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How to Write a Book and Sell It on Amazon

Did You write a book but don’t know how to publish it? Or are you interested in starting a side business selling books online but don’t know where to begin? One word comes to mind: Amazon. Once you understand the steps, learning how to sell books on Amazon is a simple process.

To write a book and then sell it on Amazon doesn’t have to be a leap of faith into the unknown. There are many analytical tools that can help you to sell books on amazon. These tools are amazing to see how well your book is doing. Moreover, when you are selling your book, there are various things that you must take care of. And we will talk about them in this article! We will tell you how to write a book and sell it on amazon in simple ways. Now you will not get confused when selling a book because this article has got you covered.

  Things to take care of before you sell on Amazon:

When it comes to selling books on Amazon, a few key factors can help you increase your sales and success. The types of books you choose to write and sell are among these factors. You’ll have to absorb the costs due to fulfillment methods and the type of seller you want to be.

1. The types of books you want to sell

When it comes to racking up more sales and higher average purchases, not every book is the same. The longer a book retains its value, the better it sells and, in most cases, for a higher price. Some genres and types of books perform better than others. However, before you sell your book, you must ensure which category of book it is. It can be hardcover, paperback, Low print run books, Non-fiction, etc. Every genre of the book has different competition.

Hardcover books are more expensive than paperback books on average. They retain their value better than the paperback version because they are more durable. Moreover, you can also write a book that is non-fiction as it tends to perform better.

2. Delivery cost and Profits:

The next thing you need to take care of when you write a book and sell it on amazon is the costs. Your costs should be minimum so that you can attract more audience. So when you are putting a price on your books, make sure that you keep amazon’s sales commission in mind as well as the fulfillment methods.

● Sales Commission:

The seller plan covers the majority of the fees associated with each sale. If you are classified as an individual seller, you sell fewer than 40 products per month and pay $0.99 per item. You are a professional seller if you sell more than 40 products per month. Professional sellers are exempt from the per-item fee and must pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.99. The subscription fee for professional sellers is deducted from your account balance or charged to the credit card on file.

There are referral fees in addition to seller fees. These are incurred when selling a book on Amazon because they take 15% of the total sale price.

As mentioned by book editing services team all of these costs are deducted from the sale proceeds. So, except for the professional seller’s monthly subscription, you won’t have to worry about paying any fees in advance of sales.

Aside from the seller’s plans and sale fees, there are shipping costs. These are largely determined by the seller plan you select, which is discussed in greater depth in the following section. However, the FBA method is much less expensive and takes much less time than shipping your own books.

You will earn royalties if you decide to sell your own books through Amazon’s Kindle program. This is money that comes directly to you as the book’s author, not through a third-party seller. Amazon makes a certain percentage in sales commission based on the price of your book, and you make the rest in royalties.

● Your fulfillment method:

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant are the two most common order fulfillment options (FBM). Your shipping costs and management system determine which of these two methods you choose.

Instead of shipping their products themselves, FBA sellers use Amazon’s fulfillment network. Once an order is placed, the seller uses them to store, pack, and ship the products. Any costs you normally incur by shipping the goods yourself are covered by the fee charged during this process. The overall size and weight of the book being sold determine this.

FBM is more expensive and takes longer than FBA, but it allows you to have a more hands-on approach to the shipping process and customer contact. You will be in charge of product storage and maintenance. Then you’ll have to pack and ship them yourself and deal with any shipping issues directly.

3. Analyze your competition

Analyzing your competitors and the market around your products can help you compete in a crowded market. You should research those who sell in your market to see how you can outperform them. Examine these three aspects of your competitors when researching them:

4. Customer feedback

Customers are usually forthright and use plain language when interacting with the seller. They will frequently suggest how the seller could improve or elaborate on how the seller met or exceeded their expectations. Consider how customers speak about the seller and what they are expressing their dissatisfaction with. Look for any mention of prices in their review and their level of satisfaction with it.

5. The language and methods used in advertising

Are any aspects of a competitor’s advertising or language that appear more effective than yours on similar products? Do they seem to have a more effective advertising strategy in place?

When selling, avoid these blunders:

There are a plethora of best practices and people who will encourage new sellers to make it big on Amazon. However, some critical considerations must be made if you are to be successful. Not doing some of these things has just as much impact as doing them.

1. Unless it is unavoidable, do not go out of stock.

There will undoubtedly be times when you are faced with a supply shortage and are unable to restock an item. When you’re out of stock, however, your movement comes to a halt, effectively killing your sales potential. Having excess inventory available at an Amazon fulfillment center or in your storage area is almost always worth it in the end.

2. Double-check critical information

Ecommerce platforms are very active and fast-paced. A single day can happen, such as pricing errors, unwanted picture updates, or an item going out of stock. Make a daily schedule so you can double-check that everything is in order.

3. Do not Miss responding to customer questions.

Your customer base is the entire foundation for your business’s success, especially in the beginning. If you receive negative customer feedback, you must respond appropriately and attempt to resolve the issue if possible. Responding to customer questions is just as important because a quick response could turn them into a buyer.

4. Please adhere to Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Amazon has put in a lot of effort to develop its e-commerce platform. It is very protective of its customers and has set its terms of service in place for a reason. These terms are strictly enforced, and breaking them jeopardizes your store’s credibility and profitability.

Write a book and sell it on Kindle Direct Publishing

If you enjoy writing, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program allows you to make money from it (KDP). With KDP’s CreateSpace formatting option, you can publish your books on Amazon in digital and print-on-demand formats. If you’re a prolific writer, you’ll probably make a lot more money and have a lot more success using this method alone. The majority of people who use this method claim that volume is the key to success and that the more you can write and publish, the more money you’ll make.

Although anyone can self-publish on Amazon, this does not guarantee that their book will sell. In order to stand out among the millions of books on the market, To make your book as marketable and competitive as possible, you’ll need to do everything you can.

Even though you can publish your book for free on Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), you’ll need to spend money selling copies and gaining readers. It’s entirely up to you how you spend your book money.

You can begin to distinguish yourself as an independent or professional seller by following the steps we’ve laid out for you, and you’ll be able to move away from some of the 9-to-5 jobs that are your sole source of income.


Now leave the 9-5 and follow your passion for writing easily. Amazon had made it easier for writers to begin their careers without getting help from any publishing house. Now you can write a book and sell it yourself. However, You can begin to distinguish yourself as an independent or professional seller by following the steps we’ve laid out for you.

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