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Health and Fitness

How Tooth Pain is Closely Associated with Headache

You all are familiar with the all-so-annoying tooth pain! The throbbing and extremely uncomfortable pain in your teeth keeps you awake at night or creates a sense of discomfort throughout the day.

May be suffering from a headache along with a toothache and it is very common to wonder if your toothache and headache are related. Let’s read on to know how tooth pain and headache are interred related. Yes, a toothache can cause a headache!

Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Before moving on to understand the relation between tooth pain and headache, we must know the different causes of toothaches. Tooth pain can be deal with by visiting a dental clinic. It can occur due to multiple reasons such as

Cracked or fractured teeth

Cavities in teeth due to decay

Exposure of the pulp due to injury or decay

Exposed roots

Tooth abscess

Severe sensitivity in teeth

High or improperly done tooth fillings

Clenching or grinding of one’s teeth either at night or throughout the day

Why Do Tooth Pain Cause Headaches?

Any and all of these toothache causes can also trigger a headache. Although there may be separate reasons for your headache and toothache they are closely related to each other.

The proximity of the trigeminal nerve mainly causes pain in teeth, gum, TMJ, and jawbones. The trigeminal nerve is one of the largest sensory nerves in the human nervous system. This nerve originates from the skull and provides nerve supply to the face, teeth, gums, and jaw joint. So, any pain arising from this nerve itself or any of its branches can lead to headaches.

Apart from this anatomical relation, researchers believe that clenching and grinding of teeth cause muscle tension that can result in referred headache.

A toothache originating from nerve inflammation causes sharp pain. A toothache that arises due to gum problems, TMJ tissues, muscles, and sinuses is more of low proximity and dull.

Constant headache without apparent cause is related to a tooth or your jaw. Let’s insight in detail how each of these dental conditions causes a headache.

Tooth Pain and Headache Causes

1. Tooth Infection

Many times severe tooth infection leads to exposure to nerves and this causes innervations of the trigeminal nerve in the jaw causes constant heaviness or ache in the head.

2. Dental Treatment

Yes, it is right the improper dental treatments for a tooth filling, crown, veneer, or any other restoration or even the tooth alignment treatment like brace installation can trigger off a chronic, nagging headache.

When a tooth filling is ‘high’, it can alter the patient’s bite causing severe tooth pain.  However, many patients don’t bring fail to bring this to their dentist’s notice and prefer to wait for the filling to ‘settle down’ by itself. So, this condition can leads to a patient’s toothache along with a headache. Improper dental restorations can be causing joint issues can also lead to chronic headaches.

3. TMJ Issues

You might be surprising with knowing how impactful can be small jaw joint pain to your well-being. Since, only joint in the head and neck region, the jaw joint is helpful for many activities like eating, chewing, biting, talking, swallowing, yawning, etc.

This joint is also called as Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ is very sensitive to the bite level of the individual and any minor change can cause it trouble. TMJ issues are usually silent and individuals do not come to know until causing toothache or headache.

TMJ issues are one of the main causes of chronic headaches in people. In most of the cases, the patient has had some dental treatment done and failed to visit a dental clinic in a long time, navigating TMJ problems to become chronic. These patients usually have a long history of chronic, nagging, headaches, and even migraines.

In people having the habit of teeth clenching and grinding, the muscles associated with TMJ, and those in the neck are constantly over-worked which triggers a headache.

4. Migraine

TMJ issues leading to toothache also lead to migraine. While TMJ issues can lead to migraine, chronic, and nagging and unattended toothaches can also trigger a migraine.

How to relieve this pain?

In order to relieve your headache, your dentist will identify and providing treatment for the cause of the tooth pain first that is causing the headache. If your tooth infection is causing tooth pain and headache then the dentist will recommend root canal treatment to get rid of toothache. Root canal treatment helps to remove inflamed and infected nerve tissue.

If improper tooth filling or other tooth restoration caused tooth pain and headache, your dentist will try to restore your bite by treatment.

If your headache has been identified to be linked to TMJ issues, your dentist will identify and rectify it to relieve jaw pain and thereby, relieve your headache.

If you are among the ones who are having headaches and toothache at the same time, then visit the dentist in Nagpur for an expert opinion.


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