombs, which are usually sold in supermarkets and inexpensive beauty stores. Choose products from manufacturers who are responsible for the quality of the personal image of the brand founder.

Freshness. Pay attention to the date of production – the “age” of the bomb should not be more than three months.

Packaging. Its task is to provide convenient and safe storage. And if you buy a bomb as a gift, the packaging should be stylish and beautiful.

How to use a bath bomb so you don’t ruin anything

Basic rules:

At the slightest sign of weakness, increased blood pressure, or an allergic reaction, rinse your body with water and leave the bath.

Bombs with petals can be pre-placed in a linen bag. Then, when dissolved, useful substances will penetrate into the water, and the petals will remain inside the bag and will not clog the drain.

Bath bombs set

The product can also be used for baby baths if the child is already 3-4 years old. To reduce the concentration of substances, divide the ball into two halves, throw one into the water, and wrap the other in plastic wrap and leave for the next time.

Why are bath bombs useful?

The main benefit lies in their ability to relax the body and mind. In water, where essential oils and sea salt are dissolved, all muscles are relaxed. You are immersed in a special atmosphere filled with inspiring aromas, and you are distracted from everyday worries. The bath helps fight stress, fatigue and loss of energy.

Keep in mind that different essential oils have different characteristics.

The benefits of bath bombs

At the heart of any bath bombs are soda and citric acid. It is these two substances that create the hissing effect – a reaction that begins after contact with water.

Don’t think that baking soda and citric acid are bad for your skin. Quite the opposite. Soda, for example, restores the acid-base balance and normalizes metabolism in cells, and also softens water, which is an important plus in urban conditions. Citric acid, often referred to in formulations as “acidity regulator”, cleanses the body of harmful, toxic substances.

Sea salt, cosmetic and essential oils are added to the base. The result of taking baths with bombs depends on these components. All kinds of oils soften and nourish the skin, activate metabolic processes and affect the mood with scents: they soothe, relax or invigorate. And, for example, sea salt is useful for magnum and minerals. They normalize cell metabolism, making the skin look smooth and firm.

The harm of bath bombs

The composition of the product always includes flavors. They enhance the smell of natural oils – yes, oils are healthy, but their aroma does not unfold without the help of fragrances. Aromatic fragrance is most often a petroleum product and poses a real danger to the skin, increasing the likelihood of allergies and irritation.

The next danger lies in dyes. We all know about the dangers of food coloring – the same story is with bath bombs. Without dyes, there really would be no such beautiful colored foam that has captured all social networks. But they enter directly under the skin through the pores enlarged by the steam, harming its structure and balance.

Glitter additives are a separate topic in the discussion of the dangers of bombs. Some cosmetics brands pay special attention to this and make them without the addition of plastic, but, unfortunately, this does not apply to all manufacturers of the product. These small shiny particles are mostly made of plastic and are irritating to the skin and also very harmful to the environment.

The conclusion suggests itself: bombs are more beautiful than useful. But if you know when to stop, you can not deny yourself the pleasure.

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